Module 6 Unit1(1)

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Module 6 Unit1(1)Unit,unit

    Unit 1 She said China was a very exciting place.听说课学案 知识目标,重点词汇短语!(among, awake, sleepy, clap, fantastic, tooto, be worried about

    能力目标(能听懂简单的对话采访,并学会直接引语间接引语的相互转换。 情感目标(引导学生学会珍惜友谊,关心他人。


    【听一听】※ Part1 & Part2

    Step1 : 听前读词

    awake, beside(……旁边), fantastic (极好的,了不起的), cheer(欢呼), sleepy, clap(鼓掌) , Step2: 一听

    Listen and choose the best answer. 1. Who is speaking?

    A. Sally B. Chen Huan C. A and B 2. Where does it take place?

    A. On Radio Beijing B. On Radio Hunan C. On Radio China

    3. What time of day is it?

    A. In the morning B. In the afternoon C. In the evening

    Step3: 二听

    Listen again and answer the questions. 1. What does the man say about Sally? She plays really well.

    2. What does the man think of the music? Here is Sally playing a piece of Irish music. 3. What does the man tell the listeners to do if they are awake?

    If you are still awake at this time of night, beside your beds and and .

    4. What does the man tell the listeners to do if they’re too sleepy?

    If you are too sleepy, well, don’t worry about getting up, just and .

     Part3 & Part4

    Step1: 一听

    1. Who gave the interview?

    Step2: 二听 T or F

    1. Betty said that she was awake at 10 o’clock yesterday evening. 2. Sally said that she was studying Chinese.

    3. Sally said that she missed her parents and she had no close friends here. 4. Sally explained that her visit was about playing music.

    5. Chen Huan said that Sally played the violin really well.

    Step3: 三听

    1. Why didn’t Betty hear Sally’s interview on the radio?

    2. What does Sally think is the main reason(主要原因) for her visit?

3. Why does Betty think they should look after Sally?



    Step1(Read the dialogue silently by yourself and try to find sentences using the indirect

    speech. ,默读对话,并找出含有间接引语的句子!

    Step2(Group work: read the dialogue again but in roles. 【说一说】

    Step1: Teacher: I worry about my test.

    Student: You said

    Talk about like this with your partner. Step2: 1. Sally said(“It’s very interesting!”

     Sally said that

    2. Lucy said(“I hate thinking. I don’t like it.”

     Lucy said that

    3. Daming said(“I’ll play it with my friend Diana tomorrow.

     Daming said that

    4. Linda said(“It’s boring.”

     Linda said that

    5. Tony said(“I want to play it again.”

     Tony said that Step3: Ask and answer questions about things music television programmes sports film stars

    subjects food singer seasons……

    Work with another student. Tell each other what your partner said. Remember to change

    some words.

    e.g: A: What’s your favourite ……?

    B: My favourite ……. is……

    C: What did B say?

    A: She/he said her/his favourite …… was…

    A: What do you think of …….?

    B: It is……

    C: What did B say?


    1. Billy said that he wanted to listen to some music then.(改为直接引语)

2. The teacher told me, “You pass the English test.”(改为间接引语)

3. She said that she liked watching football on TV. (改为直接引语)

4. Mr Lu said, “I have many good friends.” (改为间接引语)


    Dear class, what did you learn from this lesson? Do you still have anything unclear? Try to

    write them down!


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