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    How many languages do you speak?

    Did you learn other languages?

    Do you think it’s necessary to learn other languages?Which language do you want to learn?

    Do you like to make phone calls or text?

    Did you have troubles with making phone calls when you were travelling?

    What are the benefits of making phone calls.


    Do you like fruit?

    How often do you eat fruit?

    What kind of fruit do you like best? Why?

    What are the benefits of eating more fruit?


    Do you often drive?

    Is it necessary to learn driving?

    Is it important to drive well?

    When would you allow your children to drive?


    Are bicycles popular in your hometown?

    Has the number of bicycle riders in China changed much in the past few years?

    How old were you when you first learned to ride a bicycle?What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of bicycles compared to cars?

    Would you say bicycles are suitable for people of all ages?Birthday

    Do people in your country celebrate birthdays? How?Do you think it is important for people to celebrate them?How did you celebrate your last birthday?

    Is the birthday more important for old people or young people?animals

    Do you like animals?

    Do people like to keep pets in your country? why or why not?Painting

    Do you like painting?

    What are the benefits of painting?

    What are the benefits of drawing for adults?

    Do you think the art is important to life?

    Can you give an example of arts you learn?

    What kind of art do you like?

    What kind of art experience did you have when you were young?What kind of art are you good at?


    What kind of community are you living in?

    How is the traffic around your home?

    Do you like the place you current live in?


    Do you know your neighbor?

    Do you think it is important to have good relationship with ur neighbor?

    How is your relationship with your neighbors? How often do you meet them?

    What kind of conflicts people may have with their neighbors?Are your neighbors old or young?

    Do you prefer the neighbor in your age or older than u?Hometown

    Where are you from?

    Where do you live?

    Would you say it’s a good place to grow up?Where will you recommend to your friends in your city?Transportations in your hometown

    Where do you want to live, south or north of China?What’s special about your hometown?

    Do you like the city you current live in?What do you like most about your hometown?Do you like to live in a big city or a small town?Do you think your hometown has bright future? Do your family and you live here for a long time? Do you like to live with your parents?


    What type of weather do you like?

    What type of weather do Chinese people usually like?What do you often do in sunny days? Cold days?How does weather affect you?

    Does weather affect people’s work performance?Which is your favorite season?

    What is the most common weather in your country?Do you pay attention to the weather forecast? What do you think about weather report?

    Do you think people’s activities will change in different seasons?

    Sound and noise

    Your favorite sound from nature and why?

    The noise you hate the most?

    The types of sounds that you consider as noiseDo you like quiet environment?

    What kinds of sounds remind you about your childhood?Time/watch

    Do you often wear watch?

    What do you think of "time"?

    How do you feel when you are late?

    Do you sometimes feel that time goes slowly?Collection

    Do you like collect things?

    Why do you have such a collection?

    Did you like collecting things when you were a child? What will you collect when you’re rich in the future? What do Chinese people like to collect?

    What can people learn from their collections?Food & Cooking

    Do you like cooking?

    Do you cook at home?

Did you learn cooking in your childhood?

    Will you cook in the future?

    Who cooks in your family?

    Is it important for young people to know how to cook?Dancing

    Can you dance?

    Do you like dancing?

    Is dancing popular where you live?

    What kind of dance do Chinese people like?


    What kind of fruit/vegetables do you like? Why? Where do you buy fresh fruit and vegetable?Is it easy (convenient to) buy fruit and vegetables where you live?

    Do you like to eat fruit(s) and vegetables?How often do you eat fruit and vegetables?

    Did you like to vegetables when you were a child?What are the benefits of eating fresh fruit (or, fresh fruits and vegetables)?

    How much fruit and vegetables do you think a person needs to eat (everyday) to stay healthy?


    Do you like fashion?

    Do you like shopping?

    How often do you go shopping

    Do you prefer to go shopping with friends or alone?What makes you interested in shopping?

    Do you think shopping is a waste of time?

    What kind of clothes do you like?

    Who buy clothes for you?

    What’s the difference between big shop and small shop? When was the last time you went shopping?


    Do you like flowers?

    Why do people like flower?

    Do Chinese people grow flowers?

    When was the last time you bought flowers/ gave flowers to others?

    Why will Chinese people buy flowers? On what occasions do people give flowers to other people?

    Do Chinese people grow flowers in gardens? Do you like garden?

    Do the old like flowers?

    Are flowers popular in china?


    What sport do you like?

    Do your friends like sport?

    Do you often do exercises at university?

    Is there any sports equipment near your home? How often do you do exercise?

    Do you think it is necessary for children to do exercise?Travelling by air

    Do you like to take airplane?

    How often do you travel by air?

    What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by air? (compare with other

    means of transport)

What do you think the air travelling will be in the future?


    Do you often read books?

    What kinds of books do you usually read?Did you read a lot when you were a child? If so, what were they?

    Why don't you keep reading now?

    Do you like reading?

    Reading habit?

    Where do you read books?

    How long do you read per day?

    Do you enjoy reading when you were a child? Now? Why?Film

    What kinds of film do you like?

    Are these types of film popular in your country?Do you prefer watch movies in cinema or at home?How often do you watch film?

    Part 2


    a celebrity not from your country

    An artist

    a TV/radio program presenter

    a family (member/ but not yours)

    a person who has influenced you

    an old person you admire

    a teenager/ a friend in childhood you admirea happy person

    a person who you want to spend some time with/ is good at cooking/is good at his/ her job/ you

    ever helped

    an intelligent person

    a neighbour

    a visitor/ a person you want to visit

    a teacher (in your middle school)

    Objects/ things

    an advertisement

    A performance

    A work of art (sculpture/ painting/)

    something you DIY/ handicraft

    an exciting message (a special letter/a e-mail)an old thing in your family

    A book

    A photograph

    An article (from cell phone/ a magazine)A thing you bought but seldom used

    A childhood song/ game/ toy/ A book (you enjo as a child)an old/well-known story in your cultureSpecial Meal/ picnic

    A TV program you like/ didn’t like

    Your ideal job/ vehicle/

    A useful electronic equipment (except computer) in your home

    A animal (domesticated/wild/ threaten)A (science/ history) course you’d like to study/ you like in high school

    A website

    your favorite season

    A (good/ interesting) law

A film /a new skill (a useful way to study a foreign language)


    A tourist attraction (river or lake that you’ve seen or heard about, a place of natural beauty/ with a

    lot of water)

    A historic site

    An outdoor place for sports

    A garden

    Your favourite part of a city/ your hometownModern building (shopping center/supermarket)a library

    a Hotel

    A museum

    a company

    A country/ a city

    A small shop

    A restaurant


    A success/failure in your life

    An importance/enjoyable stage of your life (an important advice you received)

    An interesting lecture or speech

    A (exciting/ healthy) physical activity/ sport An impressive conversation

    A party for someone/ a festival

    A group activity you took part in at collegea public event

    An unexpected journey

    A case you caught in a traffic jam

    A family event

    A journey that didn’t go as well as plannedA admirable event that your friend didA change you’d like to have in the future (of yourself/ hometown)

    A study experience (a useful way to study a foreign language)

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