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Passage 1 Silver lining

    1. Julia Cartright was more concerned about her unemployment and

    move to a smaller place than her neighbors death. (F)

    2. Julia seemed to be swept off her feet by the detective assigned to her

    neighbors case though she had got her valentine.(F)

    3. Julia felt embarrassed to reveal her secret love of a dating program on

    TV. (T)

    4. The detective came to question Julia for the third time because she

    might have committed the murder of her neighbor. (F)

    5. With the detectives offer to ask Julia out, she will focus more on the

    positive side of life and be more optimistic in the future.(T)

Passage 2 Home is where the heart is

    1. Parting from her husband on Sunday night is a family routine which

    Jessica has grown to accept and felt at ease with. (F) 2. With three kids under five to take care of, Jessica sometimes found

    home life dull and stressful. (F)

    3. Whenever Jack traveled, he always managed to make a call home at

    the same time. (T)

    4. There was no call from Jack on Wednesday because he was busy with

    clients. (F)

    5. Jacks surprising return brought Jessica to the awareness that her

husband had always been loving the family. (T)

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