Language policy and translation of documents

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Language policy and translation of documents

    Appendix B

    Larne Borough Council

    Language Policy and Translation of



    Date for review:

Language policy and translation of documents

1. General principles

    1.1 All employees should understand the council‟s obligations in relation to

    language and respond positively to all our customers or clients, who

    are entitled to be treated with courtesy and respect.

    1.2 The principal language of the council is English and its approach to the

    use of other languages in council business is based on need and

    demand, balanced with consideration of the resources available to

    deliver services.

2. Sign Language

    2.1 In line with official government policy, the Council recognises that sign

    language is a language in its own right. All staff should make

    appropriate arrangements to provide sign language for customers if


3. Sources of guidance

    3.1 The Equality Scheme, approved by the Equality Commission in April

    2001, which commits the Council to making information available on

    request in minority languages to meet the needs of those “who are not

    fluent in English”. This is increasingly important as our city becomes

    more diverse.

4. Council procedures

    The council‟s procedures are set out below.

4.1 Translations written correspondence

    The council uses the translation service within the Linguistic

    Operations Branch of the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure

    (DCAL), which co-ordinates translation services for all government

    departments for all other languages.

4.2 Interpretation

    The council will also provide interpreters for small meetings or in

    individual interview situations if required, provided advance notice is

    given. Please contact the Equality Officer

4.3 Telephone calls

    A telephone interpreting service has been established to assist with

    telephone enquiries from those who are not fluent in English. The

    bigword provides this service. Please contact the Equality Officer for

    details if required.


4.4 Council website

    The council website is designed to be as accessible as possible, with

    current on-line information in plain English. The council will keep this

    under review and may provide information in other languages as


4.5 Advertisements

    Council advertisements will be in English


Translation services

Current operational procedures

    1. Our Equality Scheme, approved by the Equality Commission in April 2001;

    2. The Equality Scheme commits the council to making information available on request in minority languages to meet the needs of those “who are not fluent in English”.

    Please note that the council will now use the translation service within the Linguistic Operations Branch of the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) for all translations. Departments should send their documents preferably by e-mail, either as a Word document or scanned copy, to ; the main contact in DCAL is Niall McCrory, tel. 9025 8979.

    Documents for translation may also be sent by fax to 9025 8898 or by post to Linguistics Operations Branch, DCAL, Interpoint, 20 24 York Street, Belfast

    BT15 1AQ. It is the our responsibility to ensure that the document is legible and received by DCAL. A translation request form should be included.

    DCAL will provide a quotation of cost and turnaround time and arrange to invoice Departments directly. Departments should issue an official purchase order within 5 days of receiving the quotation and invoices should be paid within 30 days of receipt. DCAL can provide quarterly monitoring information on level of use and can also provide interpreters if required for small meetings or in interview situations.

It is important to ensure that staff are made aware of the council‟s obligations in

    relation to language. All customers and clients are entitled to courtesy and respect and must be dealt with as politely as possible, in line with our stated commitment not only to equality in the delivery of our services, but also our commitment to customer focus.

    If you have any queries regarding the arrangements with DCAL, please contact Sandra Bell, on extension 231


The Bigword Telephone Interpreting Service

Contact the Best Value/Policy Development for

    a) your access code

    b) the language codes

    All the information you need to enable you and your department to access the service is detailed below.

Accessing the service

    Step 1: Call 0800 321 3026

Step 2: Enter your access code.

    Step 3: Enter the Language Code you require, or press 0 for a Customer Care

     Representative. If you do not know the language code you require, press 700 for Language identifier.

    Step 4: Wait on the line and you will be put through to an Interpreter for that

     language. When connected, outline the nature of your call.

    In the rare event that you experience difficulties, don‟t panic. If you have forgotten your access code, please contact thebigword on 0830 321 3042.

    If you are having any other difficulties please follow this simple 3 step procedure:

    Step 1: Please hang up and redial. If, after numerous attempts, this is still not


    Step 2: Call the Emergency Contact Line on 0830 321 3025

    Step 3: Report your difficulty to thebigword Telephone Interpreting Department.

3 Party Conference Calls

    If you need to make a telephone call and need an interpreter, you will need the ability to connect a 3-way-call. If you do not have this function on your phone, pleases call the 3 party conference service on 0800 321 3045.

    If you are using the Work Phones and a caller has requested a service in another language by phone you will need to use the conference facility on the phone. Press conference bottom dial the big word , wait to be connected and then press the conference button again. You will be having a three way conversation.


Useful Numbers

    Telephone interpreting Main Number: 0800 321 3026

    Emergency Contact Line: 0830 321 3025

    General Service Enquiries: 0830 321 3042

    3 Party Conference Service: 0800 321 3045

E: T: +44(0)870 748 8126 W:

Dear All,

     BIG WORD Telephone Language Interpreting Service

The Policy Unit has established a telephone interpreting service with „The BIG

    WORD‟ company and it is now available to all departments.

    This service can be used when immediate interpreting is required. All you need is a telephone with a speaker facility.

    It is possible to create as many access codes as you require enabling different sections of your department to be billed separately. Please note there are no set up charges and you are only billed when you use the service (80 pence per minute).

    A list of access codes already in use is attached. If further access codes are required please contact xxx

Payment is made through xxx

    The Big Word is offering training/ information session (lasting 45 mins) on xxx

Background information

    The key features of the telephone interpreting service the BIGWORD can provide are:

    ; 24/7 access to over 150+ languages

    ; UK based interpreters

    ; 0800 free phone number

    ; One flat-rate of 80p per minute, billed by the second; no rounding up as

    commonly practiced

    ; No usage fees, membership fees, or hidden costs

    ; Awareness materials to help user take up and understanding


    ; Real time management Information provided via the use of our

    TranzManager Portal to give you full breakdown of usage and spend.

A simple overview of the process to connect an interpreter is as follows:

Step 1: 0800 321 3053 check

    This is a dedicated freephone number to access the telephone interpreting service.

Step 2: Enter your Access Code

    Your Access Code issued by thebigword verifies your authorisation to access the system.

     Step 3: Enter the Language Code required

    Each language you wish to communicate with has a unique code. A full list is provided by thebigword, but you may also listen to the menu of frequently requested languages and select the required code.


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