How to Plan Meals Economically

By Ruby Fisher,2014-09-05 14:49
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Tips for eating economically

How to Plan Meals Economically

    By Tracy Barr

    Whether you’re feeding yourself or a family, mealtimes present a challenge when you want to be economical without sacrificing your favorites. You want tasty meals that everyone will enjoy and that won’t send your budget into cardiac


    ; Find a breakfast you and your wallet will love. Make homemade versions of frequently purchased breakfast

    items, such as frozen waffles or instant oatmeal.

    Also, use leftovers: Cold pizza makes a nice breakfast. So does a cheese enchilada or some vegetarian

    lasagna from dinner the night before.

    ; Brown-bag it in style for lunch. Bringing homemade lunch items with you to work or school is a surefire way to

    save money every day during the week. Keep these tips in mind:

    ; Be creative with your menu. Vary your menu from day to day to keep your palate happy.

    ; Spice it up. Add fresh herbs or fancier condiments (horseradish for that roast beef sandwich).

    ; Go for the extraordinary. Instead of run-of-the-mill cheese cubes, pack a variety of cheeses with a couple

    slices of shaved ham, a few olives, some fruit, and crackers.

     Save on scrumptious dinners. Here are a few ideas to help you save money and still end up with a great


    ; Serve breakfast for dinner. Bacon and eggs may be a fairly expensive breakfast to serve the family, but it’s

    a very cheap meal compared to most dinner menus.

    ; Focus on the sides. Make dinner a small serving of chicken with a large tossed salad and a generous

    serving of steamed vegetables or rice.

    ; Serve salad. A chef salad, for example, includes a little meat and a lot of vegetables.

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