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By Leon Willis,2014-04-30 13:18
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FAQs about our brand - ScopeFAQs,our,Our

Frequently asked questions

    Scope rebrand

; Why have you changed the Scope brand? thAs we reach our 60 anniversary, it’s a time to not only look back and

    recognise what has been achieved over our history, but to look forward to

    what more we need to do. Scope is about inspiring change in society

    creating services, challenging assumptions, demonstrating what is

    possible, and inspiring new ways of thinking about disability. Our vision is

    of a future where disabled people have the same opportunities as

    everybody this is what we are working towards. But this is undoubtedly a

    big vision and in 2012, against a backdrop of increasing challenges for

    disabled people, it can feel incredibly ambitious. This is why we’re taking a

    new approach to focus everything we do on a more positive future and to

    demonstrate how it is possible to drive the changes that will make that

    future a reality.

; What is your new brand all about

    We’re asking disabled people, their friends and family to tell us, by way of

    a simple picture and words, what they would like the future to look like.

    What is it that they would want to be possible? Our new visual identity is a

    platform for these individual expressions of people’s aspirations for the

    future a living brand that will continue to grow and develop with every

    story that is added to it.

    ; Why do you think the changes you are making will support disabled people?

    By sharing these first hand experiences and aspirations, we can work

    together with disabled people and their families to tell a powerful story

    about their lives. Together we can start to make disability feel more

    relevant to more people, we can inspire different attitudes and we can

    build wider understanding of how things could and should change for the

    better. These stories will also help inform our own work.

; Are you called ‘Scope to…’ now?

    No, we’re still Scope. The ‘to’ will only be used in our logo next to the cloud

    of pictures. It shows that we’re all about creating a world where disabled

    people have the same opportunities to fulfil their life ambitions and where

    we should set no limits on potential. It’s about the possibility to…do


; Are you still about cerebral palsy?

    Our vision relates to all disabled people and their families. Our wide range

    of services and activities are on offer to all disabled people. However, our

    history is based around cerebral palsy and we retain a particular

    specialism in this area. We offer home visits for parents of children newly


    diagnosed with cerebral palsy and lots of detailed factsheets and advice about the condition.

    ; Does this mean a change in direction for Scope?

    No, we’re still focussed on achieving our vision. We’re changing our brand so it represents our vision better and can help us to achieve it.

    ; When will my local service / shop be rebranded?

    Whilst we’ll be making some changes quickly over the coming months, not everything will change straight away. This doesn’t mean that anything in

    the old brand is out of date or incorrect. As things run out, we’ll change the

    designs and make sure that they’re in new brand. This will help us to save costs on unnecessarily replacing branded items that can still be used.

    ; Has this / will this cost a lot of money?

    Creating our new identity has cost us ?96k. This represents 0.1% of our total income. We have worked hard to keep costs low by using the time and expertise of our own staff rather than relying on agencies to do all the work, and wherever possible we will be replacing things gradually as they need replacing rather than investing in rebranding everything upfront. While we have needed to invest some time and money in developing the brand, we believe that the change will ultimately put us in a better position to attract funding and business.

    ; How can you justify the spend

    This is all about disabled people sharing their hopes for the future and creating a platform for their voices. This can have an enormous impact on the way people think about disability. This in turn will help people understand what Scope stands for and why what we do is important. Our brand helps us to better engage with our key audiences and ultimately to work towards our vision. Whilst it is costing us to invest in our brand today, we hope to see the dividends from this investment for years to come.

    ; I’d like to use the brand what should I do?

    If you’re telling someone about the work Scope does, please email to ask for promotional material or guidance on using our brand. If you’re telling someone about something you’re doing to support the work Scope does, please email to ask for templates and supporter material. We’ll be able to give you tips and advice on how to get the best results.


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