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R3 FINAL TESTtest,Test

    R3 Unit 3 Level Test




    ( ) 1. A. Yes, I like it a little. B. No, I couldn’t. C. Sure. My name is John. ( ) 2. A. She’s a worker. B. What do you do? C. She works in a factory. ( ) 3. A. Not at all. B. Yes, please. A hamburger for me. C. I’m sorry.

    ( ) 4. A. You’re welcome. B. OK, I’d love to. C. Sure, I’d love.

    ( ) 5. A. No problem. B. Who is he? C. Sure, come in, please. ?.听对话;选择正确答案。每段对话读一遍。(每小题1分;共5)

    ( ) 1. A. Cats. B. Dogs. C. Birds.

    ( ) 2. A. My father. B. My brother. C. My uncle. ( ) 3. A. A glass of water. B. A glass of milk. C. A glass of juice.

    ( ) 4. A. A hamburger. B. A glass of apple juice. C. A and B. ( ) 5. A. A little. B. Very much. C. Not at all. ?.听对话;判断正(T)(F)。对话读两遍。(每小题1分;共5)

    ( ) 1. The man eats in a restaurant.

    ( ) 2. The woman is a waitress.

    ( ) 3. The man would like fish and rice.

    ( ) 4. He drinks a glass of milk.

    ( ) 5. The waitress is kind to the man.


    Name Sally

    Age 1

    Come from 2

    Fathers job(工作) 3

    Class 4

    Favorite food Jiaozi

    Pet 5



    ( ) 1. Jim is not doctor. He is office worker.

    A. a; 不填 B. a; an C. an; 不填 D. an; an

    ( ) 2. They have cats at home, but they don’t have dogs.

    A. some; any B. any; some C. some; some D. any; any

    ( ) 3. is your letter from? It’s from my pen pal.

    A. Whose B. How C. Who D. What ( ) 4. Does he with me? Yes, he does.

    A. wants to live B. want to live C. wants live D. want live

    ( ) 5. Lucy and me ten years old.


    A. all are B. are all C. both are D. are both

    ( ) 6. ? They are workers.

    A. What do they look like B. What are they

    C. Where are they D. How are they

    ( ) 7. We like our English teacher, Miss Zhang. She is very kind us.

    A. of B. to C. in D. on

    ( ) 8. Let me the photo, please.

    A. look at B. to look at C. looks at D. looking at ( ) 9. I’d like three , please.

    A. water B. glasses water C. glass of water D. glasses of water ( )10. I have a pet. name is Mimi. a cat.

    A. It’s; It’s B. It’s; Its C. Its; Its D. Its; It’s

    ( )11. Can study English with ?

    A. her; me B. she; I C. her; I D. she; me ( )12. Do you like these English books? Yes, I like it .

    A. very B. at all C. little D. a little ( )13. ? She works in a school.

     A. Where do you work B. Where does your aunt work

    C. What do you do D. Where is your uncle

    ( )14. How much would you like, Tom?

    A. milk B. apple C. banana D. egg ( )15.Why not some milk for breakfast? Good idea.

     A. to have B. having C. has D. have ?.完形填空,每小题1分;共10分:

     Welcome to my QQ-zone . This is a photo of my 1 . I have a 2 family. The middle-aged (中年的)

    man and woman are my parents. They are doctors. They work in the same 3 . The old man and the old woman are my grandparents. They are old and dont work. They are 4 home now. They like flowers and birds. The young man is my uncle. He is my fathers 5 . He 6 in No. 10 Junior High School. He is a good teacher. His students like 7 very much. He often helps me 8 my English. The little girl 9 is my sister, Liu Mei. She is 10 five years old. Do you know the boy? Guess! Its me. I have a happy family.

    ( ) 1. A. class B. family C. school D. office ( ) 2. A. little B. old C. big D. small ( ) 3. A. class B. farm C. hospital D. school ( ) 4. A. at B. on C. to D. of ( ) 5. A. son B. daughter C. sister D. brother ( ) 6. A. gives B. teaches C. studies D. comes ( ) 7. A. his B. him C. he D. her ( ) 8. A. for B. at C. with D. to ( ) 9. A. in yellow B. on yellow C. in a yellow D. on a yellow ( )10. A. too B. only C. of D. at


    ?. 阅读短文;选择最佳答案。(每小题1分;共10)



Dear Tom,

     Thanks for your letter. You say you want to know about my life in the evening. Well, I usually get home from work at 6

    in the afternoon. I cook dinner for my family my parents, my sister and my brother. We like to have some rice, fish, chicken and vegetables for dinner, but we dont like to have hamburgers. After dinner I usually watch TV or play chess. I like playing chess with my father because he works in a chess club. Sometimes I read some books. I want to study Japanese.

    You know, I like Japan very much. Write to me soon, please. Best wishes.


     Victor ( ) 1. Victors family has people.

     A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 ( ) 2. Who does Victor often play chess with?

     A. His brother B. His sister. C. His father. D. His mother. ( ) 3. Where does Victors father work?

     A. In a chess club. B. In a hospital. C. At a school. D. On a farm. ( ) 4. What doesnt Victor like to eat?

     A. Fish. B. Hamburgers. C. Chicken. D. Rice. ( ) 5. What does Victor want to study?

     A. English. B. Chinese. C. Japanese. D. Cooking.


    Sue is eleven years old. Shes an English girl. She likes to eat in the restaurant (餐馆). She can see many people there.

    Her mother often cooks food for her at home, and she doesnt like to eat out. One morning her mother isnt fine. She says to

    Sue, Sue, I cant cook dinner for you. Your father will take you to the restaurant to have dinner. Sue is very happy, but a

    moment later, she says to her mother, I dont want to have dinner in the restaurant. Youre not fine. I want to cook dinner

    for us. Sues mother smiles.

    ( ) 1. Where is Sue from?

     A. The USA. B. China. C. Canada. D. England.

    ( ) 2. Where does Sue like to eat?

     A. At home. B. In the restaurant. C. At school. D. In her fathers office.

    ( ) 3. Who often cooks food for Sue?

     A. Her father. B. Sue. C. Her mother. D. Her grandmother.

    ( ) 4. Smiles的中文意思是

     A. 生气 B. 伤心 C. 微笑 D. 说话

    ( ) 5. 下面哪一项的说法是正确的?

     A. Sue is twelve years old. B. Sues mother likes to have dinner in the restaurant.

     C. Sue and her father have dinner in the restaurant. D. Sue will cook for her family. ?. 根据短文内容判断下列句子的正误;正确的用“T”;错误的用“F”。,每小题1分;共5分:

     Mr. Black is a driver. Mrs. Black is a teacher. They have two pet dogs. The brown dog is big and the white dog is small.

    They like them a lot. Mr. Green is Mr. Blacks friend. One morning, he comes to see Mr. Black. Mr. Green finds there are tow holes in the door, a big hole and a small one. He asks, My friend, why are there two holes in your door? To let my

    dogs in and out. The big hole is for my brown dog, and the small hole is for my white dog, answers Mr. Black. But the

    small dog can also go through the big hole, says Mr. Green.

    ( ) 1. Mr. Black is a teacher.

    ( ) 2. There are two holes in the door.

    ( ) 3. Mr. Green comes to see the dogs.

    ( ) 4. The big dog is white.


( ) 5. Mr. Black thinks the big hole is only for the big dog and the small hole is only for the small dog.


    语言知识运用(20 )

    ?. 词汇

     ?. 用首字母;用单词的适当形式填空。,每小题1分;共5分:

    1. Could you help me with my English? No p .

    2. Help y to some fish, kids! Thank you!

    3. Tom is my uncles son. So he is my c .

    4. My Chinese is very p . Can you help me study it?

    5 He often w for Jane at the gate of that park on Saturday afternoons. ?.根据中文提示;用词组的适当形式填空。,每小题1分;共5分:

     1. We are friends. We often help _________ _________(互相).

    2. May I _________ your _________ ? (记下你点的菜)

    3. I like Chinese food, _________ _________ (例如) Sichuan food, Hunan food and Guangdong food. 4. This is my _________ _________ (家谱).

    5. _________ _________ (.......怎么样) some vegetbles? Good idea.

    ?. 综合填空,每小题1分;共10分:


    thirteen, look after, drive, only, English, doctor, be, have, family, hospital

    My name is Jack. I am an boy. I am years old. There six people in my . My father is a driver. He a bus every day. My mother is a . She works in a . I’m a high school student. My little sister, Mary is three years old. My grandparents don’t to work. They her at home.



     A: Can I help you? B: Yes. 1

     C: I dont know. B: 2 What about some bread?

     C: No, thanks. B: 3

     C:Yes. A glass of milk, please. 4 B: Id like some apple juice, some rice and chicken. Thats all.

     A: OK. 5

    A. Well, would you like something to drink? B. Wait a moment, please.

    C. Me, too. D. What would you like, Ann? E. Thank you.

    F. Would you like something to eat? G. What about you?

    ?. 请根据对话情景;填上适当的单词;补全下面的对话。,每小题1分;共5分:

    A: Welcome to my home, Jim. Please have a seat. B: 1 ! Whats that on the desk?

    A: Its a photo of my family. B: Can I have a look at it?

    A: 2 . Here you are. B: Is the young woman in a dress your mother?

    A: No, shes my 3 , my fathers sister. The woman in a T-shirt is my mother.

     The 4 in white is my father. B: What do your 5 do?

    A: My father is a cook, and my mother is a teacher.




    Ann comes from Canada. She is in Beijing with her parents now. She is a student of No.2 Middle School. She can speak

    a little Chinese. Her father works in a hospital. Her mother is a teacher of English. She is a good teacher. She loves her

    students a lot. The students are kind. All of her family like to be in China and all of them like Chinese food very much.

    1. Who is Ann in Beijing with now? ______________________________________________ 2. Where does Ann study? ______________________________________________ 3. Is Anns father a teacher? ______________________________________________ 4. Does Ann speak much Chinese? ______________________________________________ 5. What do all of Anns family like very much? ______________________________________________


    ?. 将下列句子翻译成英文。,8分:

     1. 穿绿色T恤衫的那个年轻人是你的兄弟吗?

     2. 饺子是他最喜爱的食物。

     3. 她想把这封信给李先生。

     4. 那个农民来自哪里?


     假如Kate是你的好朋友;请根据下列提供信息以My good friend为题写一篇60 词左右的短文来介绍她。

    名字: Kate 年龄: 15

    家庭成员: 母亲(护士);父亲(厨师), 妹妹(学生;就读25中学);哥哥(办公室职员)

    最喜欢食物: 汉堡包 最喜欢的饮料~橘子汁

     My good friend



    ?. 1. Excuse me, could you please tell me your name?

    2. What does your mother do?

    3. What about something to eat?

    4. Would you like to have dinner with me?

    5. Li Ping, may I study Chinese with you? ?. 6. W: Do you like cats, Li Ping?

    M: No, I dont like them at all. But I like dogs very much.

    Q: What pets does Li Ping like?

    7. W: Is the tall man your father?

    M: No, he is my fathers brother.

    Q: Whos the tall man?

    8. M: Would you like something to drink, Maria?

    W: A glass of milk, please.

    Q: What would Maria like?

    9. W: May I take you order, sir?

    M: Yes, please. A hamburger and a glass of apple juice.

    Q: What would the man like?

    10. W: Do you like Sichuan food?

    M: Yes, I like it a lot.

    Q: Does the man like Sichuan food?

    ?. W: Welcome, Sir.

    M: Thank you.

    W: May I take your order now?

    M: Let me see. Chicken and rice, please.

    W: And something to drink?

    M: Just a glass of orange juice, please.

    W: Here you are.

    M: Thanks.

    ?. Hello, my name is Sally. I am 12 years old. I come from Canada. Now my parents and I live in Beijing. I am a student in

    Nan Fang International School. I am in Class 3, Grade 7. My father is a teacher. He teaches in a high school. My mother is a

    doctor in a hospital. We all like Chinese food. My favorite food is Jiaozi. And I have a pet dog at home. Its name is Tommy.


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