You know that spring is right around the corner when you see pussy

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You know that spring is right around the corner when you see pussy

    February 26, 2013

Dear Members and Friends:

    The Executive Committee met the other evening

    and after hours of discussion we have come up

    with the annuals we will offer as part of our plant

    sale. The order form is complete and will be up on

    our web site for you to download, or you can get

    an order form at our March meeting. We‟ve got

    some great offerings so be sure and look it over.

    Ann-Ingrid Millikan has again done a yeoman‟s job

    of putting together a catalog of our annual

    offerings including pictures, cultural requirements,

    and descriptions of the plants. This endeavor is

    very time-consuming, but it sure helps in your

    selection process! Thanks Ann-Ingrid for an

    incredible job! As in previous years, Michelle

    Ryan will be collecting the order forms and the

    money for the plants. Her address and phone

    Dragon Wing Begonia number are on the order blank if you need to

    Photo by Esther Ross contact Michelle.

    Plant From Our 2012 Sale

    For those of you who want Impatiens, we will not be offering them this year since the Downy Mildew problem is too wide-spread. Besides, if your Impatiens died last year, you don‟t want to plant any Impatiens this year in your garden since

    they will, indeed, die again! The order form is on two pages; we are offering flats and Proven Winners 5” pots. You‟ll notice we have not increased the prices.

     thThe perennial plant sale will be on Saturday, April 27. We need helping hands

    for the sale, and there will be a sign-up sheet if you would like to take a shift at the sale. We start at 8:00 A.M. with set-up, and the sale itself starts at 9:00 A.M. We‟ll finish at Noon. Many folks take a two hour stint, but that‟s entirely up to you!

    For those of you who have worked the sale, you know how much fun it is. It‟s really not work, it‟s a lot of fun getting together, and also meeting new people.

    Start thinking about the perennials you will be digging up to sell at the sale. The “homegrowns” are a big hit with our buyers and sell fast! We price them right and you can‟t get better than a plant that has been grown in a fellow gardener‟s garden. There are many stories of “… I bought this plant at the plant sale two

    years ago, and it is fabulous!” Please make sure they are marked as to what they are and information you would like to pass along about the plant. If you are going to donate plants, please get them to the sale at 8:00 A.M. so we can price them.

    We will again have our Garden Café which will serve coffee and the “best crumb cake in the world.” And, this year we‟re going to try something different; we are asking all of you to donate any garden related item that has been in your yard, garage, or shed for awhile that you will never use anyway to our “Garden

    Treasures” table. If you have a forgotten garden gnome or perhaps an unusual pot that doesn‟t work in your garden anymore, or a garden book that‟s collecting dust why not donate it to the Club? Again, you‟ll have to bring your treasures at

    8:00 A.M. so we can price the treasures. You know the old saw; “one man‟s junk

    is another man‟s treasure!” I can‟t wait to see what „junk‟ you all bring!

Have to bring up a cumbersome topic DUES! We are collecting them now. If

    you have not already done so, please mail your check, made out to the Garden Club of Harrington Park, to Dot Durbec, 311 Parkway, Harrington Park, New Jersey 07640 ASAP. Please include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail so we have all your information. Our dues remain the same; $15.00 individual, $25.00 family. We will also collect them at our March meeting. If you could, please make out a check, it makes it easier for everyone! If not, we certainly won‟t turn down the cash…

    When we get all your dues, we will publish a membership list (to members only) so you can have a handy reference.

    You know that spring is right around the corner when you see pussy willows being sold in the supermarkets! What a welcome sight, one of the first harbingers of the season. If you purchase them you can either put them in a vase without water and they will last a very long time, or, you can add water and they might root. If they start to root, and you want to try and plant them outside, make sure they have a fairly well developed root system. When you add water the stems will drop their fuzzy catkins, but you might have a chance of a new plant to add to your garden.

    Now that we know spring is here, it‟s time to forget all the winter blahs, also known as cottage fever, and to start taking advantage of some fabulous garden shows that are popping up in our area, and a little bit beyond.

We move into the next month with the Philadelphia International Flower Show ndthfrom March 2 to March 10. The theme for this year is British and they‟ve

    called the show “Brilliant!” This is an annual event mounted by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and is the world‟s oldest and largest indoor flower show, featuring large scale gardens, elaborate landscapes, and over-the-top floral creations. And, with more than 140 vendors you will find many things you must

    have. Go online and you will see the entry fees, hours, directions and all the activities associated with this show. Everything about this undertaking is big and beautiful, and you won‟t be disappointed if you go. Wear appropriate shoes,

    fashion doesn‟t count here. I know that several of our members have made arrangements with other clubs who will be going to Philly by bus, those lucky dogs!

     thA favorite of mine is the “Springfest” garden show being held March 14 through thMarch 17 at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta, New Jersey. It‟s about an hours drive from our part of the world, and it‟s worth it! There is an entrance fee. The show features over 50,000 square feet of “indoor spring,” with

    landscape displays, free lectures, seventy commercial vendors, café, and even wine tasting. A group from our Club attended a lecture at this show about coleus, and it was topnotch. This is not a big show, but it‟s a great way to welcome

    spring in all its glory! It has been dubbed “the garden lovers flower show” and if you attend, you‟ll see why.

    Our garden club has made this a mini field trip for quite a few years and we‟re always delighted with our discoveries. There are some great vendors at this show, so be sure and bring your wallets. One of the benefits is that you‟ll discover some new suppliers of plants, who even though they are most likely in Sussex or Warren County are still within a decent traveling time to go and visit at a later time. As a result of attending this show, I have found two nurseries that I trek to a few times a season. You know us gardeners; we are always looking for the new plant and the different pot, which is what you will find at this show.

If you are interested in going, there will be a sign-up sheet at the March meeting. thWe‟ll be car pooling at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday, March 16 from the Boro Hall

    parking lot. After we do the show, we will go to lunch at a local eatery.

Shake off the blahs, and start experiencing spring!

    This time of year, not only does the temperature warm up, but all the activities that come with the calendar do too! April, May and June become packed every weekend. Make sure you leave the following dates open!

    May 11, 2013 Barrel Planting - 10:00 A.M. - Beautification of Downtown H.P.

June 1, 2013 10:00 A.M. - Tour of Members‟ Gardens and Pot Luck Barbecue

    If you would like to open up your garden, or to host the Pot Luck Barbecue, please contact me.

June 15, 2013 Field Trip - “Triple Header II: Garden of Ideas, Bellamy-

    Ferriday House & Garden, Keeler Tavern Museum & Garden, Luncheon at Bernard‟s, Ridgefield, Conn. – Depart Library Parking Lot at 9:00 A.M. Fee

    ndAnd, at our May 2 meeting we have our every year Plant Swap. This is always a big hit. Don‟t be left out, if you bring a plant, you‟ll be able to pick a plant, so be

    sure to start thinking what plants you can divide for THE SWAP! At this meeting

    our speaker is Chris Rubino from Monrovia Plants, there will most likely be a pretty big crowd, so bring lots of divisions…

     thNext meeting is March 7, 7:30 P.M. at the Library. Pat

    Tratebas is our guest speaker. She‟ll discuss “Cottage

    Garden Design.” Sounds great, doesn‟t it? Bring a friend,

    or two. Our floral contest is “Glorious Spring!” And, if

    you are like me it can‟t come soon enough! Bring an

    arrangement to share we love to see your creations.

    Until we meet again, keep your feet dry and your hands


     Gerri Gibney

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