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    Approved Change4Life Sub brands and Procedure for Use

    Last updated November 2010

Department of Health supported sub brands

    There are a number of Department of Health (DH) supported sub brands within the Change4Life campaign that any organisation, once fully registered (local supporters) or had an activity application approved (national partners), can use.

These DH supported sub brands are:

Breakfast4Life Play4Life

    Swim4Life Cook4Life

    Walk4Life Bike4Life

    Let’s Dance With Change4Life

Process to use DH supported sub brands

    All registered or approved partner organisations can freely use these sub brands, as can registered Local Supporters. All logos are available as assets from

New Sub brands

    In exceptional circumstances, DH has approved the use of new sub brands, and the criteria for approval is explained in the Change4Life Brand Guidelines in the section

    titled “Creating new sub brands”.

Approved new sub brands include:

    MoreActive4Life Fit4Life

    SmallSteps4Life Cricket4Life

    Jog4Life Toddle4Life

    Active4Life Rugby4Life

    Athletics4Life Gardening4Life

    Skip4Life Bowls4Life

    Hoop4Life Skate4Life

    Row4Life Yoga4Life

    Football4Life Dig4Life

Process to use approved new sub brands

    1. If commercial/ business organisations wish to use one of these approved new sub brands, they must re-apply to the Change4Life Partnerships team using the Activity Application Form and await approval for them to use it too (this form can be obtained by emailing

    2. If non-commercial organisations (e.g. NHS workforce, health practitioners, schools, local authorities, voluntary groups and child focused professionals) wish to use one of these new sub brands, they are free to do so. However, DH cannot provide designs or logos.

Sub brand applications that have been rejected

    No partner organisation or supporter should use these brands in relation to Change4Life as applications to use them have already been rejected by DH:

Boost4Life WeightLoss4Life

    Version 9.0 5 November 2010

“XCity”Active4Life Lifestyle4Life

    Food4Life Fit2Eat4Life

    Lose4Life Ice4Life

    “brand or product name”4Life Splash4Life

    Eat4Life Sing4Life

    Workplacefruit4Life Refresh4Life

    Healthyweights4Life UR-Goal4Life

    Grow4Life Fun4Life

    Stride4Life Run4Life

    Holiday4Life Travel4Life

    ShapeUp4Life Milk4Life

    Lessfat4Life Eatnosalt4Life

    Recipe4Life Health4Life

    Weightwise4Life Outside4Life

Sub brands that are solely for use by the Government Department or Agency


    Three sub brands have been approved for government departments, Muckin4Life (DEFRA), EatWell4Life (FSA) and Smallsteps4Life (FSA). They are brands being

    used for national consumer campaigns and will therefore not be available for any

    other organisation to use.

    Version 9.0 5 November 2010

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