How To Prepare For the College Entrance Exam

By Connie Armstrong,2014-06-25 02:50
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How To Prepare For the College Entrance Exam

    How To Prepare For The College Entrance Exam

     The National College Entrance Examination is the most important exam in ones life .It determines which college you

    can enter, a high level college or a low level .Therefore, students and parents pay much attention to this exam. To some extent, the NCEE can determine your destiny. As a result, most students spare no effort in preparing the NCEE and they fight for their dreams.

    How do we prepare for the college entrance examination? Many students are still at a loss because they have no idea. It is very embarrassing to stay in that condition. Therefore, all students should know how to prepare for the college entrance examination clearly and simultaneously work for their target until they succeed.

    To begin with, you should know which subjects you should prepare and the proportion of time and importance they occupy in the exam. For instance, in Shandong province, Chinese takes 150 points, math takes 150 points, English takes 150 marks , basic skills takes 60 points and since or arts synthesis takes 240 points . The policy of NCEE is different in different provinces and sometimes the government adjusts the policy according to the physical truth .Consequently, you need to keep a close eye

on the tendencies of the NCEE and make your plans

    correspondingly. This is the first step of preparing the NCEE.

    In addition, you should have a better understanding of yourself. You need to know your advantages and disadvantages. Which subject are you good at? Which subjects are you poor in ? To get a higher score, you should pay more attention to the subjects you are not good at and you cant ignore other subjects.

    Only when you develop the strong points and avoid the weak points, can you get a high score in examinations. Take Lucy for example, she was my classmate. She was very good at math but she didnt do well in English. Thus she made a plan for her study. She spent more than 2 hours in studying English everyday and the rest time she reviewed the other subjects on average. Finally, in the NCEE her English got 135 marks which was out of her expectation and she entered a famous university eventually.

    Next, after knowing yourself, you should set a practical goal. This goal cant be too high or too low. If it is too easy to achieve, you can be lazy and you wont work hard. A goal is the

    wheel of progress, a man who doesnt have a goal will lack

    motivation. Thus, a practical goal is of vital importance. It can inspire you and encourage you to move forward. For those students who are preparing for the NCEE, they should have their

goals clearly in their minds.

    The most importantly, you should work hard for you goal. To achieve your goal, you should try your best to improve your academic performance. In class, you should listen carefully and keep peace with what your teachers teach. You should know each point clearly and if you have any question, you should ask teachers as soon as possible. You should never be lazy. After class, youd better do some exercise which can help you

    reviewing what you learned in class. At the same time, you should finish your homework seriously instead of elaborating carelessly. If you are left behind temporarily, never lose confidence and never be depressed. What you should do is to give more effort in study than others. The early bird catches the worm. If you keep working harder than others, your work will be paid back one day. Just believe God helps those who help

    themselves. Where theres a will, theres a way. Success

    belongs to those who have dreams and persist in their dreams. Last but not least, maintain good health physically and mentally. During the process of preparing for the college entrance examination, many students tend to be nervous, it is normal. But if you are too nervous, that will be a problem. Strong emotions can frustrate your study and your daily life. Entering college is

    not the only choice in your life. Even if you fail in the college entrance exam, you still have many choices. You can do your business and so on. Therefore, do not attach too much importance to the college entrance exam and do not be too nervous. Just keep a good mood and maybe you can gain something pleasant in addition to what is expected. During your spare time, you should do exercise as much as possible. As we all know, exercise is good for health. Doing exercise can help you keeping a strong physique. In addition, plan healthy meals for yourself. Eating vegetables and fruit everyday is essential. At the same time, you should eat eggs and meat properly. Dont

    leave milk behind. Drink a glass of milk everyday. Dont stay up

    at night. Raise a good habit, just early to bed and early to rise. Only in this way, can you be energetic the next day. I remembered the last two months before the NCEE. At that time, I was a little nervous. In order to alleviate the pressure, I ran three laps around the playground every night. In order to ensure adequate nutrition, I ate an egg each morning and drank a glass of milk before I went to bed. Finally, two months later, I was admitted by NCEPU.

     Preparing for the college entrance exam is a long and hard process. Do all the above and you will succeed. I wish all the

students could enter the colleges they dream of.

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