Economics 201

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Economics 201

    Economics 211

    Local and Community Development Economics

Instructor: S. Dodaro Winter 2012

    Office: Immaculata Hall 401

    Telephone: 867 - 3945


Office Hours

    Monday ………………………….. 1:15 pm – 3:15 pm

    Wednesday ……………………… 12:30 pm – 3:15 pm

    Thursday ………………………... 11:15 am – 12:30 pm.

    At other times by appointment

Course Objectives

    The Objectives of the course are threefold. Firstly, to apply basic economic principles to analyze the local and community environment. Secondly, to provide students with some of the tools and techniques required to identify local needs and resources. Thirdly to provide students with the basic tools to begin to understand how local and community development can be brought about.

Course Evaluation (tentative to be finalized as the course proceeds)

    Term Test …………………………………………….. 20%

    Short Quizzes …………………………………………….. 10%

    Project .………………………………………………... ... 30%

    Final Exam ………………………………………………….40%

Additional Requirements:

    The nature of the course requires regular attendance by all students as class participation and discussion are critical components. Moreover, the material covered in class and the readings that are assigned tend to be complementary.


    Blair, John P. and Michael C. Carroll, Local Economic Development: Analysis, Practices and Economic ndDevelopment 2 Edition (Sage, 2008)

Supplementary Texts: (On Reserve in the Library)

    ; Blakely, Edward J. and Nancey Green Leigh, Planning Local Economic Development: Theory and

    Practice Fourth Edition (Sage, 2010)

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Additional Supplementary Texts: (Some also available on Reserve in the library):

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Other Texts: (from which additional Readings may be assigned)

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    II. Theories and Approaches to Community and Local Economic Development

    and the Location of Economic Activity.

    1. Locational Theory

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    4. Supply Side Approaches

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    5. Cumulative Causation Theory

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6. The Central Place Theorem

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7. Gravity and Other Models

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    9. Cluster Analysis and Diamond of Competitive Advantage

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    III. Conceptual, Measurement and Other Issues

    1. Shift and Share Analysis and Location Quotients

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2. Input Output Analysis

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    3. Qualitative Measurements and Approaches

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    4. Additional Quantitative Methods and Approaches

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    IV. Community Economic Development in Action

    1. Objectives and Effects of Community Economic Development

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    2. Issues related to Community Development Planning

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    3. Main Approaches to Community Economic Development and Planning

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    4. The Public Sector and Community Economic Development

    ; Blair and Carroll, chapter 12

    ; Shaffer, Deller and Marcouiller, chapter 10

    5. Reconsideration of Production, Consumption and Resource Flows

    ; To be assigned later

    6. Alternate Approaches to Community Economic Development and Planning

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    V. Economic Analysis of Community Needs and Resources

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    VI. Social Infrastructure and Supporting Institutions

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    VII. The Experience of Community Economic Development

1. Overview

    ; *MacPherson, Ian, “Co-operatives and the Social Economy in English Canada: Circles of

    Influence and Experience” in McMurtry (2010), pp. 35 - 56.

2. The Antigonish Movement Approach to Community Development

     (Class handouts)

    3. Case Studies of Local Initiatives from around the World

     (to be assigned later)


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