This I believe

By Jack Lee,2014-04-26 14:25
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This I believeThis,this,THIS

    This I believe

    I believe we have the power to create our own happiness.I believe the real magic in the world is done by humans.And I believe nomal life is extrodinary.

    I was sitting in my car at a stoplight intersection listening to the radio.Now,this was a long line.As I waited,I noticed tow people at the bus stop.And to my eyes they looked uncomfortable,they looke cold and they looked poor.Their coats looked like they came from the thrifstor.I knew, because I’d been there.

    This couple seemed to be doing their best to keep warm.They were huddled together,and I thought to myself,oh,those poor people in that horrible wind.But then I saw their faces,and yes,they were

    huddling.They looked to be sharing a good joke.And suddenly,insteaded of pitying them,I envied them.I thought,ha, what’s so funny!They didn’t seem to notice the wind,and they weren’t worried about their clothes.And they weren’t looking at my car thinking,oh,I wish I had that.

    Well,in that moment,I realized I’d assumed this

coulpe needed my pity,but they didn’t.I assumed

    things were all bad for them,but they weren’t.And I understood we all have the power to make moments of happiness happen.

    Now,maybe that’s easy for me to say.I feel lucky

    to have fans around the world,a house with a roof,and a wife who puts up with me.But I must say I felt this way even when I was workin at Long John Silver’s.I worked there for 11 years as a fry cook.The first year I worked there we got robbed.I lay on the floor, I thought I was going to die.I didn’t think I stood a chance,but everything turned out all right.

    A lot of people look at life as a series of miserable tasks.But after that,I didn’t.I believe this is

    something all of us can do.Try to be happy within the context to the life that we are actually

    living.Happiness is not a situation to be longed for,or a convergence of lucky happenstance,Through the power of our own minds,we can help ourselves.This I believe.

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