Dependence VS Independence

By Susan White,2014-11-11 12:46
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Dependence VS IndependenceDepe

    Dependence VS Independence

    ----The reflection of The Story of An Hour

    李致远 Lara

    The short novel The Story of An Hour describes a lady named

    Mrs.Mallard who experiences tremendous excitement and disappointment in an hour and finally dies for her heart disease. It seems reasonable that a person who suffers from heart disease is always at the risk of death, but I think the cause of Mrs.Mallard's death lies much more on her dependence than her illness.

    Mrs.Mallard depends her freedom on the death of her husband instead of herself. So what is the reason of her dependence? As far as I am concerned, on the one hand, the dependence stems from the social background. In that period of time, women were not given the political, economic and legal rights, so it determines that Mrs.Mallard won't stand equally with her husband. Also the tradition in the family at that time and even now is that wife is supposed to depend on her husband. On the other hand, the dependence relies more on her personal consciousness. First of all, Mrs.Mallard always depresses her emotions and hide her own thoughts, and she doesn't realize her right to express herself in the family. When she heard the news of her husband's death, "she wept at once" and then "When the storm of grief had spent itself she went away to her room alone". And when the feeling of freedom first hit her,"She said it over and

    over under her breath:`free, free, free!`". Why couldn't she just bravely express herself? Because she is also the owner of this house, right? Secondly, Mrs.Mallard is too timid and hesitated to fight for a place in the home. Even when her husband died, she just kept whispering,"Free! Body and soul free!" and "Go away. I am not making myself ill". She is hesitated and only dares to sit in a comfortable and roomy armchair to see the new spring life through the open window. Why doesn't she just walk out and enjoy the blue sky, the plied clouds, feel the delicious breath of rain and the twittering of the countless sparrows? In addition, Mrs.Mallard's weakness determines that she cannot handle the sudden change of her life. Facing the unexpected appearance of her husband, the expected freedom and hope quickly become zero. I can imagine the disappointment and hopelessness of her ,but it's apparent that Mrs.Mallard lacks the calmness to deal with the ups and downs in life and her biggest fault is laying her hope on others instead of herself.

     I can still clearly remember that in the letter that Marie de Vichy-Chamrond---Marquise du Deffand wrote to Voltaire, she said that "Women are never stronger than when they arm themselves with their weakness." Yes, Mrs.Mallard lacks independence and she is just a accessory of her husband. So what can we do to arm ourselves with the weakness avoid the tragedy especially in marriage like this? And how can we become an independent woman in the real sense?

     On the one hand, I think education is a powerful tool to expand our horizon. Horizon determines fate. As an independent female, we shouldn't limit ourselves in a small place,for education determines we have our own values, judgements and decisions. When we won't be limited by the marriage , it is possible for us to decides our own life and fate . On the other hand, employment ensures our financial independence and we can support ourselves by diligence. Economy is always the basis of everything. Financial independence serves as an ensurance of a free person. If the marriage is a disaster for one female, she can abandon it without hesitation and get rid of the torture, because she doesn't need to please anyone.

     It is impossible to make the absolute equality appears between males and females, but I think being an independent women is what we should fight for after reading learning the novel The Story of An Hour.

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