Vocabulary Test for Unit 2

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Vocabulary Test for Unit 2Test,for,Unit,test,unit,TEST,FOR,UNIT

    Vocabulary Test for Unit 2 (Book 2)

    Unit 2 The Virtues of Growing Older

    ?. Choose a word or phrase that best completes each of the following sentences. 1. If you really understood the difficulties the government was facing, you wouldnt

    be so critical ______ its spending reductions.

    A. at B. of C. in D. on

    2. Judith lay on the coach, ________ in her book.

    A. absorbed B. obsessed C. occupied D. attracted 3. A ______ translation is not always the closest to the original meaning. A. literate B. literal C. literary D. liberal 4. Tommys old bicycle was rusty and ______.

    A. falling out B. falling apart

    C. falling for D. falling behind

    5. The balloon ______ gradually as the air came out.

    A. ascended B. descended C. decreased D. reduced 6. The weather was partly to _____ crop failure.

    A. condemn for B. blame for

    C. find fault with for D. criticize for

    7. The students do not consider her as a _____ teacher as she is often late for class. A. respectful B. respective C. respectable D. respect 8. The police are on the _____ of the murderer.

    A. pursuit B. track C. discovery D. trace 9. Reporters and photographers alike took great _____ at the rude way the actor behaved during the interview.

    A. annoyance B. offence C. resentment D. irritation 10. _____ will Mr. Forbes be able to regain control of the company. A. Only with hard work B. Only if he works hardly

    C. With hard work D. In spite of his hard work

    11. Yesterday the newspaper reported a serious ______ of food-poisoning in a middle school.

    A. incident B. issue C. outbreak D. event 12. To hitch-hike successfully, you must be able to ______ the driver at first glance that you dont intend to rob or murder him or her.

    A. remind B. convince C. confirm D. convict 13. This project would ______ a huge increase in defense spending. A. result B. assure C. entail D. accomplish 14. In the present economic ______ we can make an even greater progress than previously.

    A. air B. mood C. area D. climate 15. During the holiday, we could not ______ the disturbance of mosquitoes in the jungle and had to give up our journey there.

    A. resist B. tolerate C. restrain D. survive

16. The principles of the Paris Commune are ______.

    A. eternal B. infinite C. prolonged D. constant 17. The idea of travelling through ______ space to other planets interests many people today.

    A. a B. the C. / D. one 18. While working at the factory, he could not ______ his workmates and there were often quarrels between them.

    A. go along with B. get along with

    C. put up with D. keep up with

    19. Just as she was standing there searching her mind, an idea suddenly ______ to her. A. hit B. occurred C. happened D. entered 20. She has even not read the first chapter, ______ finished the book. A. not to speak B. not to mention

    C. let alone D. not to say

    ?. Fill in the blanks with one of the appropriate forms of the given words. 1. People are having to move to other areas in _______ (pursue) of work. 2. He has an enthusiasm for art, to the point of _______ (obsess) in my opinion.

    3. Luckily, my parents were ________ (tolerate) of my choice of music.

    4. For a beginner, this camera produces ________ (satisfy) results.

    5. He is an ________ (accomplish) painter in water colors.

    ?.Choose the more suitable word from the two provided for each blank in the following sentences.

    1. He cant ________ (endure / stand) being apart from me.

    2. Several men are ________ (awaiting / waiting) trial for robbery. 3. The language in the Ministers statement is highly ________ (ambiguous/ vague). 4. She likes to sit ________ (besides / beside) the window.

    5. One of her __________ (principals / principles) is that honesty is the best policy. ?. Write in English each word or phrase you hear, and give an English or a Chinese explanation for each of them. Do provide the part of speech if what you hear is a word.,听写题,各班教师自行选择本单元听写内容!

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