Teaching plan for unit 8

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Teaching plan for unit 8Teac

    Teaching plan for unit 8

    Section A /a/ /b/ /c/

    Experimental Middle school Liao Fang

Target language

    1Worels and phrases.

     When, birthday month Jannary. February March,April May,June,July,August,September,October,November

    tenth,fourth,fifteenth Vera,Leff.

    2Key sentences.

     When is your brithday? My birthday is July 4th Abilyty goals.

     Enable students to learn to talk about dates learning ablity goals.

     Help students learn how to talk about dates Teaching important ldifficulf plints.

     How to talk about dates.

     Teaching dids.


    3Teaching method

     Listening and speaking

    Step 1 Warming up

     Show the picture of Jay chou on the screen and ask students. Who is he? What colou is his coat? What’s near him? Pointing to a big birthday cake. It’s a birthday cake(twice).

     Now let’s sing “Happy Birthday to you”.

    After singing. Show a very big calendar to students.Do you know it? It’s calendar.


    T:We can see some months there.

    T:What can you see in each month?

    S:I can see some dates.

    T:Good. Today we will learn months and dates let students look at the calendar carefully.

    learn:the tweluc months.

    Janary Februayr March April May June July August September October November December. Then tell students the first month of the year is January write it near January. In the same way, put the second near February Teach students the new words.

    Learn first second third……thirtieth

    Step2 presentation.

    Show the pictone of Jay chou and ask.

    When is Jay Chou’s birthaya?

    thIt’s November 25 cpoimt to the dates.

    My birthday is September 12th cpoint to the dates. Ask students to answcer. My birthday is January 18th.February 20th. March 15th,April 5th.

    Step3:Listening and Pairwork

     1)In this procedure, students will learn the ordinal words. First read the instructions, ask students to listen to three conversations and number them in order.

     Check the answers And then ask there to listen to the recording and repeat the conversations.


    Ask and answer in pairs.


    When is your birthday?

    My birthday is January 15th.

    My birthday is February 20th .

    Step4: play a game:Which team is the best?

    Ask and answer me by one. When is your birthday? The last student in each team will try his or her best to give answer Jim’s brithday is April is’t. Bob’s birchday is May Znd……Who speaks most. Who is the best.


    T:Show some famous stars and give their birthdays near them ask students to ask answer(boys and girls exchinge according teachdr’s pointing). When is Yao Min’s birthday? His birthday is August 2nd

    When is Li yunchun’s birthday?

    Her birthday is October 5th.

    Whn is zhang Jie’s brithday?

    His birthday is November 11th.

    F:Whose birthday is November 26th?

     If there is one or two.

     Ask them to come to the blackboard.

     Let’s sing“appy Birthday to you”.

    Sing to gether.


    1) Read the words in this period by heart.

    2) Write an artide about when his or her family birthdays are.


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