The Murders in the Rue Morgue

By Marie Foster,2014-06-25 14:42
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    The Murders in the Rue Morgue

     Today I read a whole book which write by Edgar Allen Poe, and this book namedThe Murders in the Rue Morgue.Now I will say something

    about this book and its author.

     First of all, Id like to introduce you to the author, Edgar Allen Poe. On January 19,1809, Poe was born in Boston, he is the second child in his family. Before he was three years old his mother was died and his father left the family. So he became the ward of a Virginia couple, the Allans, whose name he added to his own. Poe studied at the University of Virginia for only one year and at West Point for only eight months. He is best known for his poems and short fiction. Edgar Allan Poe deserves more credit than any other writer for the transformation of the short story from anecdote to art He virtually created the detective story and

    perfected the psychological thriller, and he is regarded as father of modern American short story.

     The Murders in the Rue Morgue is a short story which was published in the journal of Grahams Magazine in 1841, and it is regarded as the

    first of a modern literature real detective novels. The hero C. Auguste Dupin is a fabled detective, he is regarded as the first in the history of detective image.

     Here is my summary about the introduction of this book.

     Dupin is not a professional detective. He comes from a declining

    family, and he is living in Paris with me, that is, the story of the narrator "I". One day, when they are reading a newspaper, they find a piece of news: in the Rue Morgue there was a cruel murder case. The dead is a pair of mother and daughter, their death shape is very terror, but the house valuables did not lose. Also weird is that in addition to hear the victim's screaming, the nearby neighbors also heard other people’s voice

    at the scene, but no one knows what language they used. And they can also prove that after the murder no one from the crime scene to leave. So it makes the case seem to exist a knot which was unable to untie. Then the case caused the Dupin’s interest, so he decided to investigate it.

    Finally according to the survey and the hair which was founded in the fingernail seam from the dead, he made the inference, and eventually skillfully arrested the murderer.

     In fact, I can not tell you who is the murderer, but I can tell you my feeling when I read the whole book. The Murders in the Rue Morgue is the first tragedies in the hundreds of thousands of the world novel narrate, instead of detective story. This is also a horror fiction, the details in the death’s of Mrs.Espanaye and her daughter were really creepy: mother's neck almost completely were cut off, when people tried to uplift her, her head was unexpectedly fell off, even the hair and the skin on her head were ripped off. Then when they were killed, their bodies were thrown to the ground from the four floor window, so they were badly mutilated;

    Daughter was strangled and be plug into the fireplace flue, even was forcefully upgrade plug a huge step. Through these series of shocking details to describe, I think the reader will can't help to assume what is the murderer’s evil motives, and why it wanted to use so superhuman

    strength and crazy means to destroy the mother and daughter who depending on each other and so strange is that the huge cash which the lady extracted from the bank had put on the scene. It is enough to let the Paris police doubt hundreds of years!

     However, over the feelings of terrified and doubt, we can find that this story is different from those general horror stories. The first is the story of the evolution is relying on the Dupin’s logical thinking, in other words, that is the Poe’s logical thinking ability. Those from the many aspects and

    listen to like irrelevant information as well as the observation which he got in the scene of the murder scene, in his mind were be stunningly twist to faint trace buckles, this rope dragging the murderer back from the

    empty and remote space-time step by step to reality. The second is in this, the author tried to create this story in a completely indifference attitude. Dupin is just a cool bystander, frostily reading all the code: the newspaper reports, the dead wounds, the half of nails on the window’s

    edge, and the roan on the ground, etc. In fact, it doesn’t mix any private

    feeling. He has no intention to deliver horrible feeling, but from a purely objective viewpoint to watch the murder case, until let readers see a come

out in the wash from his eyes.

Except the book, I also look up some information about this story and

the author through the Internet.

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