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    2011-12 FBLA National Officer Team

    Program of Work

    Goal #1: Customer Service: To be responsive to the needs of our students, advisers, and business customers!

    Objective Tactic Officers Due Date Status Target State Program: PIC: Taylor Sarman Final: October 20

    ; Obtain approval of the state key contacts Increase Membership All Officers September 1

    o Via E-mail to 210,000 members McKenna Murray August 15

    ; Identify inactive chapters and chapters with a National Center

    significant decrease in membership

    ; Communicate with state officers: All Officers Imediately After

    o List of inactive chapters and Chapters with obtaining list significant decrease in membership o Membership goals o Helpful tips to state officers o Provide a standard letter to state McKenna Murray TBD ; Officers contact local chapters and promote All Officers October 20 reactivation All Officers All year ; Follow up. Expand National FBLA’s demographic through a video Alex Blodgett contest Alex Blodgett August 21 ; Draft contest rules and regulations Alex Blodgett September 15 ; Announce Project: o E-mail, National Website, and Blog McKenna Murray Continuously ; Promote Project using Social Media Alex Blodgett January 1 ; Deadline TBD ; Announce the Winner Monthly starting Dress to Win Wednesday

    Drew Marx in September ; Create Facebook event

     ; Invite members

     ; Promote through Twitter and Facebook

     ; Create blog posts promoting the event

     Add national programs tab to national website Nadine Goldberg Final: October 1 Promote National ; Compile list of National Programs and summary/supporting Programs information

     Webmaster ; Submit list to webmaster

     Taylor Sarman Revamp and edit government awareness project

     August 15 ; Contact Brad Howard to draft revisions

     August 15 ; Work with National Center to reschedule due date

     All year long ; Promote the project

     o Facebook

     o Twitter

     o Blog

    Aaron Wodka Create BAA tutorial

     August 21 ; Outline process of screenshots ; Take screenshots Taylor Sarman August 21 ; Add Intro Video August 10 o Request national backdrop o Shoot video August 21 ; Finalize Sliderocket All year round ; Promote o Twitter o Facebook

    o Blog

    Goal #2: Relationships: To have the most effective partnerships of any career student organization! Objective Tactics Officers Due Date Status

     Continue to promote the work of the March of Dimes Nadine Goldberg Improve external October 15 ; Make podcast about March of Dimes programs

    relationships. o Request backdrop from National Center

     o Make video

     October 1 ; Revamp and Edit March of Dimes packet

     o Intro letter

     Ongoing ; Research logistics and report back about planning a local


    Tony Jones Ongoing ; Promote March of Dimes projects

     o Twitter

     o Facebook

     o Blog

    PIC: Taylor Sarman Service in Sync

    All Officers September 1 ; Select area of service to be covered in the National

     Service In Sync project. ; Contact chapters in region to share the opportunity Ongoing ; Publicize Project o Talk about community service project at all conferences o Promote via Social Media (on Facebook/Twitter) o Send letter from national officer team to advisers

     promoting the project

     o Promote project on all National President Q&A

     Conference Calls

     Research internships with our partners th August 10 ; Make a list of ten sponsors to contact about internships

     On going ; Find correct contact from corporations

     ; Contact and pitch internship possibilities

    Aaron Wodka ; Follow up with sponsors interested ; Obtain final conformation

    ; Promote to members nationally

Improve internal Increase the Middle Level Whitni Redman and

    relationships Nadine Goldberg August 15 ; Pilot a middle level chapter adoption

     Ongoing o Decide on chapters to use

     o Reach out to a middle level and high school level


     o Facilitate activities between the chapters

     o Publicize success of the adoption in TBL and blog

     Tony Jones ; Establish “National Officer for a Day Program”

     January 1 o Layout Program Specifics

     February 1 o Create application process to submit for approval

     February 2 o Submit to National Center for approval

     March 1 o Make NOD Application available

     ; On National Website

     Ongoing ; Promote NOD Program via Social Media

     o Twitter

     o Facebook

     o Blog

     ; Promote NOD Program via Video Podcast

     February 10 o Request video backdrop

     February 20 o Make Video

     o Post Video

     o Promote

     April 1 ; Application Deadline

     May 1 ; Announcement of winners PIC: Hasher Nisar Communicate with Directors

     September 1 ; Obtain Contact Information for all State Directors o Email o Telephone ; Draft E-Mail to include talking points about continued support for FBLA o These emails will be sent bi-monthly Drew Marx Digital Calendar and Promoting dates September 1 ; Draft Research Project and Feasibility and send to National Officers with recommendation for continuation or dismissal

    Effective use of National Boards

    All Officers Ongoing ; Continue the five Regional Executive Boards, National

     President’s Assistants, National Treasurer’s Council,

     Parliamentarian’s Council.

     August 8 ; Have applications edited and submitted to National Center

     for approval

     August 15 ; Disperse National Board Applications

     o Email

     o National Website

     September 1 ; Application Deadline

     September 12 ; National Board Announcement

     August 8 ; National Boards will submit their regional plan of action to National President Ongoing ; Promote National Boards on the Regional and National Website Ongoing ; Promote via all forms of Social Media Resource Packet Nadine Goldberg and December 31 ; Identify resources necessary in packet Aaron Wodka o Recruitment Tools o Icebreakers o Fundraising o Parliamentary Procedures o Promotional Video All officers and January 5 ; Assign individual projects to each officer boards January 19 ; Projects submitted back to Aaron and Nadine for review ; Make additional edits as needed ; Compile into a zip file of all the individual aspects ; Submit to National Center for approval January 25 ; Have Resource Packet posted to National Website February 1 ; Promote through Social Media McKenna Murray One-on-one meetings at NFLCs October 1

    ; Obtain list of state officers attending NFLC’s

     October 5 ; Schedule meetings for NFLC’s

     October 15 ; Send meeting schedules to National Officer team

    All Officers November ; National officers meet with state officers

Goal #3: Resources: To focus on obtaining business and corporate sponsorships for our competitive events,

    membership, and scholarship programs.

    Objective Tactics Officers Due Date Status

    Obtain five new Contact one potential sponsor a month PIC: Drew Marx national sponsors August 15 ; Draft sponsor letter templates

     August 18 ; Send templates to National Center for approval

     August 28 ; Send templates to National Officers

     All Officers Monthly ; National Officers send letters out to a potential sponsor

     Ongoing ; Follow up with potential sponsors

     Reach out to universities and colleges All Officers Create New September 5 ; Draft letters to send to colleges

    scholarships September 6 ; Send letters to National Center for approval

     Ongoing ; Send letters to colleges

     Ongoing ; Follow up with colleges

     Taylor Sarman and Dual Credit for BAA and Leadership Certification from the National

     Aaron Wodka Center

     December 1 ; Draft proposal to send to universities

     December 5 ; Send proposal to National Center for approval

     January 5 ; Send proposal to potential universities asking for Dual credit

     Ongoing ; Follow up with universities Region VPs Securing a $250 scholarship for reaching America Level

     December 1 ; Hold conference call with National Treasurer December 6 ; Draft sponsorship letters December 15 ; Send to National Office for approval December 20 ; Send to potential sponsors Ongoing ; Follow up with potential sponsors

    Goal #4: Image and Awareness: To be the best known career student organization in the country! Objective Tactics Officers Due Date Status

     Increase Twitter Presence McKenna Murray Ongoing Effectively use Social ; Use personal Twitter accounts regularly

    Media to improve ; Each officer submits three tweets for the national Twitter thcommunication. account for the next month in 5 of the month report

     McKenna Murray Ongoing Facebook

     Regional Officers Ongoing ; Post something once a week on National Facebook pages

     All Officers Ongoing ; Reply to comments on National Facebook page

     McKenna Murray Ongoing Blog

     All Officers Monthly ; Have National Officers submit posts once a month

     McKenna Murray Monthly ; Request articles from members

     o Post requests on Facebook and Twitter

     o Send requests to State Officers

    All Officers Quarterly ; Have National Officer Board members write articles

    McKenna Murray TBD ; Submit articles to National Center McKenna Murray Ongoing ; Promote the blog o Facebook o Twitter o National Website McKenna Murray Electronic Holiday Cards August 15 ; Make list of applicable holidays ; Make holiday cards August 15 ; Send cards out to states on Holidays Varies ; Post on cards state Facebooks Varies Skype Tony Jones ; Have regional board and state president use Skype for Regional Officers Ongoing meetings ; Have National Officers use Skype for monthly meetings All officers Monthly ; Local Chapter Skype Calls Tony Jones Ongoing o Draft local Skype call applications October 1 o Send to National Center for approval October 5 o Send to State advisers October 15 o Schedule Skype calls Ongoing o Follow up with chapter Ongoing o Promote Ongoing

     Welcome letter McKenna Murray

    Use traditional media to September 5 ; Draft welcome letter

    improve communication September 6 ; Send to National Center for approval

     September 15 ; Send to Regional VPs

     Regional VPs September 20 ; Regional VPs send letters to State Advisers

     Whitni Redman Draft adviser workshop and send to State Advisers

     March 5 ; Create PowerPoint template on BAAs

     March 6 ; Send to National Center for approval

     March 15 ; Send to State Advisers

     McKenna Murray Monthly E-mail Blasts thth of the 10; Draft E-mail with information from 5 of the month

     month reports th 12 ; Send draft to National Center for approval th 20; Send to state presidents Nadine Goldberg Tomorrow’s Business Leader TBL deadlines ; Article on middle level involvement TBL deadlines ; Parli Corner

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