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    2011 Iowa Head and Neck Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery Course

    Sun, May 22 Oral cavity cancer management, Trans-oral management of oral and

     oropharyngeal cancer, Adjuvant treatment for oral cancer Faculty Lavertu, McCulloch, Pagedar, Anderson, Bayon, Quon

0630-0730 Registration & breakfast

    0730-0800 Introduction and welcome/sponsors Bayon/Chang/ Pagedar 0800-0830 Oral cancer treatment principles & approaches Lavertu

    0830-0900 Management of the mandible in oral cancer Bayon 0900-0930 Managing the neck in oral cancer McCulloch

0930-1000 Break with Sponsors

1000-1030 Tran-oral Robotic Surgery training & set-up Bayon

    1030-1100 Oral cavity reconstruction Pagedar

    1100-1130 Adjuvant treatment in oral cancer Anderson 1130-1200 Trans-oral resection of oral/oropharyngeal cancer Bayon 1200-1230 Adjunctive treatment de-intensification Quon

1230-1330 Lunch with the Sponsors

1330-1730 Dissection Laboratory

     Prosections: Lip split, Mandibulotomy, Pull-through,

     Composite resection, Trans-oral approach/set-up, SND

1730-2100 Cadaver dissection (self study)

    Monday May 23 Contemporary Approaches to Pharyngolaryngeal Cancer Management Faculty - Hinni, Lavertu, Pagedar, McCulloch, Wehbe, Menda, Bayon, Anderson, Smith, Quon

0700-0730 Registration & breakfast

    0730-0800 Transoral laser resection of pharyngolaryngeal cancers Hinni 0800-0830 Chemoradiation for pharyngolaryngeal cancers Lavertu 0830-0900 Toxicities in the mgmnt of HNC Pagedar

    0900-0930 Neck dissection - techniques of MRND and RND McCulloch

0930-1000 Break with the sponsors

1000-1030 HPV and SCCA of the head & neck Hinni

    1030-1100 PET/CT scans in the follow-up of head and neck cancer patients Menda 1100-1230 Panel Discussion (Bayon moderator)

     Trans oral resection, conventional surgery,

     adjunct de-intensification and CRT approaches

     in pharyngolaryngeal cancer - Panelists: Hinni, Quon, Lavertu,

     Pagedar, Anderson,

     Wehbe, Smith

     Audience participation with Turning Point Software

1230-1330 Lunch with the Sponsors

1330-1730 Dissection Laboratory

     Prosections: Neck Dissection (MRND, RND), Approach to the pharynx and

     parapharyngeal space, Pharyngectomy

1730-2100 Cadaver dissection (self study)

Tues May 24 Thyroid, Parathyroid, Skin Cancer

    Faculty - Pagedar, Doelle, Smith, Lal, Van Beek, McCulloch, Hamilton

0700-0730 Registration and breakfast

    0730-0800 Primary hyper-PTH and technique of parathyroidectomy Lal 0800-0830 Work-up of thyroid nodules Pagedar

    0830-0900 Management of well-differentiated thyroid cancer Pagedar

    0900-0930 Postoperative management & follow-up of thyroid cancer Doelle

    0930-1000 Medullary thyroid cancer Smith

1000-1030 Break With Sponsors

1030-1100 Melanoma of the Head and Neck Van Beek

    1100-1130 Scalp & skull reconstruction Chang

    1130-1200 Sentinel node biopsy for skin cancer Pagedar

1200-1300 Lunch with the sponsors

1300-1700 Dissection Laboratory

     Prosections: Parathyroid and RLN identification, Thyroidectomy, Level VI neck

     dissection, Selective neck dissection, Modified radical neck dissection, Posterior

     neck dissection, Tracheal resection

    1800-2030 Enjoy dinner and learn about “Non-melanoma skin cancers, Mohs surgery,

     and the flaps to fix them.Dinner will be served before the lecture.

     Van Beek


    Wed May 25 Maxillary, Sinonasal and Skull Base Cancer Management, Head and

     Neck Imaging

    Faculty - Pagedar, Smith, O’Brien, Chang, Maley, Wehbe, Milhelm

0700-0730 Registration and breakfast

    0730-0800 Management of oromaxillary cancer Maxillectomy Pagedar

    0800-0830 Open approaches for sinonasal/skull base cancer Smith 0830-0900 Endoscopic approaches for sinonasal/skull base cancer O’Brien

    0900-0930 Endoscopic pituitary approaches O’Brien

0930-1000 Break with Sponsors

1000-1030 Paragangliomas Smith

    1030-1100 Maxillary and skull base reconstruction Chang 1100-1130 Adjuvant therapy for Melanoma Milhem

    1130-1200 CT & MRI in the evaluation of head and neck cancer patients Maley 1200-1230 Proton Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer Buatti

1230-1330 Lunch with the Sponsors

1330-1700 Dissection Laboratory

     Prosections: Maxillectomy, Anterior skull base approaches, Subfrontal approaches,

     Lateral skull base, local skin flaps, Endoscopic skull base approaches, Endoscopic

     equipment will be available for use with fresh cadaver heads.

    1830-2130 Casino Night at the Marriot Hotel in Coralville

     Transportation from Iowa City provided

     Live music with “The Remains”

     Food Gambling Drinks

Thursday May 26 Laryngeal Cancer, Salivary Gland tumors

    Faculty Mannion, Wehbe, Pagedar, Weber, Anderson, Hoffman,

0700-0730 Registration and breakfast

    0730-0800 Salivary gland considerations after CRT Hoffman 0800-0830 The realities of voice rehabilitation following total laryngectomy Hoffman 0830-0900 Open conservation laryngectomy techniques Mannion 0900-0930 The current status of CRT for laryngeal cancer Wehbe

0930-1000 Break with Sponsors

1000-1030 Total laryngectomy in the CRT era Mannion

    1030-1100 Reconstructing salvage laryngectomy and Pagedar

     laryngopharyngectomy defects

    1100-1130 Surgery for Major Salivary Tumors Weber

    1130-1200 The role of adjuvant therapy in salivary cancer Anderson

1200-1230 Emergency airway management Pagedar

1230-1330 Lunch with the Sponsors

1330-1730 Dissection Laboratory

     Microvascular training with anastomotic simulator Stations and instruction will be

     provided in the microvascular training laboratory for those interested

     Prosections: Partial laryngectomy procedures, Total laryngectomy, parotid,

     laryngopharyngectomy, TEP placement using the trans-cutaneous tracheostomy kit

1730-2100 Cadaver dissection (self study)

    Friday May 27 Improving the Quality of HNC Care, Free Tissue Transfer Faculty - Weber, Mannion, Pagedar, Bayon, Chang,

Flap Technique talks

    0800-0830 Improving the quality of head and neck cancer care Weber 0830-0900 Pectoralis flap Chang

    0900-0930 ALT Pagedar

    0930-1000 Fibula Bayon

1000-1030 Break with Sponsors

1030-1100 Subscapular system of flaps Mannion

    1100-1130 Rectus flap Chang

    1130-1200 Forearm flap Chang

    1200-1230 Submental Bayon

    1230-1300 Temporoparietal flap Mannion

1300-2100 Cadaver Dissection

     Prosections: Drs. Chang, Funk, Pagedar, Mannion will demonstrate each of the flaps and

     be available to assist with or demonstrate any dissection you are interested in from 1300-


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