Quotes, Misquotes, or Missed Opportunities How Good Are Your

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Quotes, Misquotes, or Missed Opportunities How Good Are Your

Presentation Descriptions 2008-09/ Barbara Gibson, ABC 1

    Be the most important I in IABC: How will you make your mark on the communication

    profession and the world?

    IABC Chair Barbara Gibson, ABC, has a passion for excellence and believes communicators can and should make a difference in the profession and in the world. Join her as she shares her goals for IABC, and leads an interactive session to gain member feedback and brainstorm new ideas for increasing IABC’s influence globally and right here at home.

The Care & Feeding of Spokesperson Egos: How to improve your spokesperson coaching


    You put them through media training, work to pitch and secure interviews and briefings with key journalists, and prep them as best you can, but the success of every media interaction ultimately depends on the spokesperson. Whether it’s the CEO or a technical expert, a PR practitioner often depends on someone else to deliver the organization’s message to the media. But does your spokesperson have all the skills and abilities to deliver top results? And if not, do you have the expertise and coaching skills to help them develop? Join Barbara Gibson for an illuminating look at why some spokespeople succeed at generating positive media coverage, and some fail. You’ll learn:

    ; 12 key spokesperson traits that impact interview success

    ; What a journalist looks for from every interview

    ; How to play to your spokesperson’s strengths (and minimize their weaknesses)

    ; How to give feedback without bruising egos (or threatening relationships)

    ; 5 tips to improve your spokesperson coaching skills

How Do I Get There From Here? Mapping your communications career path to get to

    where you want to go

    Are you just getting started in your career? Detoured from another field and ended up in communication? Or maybe you’re just stuck in a rut? No matter where you are now, or where

    you want to go, it’s possible to map a career path that will help you get there. Join IABC Chair Barbara Gibson, ABC, and discover:

; Five secrets to career success

    ; How to turbo-charge your next job search

    ; The best resources for expanding your skills

    ; How to know if you’re in the right job

    ; Negotiation tips to get the salary you deserve

Learning to Communicate With an International Accent

    After almost 20 years spent building a career and a strong network of professional contacts in the U.S., Barbara Gibson quit her job, sold most of her possessions and moved to London -- with no contacts, no work permit and no idea of what lay ahead. Within six months of arriving, she was President of the UK chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators, and the following year became Region Chair of IABC Europe/Middle East. Six years later, she's running a successful consultancy with clients in the UK and worldwide, and serving as international Chair of IABC. Find out how Barbara leveraged her IABC membership to overcome cultural barriers,

Presentation Descriptions 2008-09/ Barbara Gibson, ABC 2

    gain understanding of differences in communication practice, build a network and gain professional credibility even though she was an outsider. She'll share her tips for building a powerful network -- whether you want to expand your contacts worldwide or right here at home.

    Take It To the Next Level: From Tactical to Strategic Communication * *Please note: this topic is most appropriate for a longer-format presentation, either 2-hour session or half-day workshop

You’ve mastered the various tools of communication. You can produce newsletters, intranets, e-

    mails, employee meetings, press releases, and events with one hand tied behind your back (and your CEO breathing down your neck). But no matter how good the tactical work, if you’re not working from a well-built strategic communication plan, you’re not as effective as you should or could be. It’s time to take your communication to the next level.

    This practical, hands-on session will take you through the step-by-step process for creating a strategic communication plan that will make a real difference to your organization.

You’ll learn how to:

    ; Discover the real issues that your communication plan should address (treat the disease,

    not just the symptoms)

    ; Ensure that your communication plan is aligned with business objectives

    ; Gain executive buy-in for the communication plan

    ; Define and understand your audiences

    ; Set the right strategic objectives and design tactical plans to achieve them

    ; Measure the right things (even on a tiny budget)

Power Networking

    Networkingit’s one of the most commonly used buzzwords in business. We all know we need to do it, but many of us aren’t sure how or why. What exactly is networking, what are the benefits,

    and how can you make it work for you? This practical session teaches networking skills that you can put to use immediately to begin building a powerful network of professional contacts, resources, mentors and friends. You’ll learn basic networking techniques, as well as advanced

    tips. Bring plenty of business cards!

I Wanna Be Rich, Famous & Powerful: How Accreditation Can Help You Achieve Your


If you’ve ever dreamed of advancing your career, making more money, having more professional

    self-confidence or being taken more seriously by employers or clients, this is the session to get you moving toward your goals. IABC’s professional accreditation, Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) is the gold-standard for communication professionals. Join IABC Vice Chair Barbara Gibson, ABC, and find out what gaining your ABC could do for you, and why it’s

    important to the profession for even senior-level communicators to becoming accredited. She’ll

    share her own experiences of preparing for and taking the exam, answer your questions and motivate you to get started on your own path to becoming rich, famous and powerful.

Presentation Descriptions 2008-09/ Barbara Gibson, ABC 3

Where’s the Beef? Is Research Missing From Your Communication Plan?

Who has the time (or budget) for research and measurement? In this day of “do more with less,”

    most of us seem to zoom from one project or crisis to the next, skipping research, jumping into tactics, and often moving on without measuring results. It’s enough to get by, so maybe no one notices, until it comes time to prepare the award entry and there’s a big gaping hole in the workplan. But is it enough to get by? Are you delivering value, or just doing a job? Does communication excellence require research? And if so, what should be measured, and how do we find the time and budget to do it? Join Barbara Gibson, ABC, for an informative look at the topic, including:

    ; Why research is essential to strategic communication

    ; Tips for measurement on a shoestring

    ; How to do-it-yourself (and when to call for help)

    ; Resources from the IABC Research Foundation

    ; More tools and tips

Leadership Development Topic

When the Going Gets Tough: The Challenges of Managing Volunteers

    You may be an experienced manager in your professional life, but managing volunteer boards or committees comes with its own set of challenges -- from board members that don’t do their jobs,

    to conflicting agendas, to a serious lack of volunteers (resulting in a serious risk of burn-out for the few you have). Come to this session with your biggest problems, and learn practical solutions and tips (including “how to fire a volunteer”) to make your job easier and your board stronger.


    Barbara Gibson, ABC, heads London-based independent consultancy SpokesComm, providing both strategic communication planning and media spokesperson development. An American transplant to the UK with more than 20 years experience in corporate communication and public relations, she has worked with leading companies worldwide.

    An active IABC member since 1989, Barbara has served in volunteer leadership roles at every level of the association. She is a past president of both the Central Florida and UK chapters, past Region Chair for IABC Europe and Middle East, and served on the International Executive Board for three years prior to becoming international Chair of IABC in June 2008. You can find Barbara’s blog, Connecting the I’s, at, or contact her at

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