Iron Mining Industry Resource Guide

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Iron Mining Industry Resource Guide

Iron Mining Industry Resource Guide

This resource guide provides summary descriptions of collections maintained by the Central

    Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives that provide significant

    documentation of the historical development of the iron mining industry in the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Where available, links are provided to collection level descriptions. For more information, please contact or 906-227-1225

1. The Cleveland Cliffs Iron Mining Company Records

    1854-1960, 1,200 cubic feet

    The Cleveland Cliffs Iron Mining Company formed in 1891 as a result of a merger

    between the Cleveland Iron Mining Company and the Cliffs Iron Mining Company.

    However, the collection includes records created by other iron mining companies as early

    as 1854. The collection also includes a large set of maps that document CCI land use and

    the location of mines, furnaces, and kilns.

    For a comprehensive discussion of the collection’s research value, please see Terry

    Reynolds, Archival Report: The Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company Collections, Northern

    , 30:1, Spring 2004, 133-144. Michigan University Archives, Michigan Historical Review

2. The Cleveland Cliffs Iron Mining Company Records

    MSS-36, 1907-1918, 2 volumes

    This collection contains payroll records for Gwinn Mine, 1918. The second volume

    contains estimates and authorization records for various mine locations, correspondence,

    and financial material related to the establishment of Gwinn. This volume also includes

    correspondence from CCI president, William Mather, and renowned urban landscape

    specialist Warren Manning.

3. The Dominic Jacobetti Papers

    MSS-78, 1954-1994, 75 cubic feet

    Dominic Jacobetti was a member of the Michigan House of Representatives from 1954

    until his death in 1994. He was considered the “god-father” of Upper Peninsula politics.

    Jacobetti was particularly concerned with the Upper Peninsula’s economic development

    and was a staunch supporter of the iron mining industry. His papers document his

    legislative support and close association with the industry.

4. The Ernie Ronn Papers

    MSS-29, 1946-1994, 4 cubic feet

    This collection documents Ernie Ronn's activity as a union organizer and labor leader for

    the United Steel Workers of America headquartered in Negaunee, Michigan. The USWA

    represented the iron miners on the Marquette Iron Range. The collection includes

    photographs, personal memorabilia, manuscripts of his memoirs, and correspondence. The collection also includes an oral history interview conducted by Dr. Russ Magnaghi on December 15, 1998. See also, Ernie Ronn, Fifty-two Steps Underground: An

    Autobiography of a Miner, Marquette, Michigan: Center for Upper Peninsula Studies,

    Northern Michigan University, 2000. TN403.M5 R65 2000

    5. United Steel Workers of America, Local 4950, Photographs

    MSS-37, 1946, 1 cubic foot

    This collection consists of photographs that document groups, individuals, organizing activities, publicity events, negotiating sessions, picket lines, and parades that occurred during the Iron Workers Strike of 1946 in Ishpeming and Negaunee, Michigan.

    6. The Red Dust Oral History Collection

    MSS-113, 1983-2000, 4 cubic feet, 800 interviews

    Students of the former National Mine School followed by Aspen Ridge Middle School conducted numerous oral history interviews from 1983-2000. From these interviews, they wrote and produced 17 books title “Red Dust” as part of the Red Dust local history project. This collection contains an entire series of interviews documenting iron mining. Interviewees include miners, their wives, and family members.

    7. Underground Iron Mining Oral History Collection

    MSS-180, 8 interviews

    This collection documents interviews with eight former underground iron miners describing their experiences. The interviews were conducted by Mary Andes. The interviewees represented the last generation of miners to work underground.

    8. The Russell M. Magnaghi Papers

    US 47, 8 linear feet

    Dr. Russell M. Magnaghi is a professor in the Department of History at Northern Michigan University. This collection is comprised of his research notes and publications. The collection includes research material and student papers documenting the history of iron mining in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Univ. Series 47

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