my summer holiday experience(whole passage)

By Stanley Mcdonald,2014-10-16 08:07
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my summer holiday experience(whole passage)


     Holidays are always the most exciting things for us young guys. Did you have any impressive experience of holidays? I bet you do. So, today I’m

    here sharing some experience of my summer holiday this year in Beijing.

     The first thing I did was attending a 26-day advanced English class. During that days, I met four funny and knowledgable teachers, they are Maggie yao, Rocky , Syt and Mrs. Wu. We chatted, we talked. And I was introduced to interesting books , movies and some useful tools for learning English and, we were also encouraged to be curious about the people that we didn’t meet, places that we didnt get to, things we didn’t

    do. At the same time, I encountered many new friends from different places. We shared our high school life and talked about each others little

    affection things, which is of great fun.

     After the study finished, I decided to have a little visit of Beijing with my friends. But unfortunately, in the first day afternoon, it suddenly began to rain in the middle of our visit in 798 art mate, which caused my friends high fever. So , I had to go on the visit, on my own. The one person trip is not as boring as I thought. Taking photos with some strangers favor, talking to the visitors met in the places, uncertainty creates fun. Do you want to have a trip alone? Maybe someday I will do.

     Good time does not last. I really enjoyed the summer I spent with my friends and teachers. I learnd three points more deeply. One is learning

    is always what we should do during our whole life. The other one is that team is really important. Another is to enjoy being alone. Anyway, knowing makes a person aware of his/her ignorance. Read more, travel more, share more. Thats what I am going to do.

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