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By Travis Hayes,2014-04-26 14:53
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    Listen to the dialogue between Head of Marketing (HM)

    and Marketing Manager (MM)

    HM: Well, let me give you the bad news first of all. MM: Don’t tell me - we can’t take on as many people

    as we wanted.

    HM: I’m afraid not. We can only hire three full-time

    marketing assistants.

    MM: There isn’t too bad, I suppose, although four or

    five would have been ideal.

    HM: if we find we can’t manage, then we’ll have a

    strong case for hiring another one.

    MM: Anyway, let’s talk about the job recruitments.

    HM: I think the minimum requirements should be a

    marketing-related degree or two year’s work

    experience in a marketing role.

    MM: definitely. We’ve haven’t got time to offer much

    in the way of training.

    HM: But you’re happy to consider new graduates?

    MM: I think so, as long as they’ve at least had some

    sort of proper work experience.

    HM: I’m pleased about that; I always think new

    graduates are worth considering.

    MM: Yes, they’re often more driven and more

    hardworking in my experience.

    HM: And let’s face it- you don’t have to pay a new

    graduate as much money as someone with a few year’s


    MM: well that’ true, I suppose. So where do think we

    should advertise?

    HM: Marketing Week would be the most obvious place to

    start most marketers read that these days.

    MM: And what about people who are just leaving


    HM: Well we need to call a few university careers

    centers and find out what their procedures are.

    MM: And what salary are you going to start them on?

    HM: 6,000 RMB per month I think that’s reasonable.

    MM: And we mustn’t forget to include information about

    other benefits.

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