Worksheet to teach balancing equations

By Valerie Young,2014-04-15 15:26
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Worksheet to teach balancing equations

Worksheet to teach balancing equations Name_________________________


    1. Start Internet Explorer or Netscape and go to

    2. Click ‘Directions’. Read and understand the directions.

    3. Click ‘OK’.

    4. Click on ‘Start Game’

    5. Try entering some numbers in the text boxes in front of each molecule. What


    6. If you forget the directions, click on the ‘How to Play the Game’ link. Click ‘OK’

    when you finish reading them to return to the game.

    7. When you think you have typed the right numbers in all the boxes, click the

    ‘Balanced’ button.

    8. If you didn’t get it right, try again.

    9. If you did get it right, then fill in the correct answers on this worksheet for #1. 10. Repeat steps 7-9 for the other 10 questions.

    11. Now do the two problems on the back of this worksheet. You can draw the

    molecules just like the program did to figure out the answer.


    Fill in the blanks below as you go through the game. This is so I have a record that you

    did your assignment.

1. ___Fe + ___S ? ____FeS

    2. ___H2 + ___Cl2 ? ___HCl

    3. ___Mg + ___O2 ? ___MgO

    4. ___O2 + ___H2 ? ___H2O

    5. ___HgO ? ___Hg + ___O2

    6. ___Ca + ___H2O ? ___Ca(OH)2 + ___H2

    7. ___CH4 + ___O2 ? ___CO2 + H2O

    8. ___Na2O2 + ___H2SO4 ? ___Na2SO4 + ___H2O2

    9. ___N2 + ___ H2 ? ___NH3

    10. ___Al + ___O2 ? ___Al2O3

    11. ___KMnO4 ? ___K2O + ___MnO + ___O2

    Draw the molecules just like the program did to figure out the answer to #12. 12. ___Na + ___H2O ?___NaOH + ___ H2

    CPS Internet Activity: Balancing Equations

     Go to

    Click on Equations and then click on Equations again.

    Click on “Law of Conservation of Mass”

    1. Who is given credit for discovering the Law of Conservation of Mass (Matter)

    and what does this law tell us?

Click on “The Meaning of a Chemical Equation”

    2. What are the two major pieces of information given to us in a chemical equation?

    3. In a chemical equation, __________ are on the left of the arrow and __________

    are on the right of the arrow.

    4. The numbers written in front of each formula is called a ____________________.

    These numbers tell us how many molecules (moles) of reactant and product are

    involved in the reaction.

Click on “Balancing Chemical Equations”

    5. A _______________ chemical equation has equal numbers of each type of atom

     on each side of the equation

    6. There are two things you cannot do when balancing an equation. You cannot

     change a ______________ and you cannot place a _____________ in the middle

     of a formula.

Click on “Good Discussion of Reaction Types and Predicting Products”

    7. What are four indications that a chemical reaction may have occurred?

    8. What is a precipitate?

    9. A reaction type in which elements are joined together is called a __________


    10. A compound breaks into parts in a _____________ reaction.

    11. Differentiate between a single and a double displacement reaction.

    12. A hydrocarbon combines with oxygen in the air during a ______________

     reaction. The products of this type of reaction always include energy,

     ____________, and ___________________.

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