Unit 13 Healthy eating

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Unit 13 Healthy eatingUnit,unit

    Unit 13 Healthy eating

    Period: The third period

    Content: Reading Text---We Are What We Eat (牛津版高中英语高一下学期)

    Teaching Objectives:

    1. Students can understand the whole passage by reading it. 2. Students will learn to know how to make the right choices about what and how we eat.

    Language Focus:

    ?. Important Points:

    To improve the students’ the ability of reading.

    ?. Difficult Points:

    1. Develop students imagination based on their knowledge of healthy eating. 2. Develop students ability of creating and acting

    Teaching Procedures:

    ?. Organizing the class

    T: Greeting and a duty report

    ?. Revision

     Revision the useful expressions

    Patient: Ive got a pain here. This place hurt.

    There is something wrong with my back/my knee/my arm.

     I dont feel well.

    Doctor: Lie down and let me examine you.

     Let me have a look.

     Where does it hurt?

     Drink a plenty of water and get some rest.

    ?. Lead-in

     Show students the following questions on the blackboard and let students discuss them in pairs.

    1) Which of the following gives you the most energy: a banana, a soft drink or a bar of chocolate?

    2) How many meals do you have every day? Which meal do you think is the most important?


    3) How much water do you drink every day?

    4) What kind of snacks do you have?

    ?. Practice

     1. Reading for general information.

    Ask the students to read the passage quickly for the first time and find out the answers to the

    following questions.

    1) Why should we learn to make the right choices about what and how we eat? 2How will we be ready for the challenges and opportunities in life? 2. Reading for the meaning of the words.


    Ask the students to read the passage for the second time and find the words that fit the following descriptions.

    1) ________________ Found in food and necessary for good health.

    2) ________________The kind of food that someone eats each day.

    3) ________________ Part of plants that you eat but cannot digest, which help food to move quickly through your body.

    4) ________________ Found in food and are important for good health. They help to build our bones, teeth and blood.

    5) ________________ Found under skin. Our body needs it for energy. It can keep us from feeling cold.

    6)________________ Bad for your teeth and can make you gain weight.

    7) ________________ Found in milk and meat. Our body needs it to grow and keep healthy. 8) ________________ Unit for measuring how much energy the food can give us. 3. Reading for understanding specific information.

    Let students do the T or F exercises.

    1) Our eating habits have changed because we need more food than before.

    2) We can buy all kinds of food in the stores, but we had better choose healthy food to buy. 3) Protein, Calcium, Vitamins and some other nutrients help to build up strong bodies. 4) Vegans don’t eat meat because they hate hunting.

    5) More and more people realize that organic vegetables are good for health because the vegetables are grown without chemicals.

    6) Supplements and crash diets can help people lose weight.

    7) If we eat less fat, sugar and exercise more we will keep ourselves fit. 8) The passage mainly talks about what to do to make oneself healthy.

    4. Reading for sentence problem solving

    Let students read the passage with the tape on and underline the sentences that they can not understand. After the students finish reading, teacher should help them to solve their problems and make sure everyone can understand the following sentences.

    1) Our eating habits have changed, as our way of life, and the fuel we need for our bodies is also different.

    2) The same goes for “crash diets” that some companies say will make us lose weight fast.

    3) We ought to learn more about our body and the fuel it needs to keep fit. Only in that way will we be ready for the challenges and opportunities in life.

    ?. Presentation

    We Are What We Eat

    First paragrapheating habits have changed

    Second paragraph: some nutrients

    Third paragraph: eating habits

    Fourth paragraph: advice

    Fifth paragraph: summarize

    ?. Practice

    1. Students work in groups of four and discuss the questions below. When they have finished, they can discuss their answers with the rest of the class.

    1) Why do people go to fast food restaurants?


2) Why is it not good for you to eat too much sugar and fat?

    3) Why are crash diets and supplements so popular?

    4) What can we do to keep a balanced diet?

    ?. Exercise in class

    Reading the following text and finish the exercises. Pay more attention to using the reading skills well.

    Healthy Eating

    Many people have weight problems, but not because they don’t know how to eat or prepare healthy food. Some people think that because some food is healthy, it won’t taste good. To avoid this misunderstanding is the first step to learn to eat and prepare healthy food.

    1 Instead of buying canned fruit and vegetables, choose fresh ones that don’t have added sugar or salt. If you must buy canned fruit, choose those that are packed in natural fruit juice. Canned vegetables may also have extra salt that is not necessary for the taste.

     Instead of cooking vegetables in oil, steam them and add spices or lemon juice for taste. With so many different spices available at the market, there is no need to use extra butter or salt. You can even mix some of your spices to create a unique taste of your own.

    2 Instead of having high-fat red meat, try to have poultry and fish. In addition, do not fry your

    meat, but bake it. Avoid cooking in vegetable oil and choose olive oil instead for a healthier choice.

     One of the biggest reasons for failing to lose weight is taking too many carbohydrates (碳水化

    合物). All carbohydrates turn to sugar, so it’s important to learn to eat healthier food that is made of whole grains, such as wheat bread and wheat flour. The whole grains do not turn to sugar when they are eaten yet provide us with the energy that we need to carry out our daily activities. Notes: 1. canned adj.罐装的:听装的 2. poultry n.禽的肉

    Read the passage and choose the best answer to each question.

    1. The passage is mainly to ______.

    A. list items for a healthy diet

    B. tell people how to eat healthily

    C. tell people how to lose weight

    D. talk about a new kind of healthy food

    2. The last paragraph is mainly about _______.

    A. how carbohydrates turn to sugar

    B. why some people fail to lose weight

    C. choosing whole grains to get less sugar

    D. getting the energy we need for daily activities

    3. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?

    A. Olive oil is healthier than vegetable oil.

    B. Poultry and fish have less fat than red meat.

    C. Fruit packed in natural fruit juice is better than fresh fruit.

    D. Vegetables cooked in oil are less healthier than those steamed. Answer: 1-3 B C C

    ?. Homework

    Each student makes a balanced diet of one week for their families according to the passage and the chart.


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