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Revision on Book 5Revi

    General Revision on Book 5, SEFC

Module 1

    I. 根据所给单词的汉语注释或首字母提示,写出各句中所缺单词的正确形式。

    1. The teacher c _________ him because he was late for class that day. 2. It is very convenient to use the s _______ during rush hours in Beijing. 3. Early s ______ on the American continent were mostly Europeans. 4. I think we can p _______ our plan at the meeting to be held tomorrow. 5. The next e ______ of the magazine will come out at the end of July. 6. We found her idea d _______ from all the others in the team. 7. I noticed hundreds of people q _______ for tickets in front of the booking office. 8. The team failed in it’s a _______ to win the title of the season.

    9. It is dark outside and you had better take a f ________ with you. 10. The girl is so c ______ that we are all fond of her.

    11. To my delight, the students are making progress ________ (不断地).

    12. The foreign teacher speaks ________ (标准的) English.

    13. The new manager refused to ______?采用?my plan to increase production.

    14. Changes in languages are studied by the __________?语言学家?.

    15. This sentence is very important and should not be _____ (删除) in the paragraph.

    II. 单项选择

    1. British English and American English are different _____ many ways.

    A. on B. by C. from D. in

    2. I will tell you what trouble I had _____ your house on the way I came here.

    A. find B. found C. finding D. founded

    3. He picked _____ the local accent while working in Tibet.

    A. up B. out C. on D. in

    4. _____ my opinion, your plan of the vocation is quite similar _____ ours.

    A. In; with B. To; in C. In; to D. To; from

    5. He tried a new method to do the experiment, but it made _____ difference.

    A. a B. no C. any D. much

    6. The committee decided to _____ his plan after discussing for hours.

    A. adapt B. adopt C. adapting D. adopting

    7. Can you think of a situation in which the two _____ from each other.

    A. differs B. differ C. different D. difference

    8. You should _____ up for the bus and not push to the front of the _____.

    A. queue; queue B. stand; line C. wait; queue D. stand; people. 9. Those prisoners made a (an) _____ to escape from the prison but failed.

    A. try B. run C. attempt D. attract

    10. This movie is referred to _____ a masterpiece of the famous director.

    General Revision on Book 5, SEFC ?1?

    A. of B. in C. as D. about

    11. Usually hurricanes can _____ to terrible disease in the flooded area.

    A. cause B. lead C. rise D. result

    12. _____ his timely help ,Kate overcame the hardship at last.

    A. For B. Thanks to C. As a result D. Because

    13. Using the Internet, it is possible to listen to English at the flick of a _____.

    A. turn B. turning C. switching D. switch

    14. It is almost five years _____ we saw each other last time.

    A. before B. since C. for D. when

    15. What would you do if it _____ tomorrow ?

    —We have to carry it on , since we’ve got everything ready.

    A. rain B. rains C. will rain D. is raining

Module 2

    I. 根据所给单词的汉语释义或首字母提示,写出各句中所缺单词的正确形式。

    1. The company asked the a_____ to work out the cost of the product. 2. I saw many young people standing outside the company a____ for the job. 3. When I was in trouble, she often o______ to help me find a solution to the problem. 4. Nowadays many college students v______ to go to the west after graduation. 5. When we are making a phone call, the telephone changes our voice into electrical


    6. The mountain here is very s_______ with many cliffs .

    7. When a movie is shot, all the actors are d______ by the chief director. 8. A man once had an_______(邂逅) with a tiger in the forest.

    9. Now she is working hard to become a ______(合格的) doctor.

    10. So far people can not build p______(长久的) buildings on the moon.

    11. I find my work not easy and sometimes________(充满压力的)

    12. I came to this conclusion just by_______(推断)not by facts.

    13. If you do well here , your contract can be r________.

    14. In the library, you can find books _______(可获得的) for you to read.

    15. Every day we meet people with different ________(个性)

    II. 单项选择

    1. The police thought he was _____ the murder case in the shop.

    A. connected to B. related to C. joined in D. linked and 2. Don’t take _____ for granted _____ everyone should adore you.

    A. that; what B. that; which C. it; what D. it ;that 3. To our delight, the new rule did _____ an effect on product sales.

    A. have B. had C. make D. makes

    4. I think your theory should be tested _____ practice to see whether it is true.

    General Revision on Book 5, SEFC ?2?

    A. on B. through C. in D. into

    5. He has decided to settle _____ in France because he is fond of the romantic country.

    A. temporary B. temporarily C. permanent D. permanently 6. Although old, my car is kept _____ good condition and runs well.

    A. of B. in C. out D. on

    7. We wrote a letter _____ response _____ his invitation to the party.

    A. in; of B. to; of C. to; about D. in; to

    8. According _____ a survey, girls like to eat sweet food in _____.

    A. to; special B. to ;particular C. in; special D. of; particular 9. How was your camping in the mountains last week, Joan?

    Oh, it was just a ____ because we were woken up by a terrible storm at midnight.

    A. mess B. nightmare C. fun D. pleasure

    10. After paying the tax, 2000 yuan is my _____ salary.

    A. taking-home B. taken-home C. take-home D. home-taken 11. It was a hard journey but I _____ to get to the camp somehow.

    A. succeeded B. managed C. tried D. intended

    12. Our newly-built school is very attractive in every aspect. There are about 300

    hundred visitors every day _____ average.

    A. on B. in C. at D. for

    13. If you are interested in this job, please _____ us as soon as possible.

    A. contract B. contact C. consider D. combine

    14. Since I won the big prize, my telephone hasn't stopped ringing. People _____ to ask

    how I am going to spend the money.

    A. phone B. will phone C. were phoning D. are phoning

    15. Millions of pounds' worth of damage _____ by a storm which swept across the

    north of England last night.

    A. has been caused B. had been caused

    C. will be caused D. will have been caused

Module 3

    I. 根据所给单词的首字母提示或汉语注释,写出各句中所缺单词的正确形式。

    1. The police want to find if he has any c_____ with the murder case. 2. The thief p_____ when a policeman suddenly appeared before him. 3. Her baby was f____ by the scream from the next door and began to cry. 4. Look, how the twins r______ each other!

    5. I tried to persuade him to stay, but he was d_____ to leave. 6. Many people went to Shenzhen with the purpose of making a big f_____. 7. These students seemed c_____ about everything in the lab and kept asking me


    8. He is a public figure. Any bad behavior will damage his r_____.

    General Revision on Book 5, SEFC ?3?

    9. It has been raining this week, but today is an e _____. It is sunny. 10. Her tears were just a _____ (骗局) to cheat others.

    11. In the past few years, this actress has ____ (塑造)many new figures in his movies.

    12. This book has given us a vivid _____(叙述) of the life in the desert.

    13. The Health Department issued a ____ (警告) against eating fish caught in the river

    which was polluted by chemicals.

    14. Recently Mr. Wu has been in a bad _____(情绪) because he is out of work.

    II. 单项选择

    1. My grandfather told me the hard life he _____ in the past.

     A. live B. lead C. lived D. leaded

    2. Mr Smith had worked _____ a worker in a chemical factory for many years and

    finally died ____ a terminal cancer.

    A. for; from B. as; of C. on; from D. in; of

    3. Yesterday Tom was late for school and he had to _____ an excuse in order not to be

    blamed by his teacher.

    A. make of B. make use of C. make up D. make out

    4. Local people at the foot of Mount Merapi in Indonesia has been _____ by the

    Government _____ the eruption of Merapi volcano.

    A. notified; against B. warned; of C. told; about D. informed; with 5. From the _____ look on his face, I knew that he must have been threatened by


    A. vivid B. horrible C. curious D. terrified

    6. She is an easy-going person.

    No wonder she is always being _____ into buying what she doesn’t need at all.

    A. persuaded B. tried C. managed D. force

    7. As we know, many of Zhang Yimou’s movies are _____ the countryside where

    there is beautiful scenery.

    A. made of B. located in C. begun with D. set in

    8. He made a _____ in real estate. Now he has become a billionaire.

    A. money B. fortune C. luck D. wealth

    9. _____, or we will be late for the meeting!

    A. Moving on B. Get a moving on

    C. Get a move on D. Get on a moving

    10. A man has been sent to prison _____ the murder of the robbery happened outside

    the bank.

    A. in connection with B. in relation with C. thanks for D. in response to 11. The stroke left her paralysed on both sides of her body. She _____ on bed for two


    A. lied B. has lain C. has lied D. is lying

    General Revision on Book 5, SEFC ?4?

    12. My plan is to _____ next weekend, when the summer vacation begins, for Kunming,

    the city for its beauty and mild temperature.

    A. take off B. get off C. go off D. set off

Module 4

    I. 根据所给汉语完成英语句子,每空只填一个词。

    1. 他在外面一连等了好几个小时。

    She waited outside for hours ______________ ____________.

    2. 如果他们犯了法,就要被判处长达两年的监禁。

    If they _____ the law, they were put into __________ for _________ __________

    two years.

    3. 他们说这所建筑是1823年所建。

    They said this building ________ __________ __________ 1823. 4. 他们把脸涂白,模仿他们的主人来取笑他们。

    They painted their faces white, _________ , their masters and __________

    __________ ______ them.

    5. 随着时间的流逝,岛上的白人居民也开始加入到狂欢节中来了。

    With the passing of time, the white inhabitants of the islands began to _____

    _________ ________ the __________ too.

    6. 成千上万的人在武力的威逼下离开非洲老家,被送运到新大陆做奴隶。

    Millions of people were taken _____ from their homes in Africa and transported

    to the new world to ____ _______ slaves.

    II. 用所给动词的正确形式填空。

    1. I need one more stamp before my collection _____________(complete) 2. Have you moved into the new house?

    Not yet. The rooms ___________(paint)

    3. Shortly after we ____________(seat), a waiter came over to our table with a smile. 4. Great changes ___________(take place) in the city, and a lot of factories. 5. The police found that the house _____________(break into ) a lot of things


    6. Books of this kind ___________(sell ) well.

    7. What do you think of the book?

    —Oh, excellent. It’s worth ___________(read) a second time.

    8. Jane ___________ (dress ) in blue jeans and a pink shirt since last week. 9. Your hair looks a bit long; it needs _________( cut)

    10. The naughty boy was made ___________( say) sorry to his teacher for making

    faces in class.

    General Revision on Book 5, SEFC ?5?

Module 5

    I. 根据首字母提示或汉语注释写出下列句中单词的正确形式。

    1. The girl has got the position because she has an a_______ over the others she

    knows how to type.

    2. Generally speaking, the goods of high q________ sell well. 3. To our joy, our team s_________ 2 points in the second half. 4. He was asked to continue teaching after r_____ age.

    5. Many people p_________ against killing wild animals for food. 6. The Greeks gained several v____ over the enemy. They were overjoyed. 7. The Beijing Olympic Committee announced that the s_____ for the 2008 Olympics

    will be "One World, One Dream".

    8. Gerard Yosca is one of America's most famous fashion jewelry _____(设计师).

    9. After a heated discussion, they ________ (宣布) the list of national football team


    10. She _________(表现) well in the final round, which won her the champion. 11. I __________(保证) your success in the exam because you have been working hard

    at school.

    12. I came here to find out some _________(具体) policies.

    13. Liu Xiang is one of the best __________(田径运动员) in the world.

    14. The _____(最终的) cost of the job was over a hundred dollars. 15. There were many _____ (竞争者) hoping to increase trade with China.

    II. 单项选择

    1. We went to Xishuangbanna to travel and a native _____ as our guide.

    A. performed B. showed C. acted D. played

    2. In playing basketball, Yao Ming has an advantage _____ others.

    A. with B. for C. over D. on

    3. Every Cannon digital camera we sell comes with a two-year _____.

    A. guarantee B. safety C. protection D. promise 4. You mustn’t use the money in the drawer. It is to be used for one _____ purpose:

    paying rent.

    A. general B. unusual C. exact D. specific 5. The branch of olive is the _____ of peace.

    A. symbol B. sign C. signal D. mark 6. The number of people invited _____ fifty, but a number of them _____ absent for

    different reasons.

    A. were; was B. was; was C. was; were D. were; were 7. Three _____ and two people were killed in the accident last week.

    A. scores B. score C. scores of D. score of

    8. It was in the classroom _____ he spent most of his time in the high school.

    General Revision on Book 5, SEFC ?6?

    A. where B. which C. who D. that

    9. The local government has begun a _____ in this city to cut down the traffic accidents.

    A. protest B. protect C. project D. propose

    10. The audience _____ their feet and began to applaud as the fashion show was over.

    A. get to B. arose C. stood on D. set

Module 6

    I. 根据首字母提示或汉语注释写出下列各句中单词的正确形式。

    1. Everyone should make an effort to protect the e______ animals because they are

    dying out.

    2. The government is about to build a new nature reserve to protect the w_____ there. 3. The moment of e______ is generally considered to be the death of the last

    individual of that species.

    4. The Great Wall is one of the ten great w______ in the world.

    5. The Europeans began to kill the Indians soon after they settled on the American


    6. The local people paraded through the streets near the plants to protest against the

    water pollution to improve their living and working c______.

    7. They build a station at the river side to _____(监测) the water level.

    8. The criminal is arrested and all his property is ________(没收) by the government.

    9. Last night the police ________(突击检查) some night clubs in our city.

    10. I turned away because I didn’t want to be _______?卷入?in your argument.

    II. 单项选择

    1. The great efforts should be made to _____ local environment and history from the

    harmful effects of international tourism.

    A. protect B. prevent C. protest D. prepare

    2. The book is not interesting at all and not worth _____ a second time.

    A. to read B. to reading C. reading D. of reading

    3. The UN _____ the United Nations, a worldwide organization.

    A. consists of B. stands for C. belongs to D. comes from 4. In the past decades, the farms have succeeded in producing enough food to feed

    _____ all of the people in the country.

    A. to B. on C. 不填 D. with

    5. Be careful of the dog in front of the yard.

    Yes, I will _____ an eye on it.

    A. leave B. take C. keep D. make

    6. Dealers are always concerned about the _____, not the effort of the workers.

    A. benefit B. profit C. good D. use

    7. It was because she was too inexperienced that she didn’t know how to deal with the ____.

    General Revision on Book 5, SEFC ?7?

    A. benefit B. condition C. state D. situation

    8. Kate burst into tears _____ because her teacher punished her in front of the whole


    A. on view B. on the spot C. at the sight D. on the scene 9. The company has decided to build a new _____ in the countryside to spread its


    A. branch B. focus C. habitat D. spot

    10. Those tigers never _____ people unless they are very hungry.

    A. go against B. go into C. go for D. go after

    11. It is urgent to _____ a foundation to reward those who fight criminals.

    A. set up B. make up C. put up D. build up

    12. Walking in such a forest without a guide means that you put yourself in ______

    danger of _____ by dangerous animals.

    A. the; attacking B. \; being attacked C. the; being attacked D. \; attacked

    General Revision on Book 5, SEFC ?8?


    Module 1


    1. criticized 2. subway 3. settlers 4. present 5. edition 6. differed 7. queued 8. attempt 9. flashlight 10. cute 11. steadily 12. standard 13. adopt 14. linguists 15. omitted


    1-5 DCACB 6-10 BBACC 11-15 BBDBB

Module 2


    1. accountant 2. applying 3. offered 4. volunteer 5.signals 6. sheer 7. directed 8. encounter 9. qualified 10. permanent 11. stressful 12. deduction 13. renewable 14. available 15. personalities


    1-5 BDACD 6-10 BDBBC 11-15 BABDA

Module 3


    1. connection 2. panicked 3. frightened 4. resemble 5. determined 6. fortune 7. curious

    8. reputation 9. exception 10. trick 11. created 12. account 13. warning 14. mood 单选!

    1-6 CBCBDA 7-12 DBCABD

Module 4


    1. on, end 2. broke, prison, up, to 3. dates, back, to 4. imitating, making, fun, of. 5. take, part, in, carnival 6. by. force, work , as


    1. is completed 2. are being painted 3. were seated 4. have taken place; have been set up 5. had been broken into ; stolen 6. sell 7. reading 8. has been dressed 9. cutting/ to be cut 10. to say

Module 5


    1. advantage 2. quality 3. scored 4. retirement 5. protest 6. victories 7. slogan 8. designers 9. declared 10. performed 11. guarantee 12. specific 13. athletes 14. ultimate 15. competitors


    1-5 CCADA 6-10 CBDCA

Module 6


    1. endangered 2. wildlife 3. extinction 4. wonders 5. continent 6. conditions 7. monitor 8. confiscated 9. raided 10. involved


    1-6 ACBCCB 7-12 DCACAB

    General Revision on Book 5, SEFC ?9?

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