[THIS IS A THREE PART BROCHURE to be distributed to employers]

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[THIS IS A THREE PART BROCHURE to be distributed to employers]

Final Version November 30, 2006

    [THIS IS A THREE PART BROCHURE to be distributed to



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     “The Business Case for Hiring Persons with Disabilities

    (picture of 4 people in a meeting room with one standing up talking in an engaging way)

Erin Riehle

    Cincinnati Children's HospitaL

Eye Opening Training: dispelling myths and

    describing the benefits and business case for hiring persons with disabilities

January 31, 2007 11AM2:30PM

Doubletree Lloyd Center

     Portland, Oregon


Erin Riehle and Project Search

(Picture of Erin Riehle)

    Erin Riehle, MSN, RN is the Director of Project Search, Division of Disability Services at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Erin is a nationally recognized leader and speaker on

    workforce and inclusion Issues. Customers react positively to the people you hire and there is good evidence now that the perception of an employer who hires people with disabilities has a favorable impact on customer choices.

    With regard to employing people with significant disabilities Erin says: ”...we don’t look for the easiest jobs. We look for jobs that are complex and systematic, because we have the system to support them. It’s interesting, every time I hear that approximately 50 percent of people with significant disabilities are working in food service and cleaning, I’m constantly amazed by that, because it’s true it’s honorable work, but there is no way that 60 percent of any population desires to work in one field….We

    instead look for jobs that are complex, but systematic, that we can support by having agency staff on site...they can still do the job. They just have to have a small accommodation”

    Who should attend?

Employers, CEOs of large and small businesses

    HR/recruiting specialists

    Diversity managers


    January 31, 2006 Training Agenda

    1100 AM Assistive Technology Display

    11:30 AM Plated Luncheon

    Debut video/DVD from the Oregon Commission for the Blind, “Removing the Blind


    12:00 PM Welcome: Jilma Meneses, President of the Oregon Business Leadership Network Board (OBLN). Jilma is the Director of Risk Management at Oregon Health Sciences University.

    12: 15 PM Keynote: Erin Riehle, Director of Project Search, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. “ The Business Case for Hiring People with Disabilities.”

    1:00 PM Panel with partnering businesses and agencies: opportunities to ask and

    resolve key HR and business questions.

    Jilma Meneses, President of the Oregon Business Leadership Network Board Paula Johnson, Vice President of O’Neill and Associates.

    Donna Domila, HR Specialist/Recruiter, Southwest Washington Medical Center Colleen Fukui-Sketchley, of Nordstrom’s, Chair of the Washington State Business

    Leadership Network Board(WSBLN),

    Kathy West-Evans, Director of Business Relations, Council of State Administrators of

    Vocational Rehabilitation



    The Customer Factor

    “My epiphany happened one day when I was looking a the jobs we were doing and the support staff, and I looked at my budgets. What I found is that as a hospital, more than half of our revenue comes from providing medical care to people with chronic illnesses and disabilities. People with disabilities right now in the United States have more disposable income than all adolescents age birth to 21. In terms of financial power, it’s immense.” Erin Riehle.

    Disabilities: It’s Good Business

    According to a recent survey of sponsored by the University of Massachusetts, and America’s Strength Foundation, when consumers were asked what gave them a

    favorable impression of a company they said:

    Do they offer health insurance?

    Do they protect the environment?

    Do they hire people with disabilities?

    “..the most impressive speaker of the entire USBLN Annual Conference….Erin gave us examples of how she employs people with cognitive disabilities but a template for how we can identify appropriate our own organizations.” Marjorie James, 2006 Board Chair, Washington State Business Leadership Network, (WSBLN).

    “Erin’s program is a national model on how a hospital ER got smart about what a team of workers that include people with significant disabilities could do to help it with a serious problem…” Lucy Baker, Executive Director, Oregon Business Leadership Network, (OBLN).

(Picture of person using lab equipment) Caption: Accommodation can be

    easy and inexpensive

    National expert on workforce issues, Erin Riehle will describe customer attitudes and the business case for hiring people with disabilities. Enjoy the warm atmosphere of a plated lunch, a dynamic speaker, door prizes, and interactive opportunities to ask the hard questions about hiring and employing persons with disabilities.

Doubletree Lloyd Center

    Portland, Oregon

    Cost of Training: $60 including plated luncheon. 11:00-2:30 PM, Wednesday, January 31, 2007.

For more Information: John McClure

    1-888-377-0100 toll free

TTY 425-771-7438

    Phone: 425-774-4446

    Fax: 425-774-9303


    Registration and Lunch: $60

    Register online at:

    “ The Business Case for Hiring People with Disabilities”


    Sponsored by:

    DBTAC Northwest: ADA Information Center The Oregon Business Leadership Network

    The Washington State Business Leadership Network Center For Continuing Education in Rehabilitation EasterSeals of Oregon

    Oregon Commission for the Blind

    Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired Washington Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Washington Services for the Blind

     (Picture of person using a handheld keyboard) caption: Accommodation solutions will often

    improve work settings even for people who do not have disabilities.

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