The Cannes Film Festival

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     The 64 Cannes Film Festival

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    Part 1 An introduction to Cannes Film Festival

    thCannes Film Festival was started from September 20 in1946 at

    the tourist attraction Cannes of France .Cannes Film Festival is one of the most famous film festival all over the world. Its supreme

    praise is Golden Palm (金棕榈奖). And it is held once a year. It is also called as 3S film festival because the Sea Sex (美女) and Sun


    thPart2 Show the poster of the 64 Cannes Film


     The women in the picture is Faye Dunaway the famous Hollywood actress . She became famous by acting the main role of Bonnie and Clyde (雌雄大盗). Dunaways this picture is from the

    film as modeling the statue of a degenerate child. The poster is a perfect combination of black and white which makes more visual shock.

    thThe 64 Cannes Film Festival was opened at May 11 and it will run to May 22.

    thPart3 Introduce the jury of the 64 Cannes Film


     The jury president is Robert De Niro . The famed director and actor who won many praise by the film <Taxi Driver> in 1976.

     The other jury members are

    Judy Law (English actor).

     Du qifeng (China director).

    Oliver Assayas (French director) who was married with Zhang manyu in1998, but soon divorced 3 years later.

    Mahamat Saleh Haroun (French director) .

     Uma Thurman (American actress) .

    Shi nansheng (China producer).

    Martina Guzman (Argentina actor and producer) .

    Lynn ur mann (Sweden writer) .

Part4 Some selected films

     Hearat Shulayin 《脚注》(Israel) directed by Joseph Ceder.

     Habemus Papam 《教皇诞生》(Italy) directed and acted by Nanni Moretti.

     We Need to Talk About Kevin 《谈谈凯文》?England

    directed by Lynne Ramsay.

     Sleeping Beauty 《睡美人》(Austrilia) directed by Julia Leigh.

     Tree of life 《生命之树》(America) directed by Terrence Malick.

     Lasource des femmes 《女人之源》(France) directed by Radu Mihaileanu.

     And so on.

    Part5 Lifetime Achievement Award

     The famed Italy director Bernardo Bertolucci won the Lifetime

    Achievement Award .

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