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Step 1

    Using the “IT Services Categories & Category Subservices” link, open the file and determine the IT

    Service Category and subservice required. There are five major IT Service Categories.

    ; Service Category 1: Data Management;

    ; Service Category 2: Software Development;

    ; Service Category 3: Network & Infrastructure Support;

    ; Service Category 4: Project & Process Management;

    ; Service Category 5: Other Required IT Services.

    Within each of the Service Categories, there are numerous related IT subservices. Each subservice has a code which also depicts level of experience, such as DBA1, DBA2, etc. Determine the required Service Category, the required subservice, and the required level of experience required of the subservice.

Step 2

    Using the “IT Services Contracts Award by Category List” link, open the file. This file contains the

    Contractor awards for all the IT Service Categories. An „X‟ is placed in the Service Category awarded to

    the Contractor. Additionally, the cell the „X‟ appears in is highlighted in Green. If a Contractor does

    not have an ‘X’ for a particular IT Service Category, that Contractor cannot provide any of the IT subservices listed under that Service Category. It is recommended that you print this list out for Step 3.

Step 3

    Using the “Project Service Order Form” link, open the file. The Project Service Order (PSO) is the document that the agency must use to communicate to the Contractors, its need for IT services. Each

    awarded Contractor within a Service Category must receive a PSO. It is recommended that the agency

    send a single email with the electronic copy of the agency completed PSO attached. The email must be

    sent to all contractors listed under the needed IT subservice. An agency may not pick and choose which

    contractors to send the PSO to. Contractors have five (5) State working days to respond to the PSO. The

    five working days begins the next State working day after the PSO has been emailed to the Contractor.

To complete the PSO, the following information should be supplied to the Contractor under the “Agency”

    section of the PSO. The PSO is to be completed electronically so that it can be emailed to the Contractors.

    ; SBPO NBR This is the contract number listed on DoP‟s contract website. At this stage, this field

    is to be left blank.

    ; PSO IDENTIFICATION NBR This is an agency assigned and unique number. It is not

    mandatory, but recommended that the agency supply some type of identifying number for the

    PSO that will not only be used for tracking, but for the Contractor to use on its invoice.

    ; AGENCY NAME Your agency‟s name.

    ; AGENCY CONTACT NAME The name of the person at your agency that the Contractor should

    contact with any questions regarding the PSO.

    ; CONTACT PHONE NUMBER Self explanatory

    385167786.doc 1 04.10.2012

    ; CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS Self explanatory

    ; SERVICE CATEGORY The Service Category from which the IT service is needed from. For

    example, Service Category 1.

    ; SERVICE REQUIRED Subservice required, such as DBA1, SQAA1, etc.

    ; ESTIMATED START DATE Estimated start date of when the service is required.

    ; EST COMPLETION DATE Estimated completion date of when the service is no longer


    ; ESTIMATED TOTAL HOURS Estimated total hours of the requirement for the service.

    ; AGENCY PROJECT SCOPE Agency is to enter here (or attach as a separate document entitled

    “Attachment A”) a complete description of its requirement. It should contain sufficient dominant

    information for the Contractor to fully understand the agency‟s requirement, and fully submit a

    response to the PSO offering its solution to meeting the requirement.

    ; EXPECTED DELIVERABLE Agency is to enter here (or attach as a separate document entitled

    “Attachment B”) all know Contractor deliverables.

    ; SPECIFIC SKILL(s) REQUIRED Agency is to enter here all specific IT skill requirements

    known to be needed in order to meet its requirement. This would be any specific skill

    requirements that are in addition to those skills listed for the required service on the “IT Services

    Categories & Category Subservices” file.

    Once completed, the PSO is to be emailed to all awarded Contractors for the Service Category. Contractor email addresses are located on the file linked in Step 2.

Step 4

    As mentioned, the Contractors have five (5) full State working days to respond to the PSO. Agencies are to notify via email, the State‟s IT Purchasing Officer of any Contractor not responding to the PSO. At a

    minimum, the contractor should respond back to the agency that they are unable to acquire the resource for the requested subservice. Currently the State‟s IT Purchasing Officer is:

    Gregöry Lindström

    The agency will evaluate the Contractor returned PSOs according to IC ? 67-5718A (3), which states the following:

    (3) Where a contract for property has been awarded to two (2) or more bidders in accordance with this section, a state agency shall make purchases from the contractor whose terms and conditions regarding price, availability, support services and delivery are most advantageous to the agency.

    On DoP‟s website is an excel file containing all the Maximum Hourly Service Pricing for all contractors. Agencies should use this file in determining whether a fair market price is being proposed by a contractor. Agencies are to report to the IT Purchasing Officer any pricing that is above the posted Maximum hourly rate.

    The agency is to use some documentable method of evaluating the PSOs in accordance with IC ? 67-5718A (3), meaning the agency is to evaluate the PSOs according to the criteria listed in IC ? 67-5718A 385167786.doc 2 04.10.2012

    (3). Should a Contractor request a review by the Division of Purchasing of the selection process used by the agency, the agency must have some proof that, with impartiality and fairness and in accordance with IC ? 67-5718A (3), the agency performed due diligence in its selection of the Contractor selected to fulfill the PSO. This is important. The Administrator of the Division of Purchasing retains the right to cancel any PSO and require a re-evaluation should the agency be found to not be performing due diligence in evaluating PSOs.

Multiple Contractor’s may be selected to fulfill a PSO.

Step 5

    Once the agency has evaluated and selected the Contractor(s) to fulfill a PSO, the returned PSOs from the Contractor(s) is to be completed. The agency will do the following.

; The agency is to enter the Contractor‟s contract number in the “SBPO NBR field on page one of

    the PSO. That number is found on the Division of Purchasing‟s contract website. The contract

    number has the format SBPO9999, where the „9999‟ is the unique identifier of the contract as found on

    the Division‟s website. (

    ; The agency is to enter the “PSO NOT TO EXCEED AMOUNT” on the final page of the PSO under


    CONTRACTOR WHO WILL FULFILL THE PSO” banner. This dollar amount is to equal the

    dollar amount found in the Contractor’s response to the “PSO PROPOSED TOTAL COST”


    ; On the final page in the “By signing below” text box, re-enter the State contract number

    (SBPO9999 format number).

    ; Two copies of the completed PSO are to be given to the Contractor to complete the signature portion of the PSO, sign, and date. The Contractor will return the signed two copies to the agency, and the agency will complete its signature portion of the PSO. One of the completely signed copies showing all original signatures is to be returned to the Contractor.

Step 6

    Agencies are to respond back to all contractors who submitted a proposal for a PSO, announcing to the contractors which contractor was chosen to fulfill the PSO, and thanking them for their time. All analysis materials used to select a contractor are public record, and agencies are to be prepared to share them with the public upon request. THE MESSAGE HERE IS THAT AGENCIES ARE



    Everything should now be in order for the agency to begin using the services of the Contractor.

385167786.doc 3 04.10.2012

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