opportunity meets the prepared people

By Alicia Elliott,2014-10-12 00:50
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opportunity meets the prepared people

    opportunity meets the prepared people(Mary) Opportunity is an abstract term, but it also really exists. When opportunity knocks on your door, you will lose it if you are hesitated or intend to let the opportunity find you by itself. Therefore, opportunity often meets the prepared people.

    There is a chinese saying that WAIT FOR WINDFALLS. One day, a man found a dead rabbit because of crashing on a trunk suddenly, so he stayed there all the time, waiting for other dead rabbit, but nothing. Providing that he himself caught and hunted rabbits, he may have attained a lot. So don't linger at one place and wait for another windfalls because of one windfalls. The other one story is the THREE VISITS TO THE COTTAGE. If Zhu Geliang was always staying at home to wait for the invitation of Liu Bei with nothing had done? If Jiang Ziya went fishing beside river without any preparation before he encountered empire Zhou? NO! Both of them had acquired the situation of the world and made some care-full and accurate resolutions or plans about the situation. Thereby, when opportunity came,

they immediately grasped it, which contributing to their

later success.

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