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Bear Creek WELCA

     Nowhere is this more important than in how we give presents.

     We should give more presents that are made, not bought; presents that

    show how much you understand a person and what they like; presents

     From Pastor that will enrich and encourage their growth, not just entertain them on

    a rainy day; presents that help others, and help others to help still more

     Glen people; presents that express our creativity; presents that preserve

     natural resources so that 50 Christmases from now, people have raw Dear Bear Creek, materials for Christmases of their own. The list goes on and on.

     Welcome to the Holidays! I’ve seen many Christmas displays We can focus on family fun like making Christmas cookies or up already, though not as bad as some years. One year I saw Christmas fudge. We can sing all those Christmas carols we may not get the thdisplays going up September 15! It brings to mind the discussion we chance to sing in church ( : . We can learn how to play them on the had at our pastors’ Bible study this week. Does Christmas start on instrument of our choice. But most especially we can read the Christmas or before? The lectionary Bible readings for Advent are set Christmas story, or ponder the Christmas story or simply be and enjoy up to talk about the coming of a messiah, but are not focused on Jesus the theological and gustatory joys of the season. And please, in the until just before Christmas. Christmas then starts and continues until midst of the busyness, don’t forget what God has done for us. thJanuary 6, Epiphany, with the celebration of the three wise men. This this the 12 days of Christmas the song is about. In England the 24 and thth25 are holy days, and presents are put off until Boxing Day the 26. Bear Creek Advent Concert to Change (a little)

    I wouldn’t mind doing that, but the kids would rebel, wouldn’t they. Bear Creek Advent Concert is changing to Sunday night. That

     Now pastors hate to give up the lectionary, and so there’s a should make it a little easier for the kids and us adults, too. The thtussle every Advent between congregations and pastors as to whether Advent Concert will be held December 14 @ 7:00 PM This year we

    we sing Christmas songs or Advent songs. Advent is too good a season will have a supper beforehand @ 5:30 served by the youth group as a to give up, though there aren’t as many good Advent songs (O Come fundraiser for the New Orleans trip. Anyone wishing to participate O Come Emmanuel is an exception). But Christmas is everywhere in with a song or a skit, please contact Pastor Glen at 507-269-9079 or the stores and on TV so this is one time when culture really Pat Jensen at 754-5656. Come, participate, and help make this Advent overwhelms the church (it isn’t the only case where this happens). And season merrier for yourself and others!

    there are many wonderful Christmas hymns we never get to sing,

    because there are just not enough Christmas hymn slots in worship,

    until after Christmas when no one wants to sing them. What do we do? Christmas Eve Candlelight Service Back! ndWell, I’m in favor of hymn sings before church, Advent concerts with Mark your calendars! Back by popular demand, the 2 annual thChristmas music (ours in on Sunday December 14, with a supper by Bear Creek Christmas Eve Candlelight Service is back and is already a the Luther League youth before @ 5:30). I may throw a couple tradition. All the things you loved are back, too. The Bear Creek Boys Christmas songs in there in Advent services, but isn’t anticipation the will play; there will be candles and carols galore, and the making of best part of Christmas (apart from the birth of our savior, of course!) many wonderful memories. All this will take place on Wednesday th No the fact that we have our economy seemingly in a tailspin December 24 @11:00 PM. Be there or miss one of the most popular means that Christmas will change this year. Change isn’t necessarily a events of the season! For those of you who want an earlier service on bad thing. In fact, when things are off track, change is good. Over 80% Christmas Eve, GML will have a family service @ 7:00 PM. And of of the country at the time of this writing feels America is on the wrong course, there will be the traditional Christmas Day Service at 10:00 track, so how do we change things? We change ourselves and our AM.

    families. Then and only then will the politicians stand up and take

    notice. To change Christmas means to return to the values of the past.

     Adult Bible Study Going Multi-Media!

    For Advent this year, the adult Bible study group will be

    studying Isaiah through a series of videotaped presentations and inter-Savings Account Funds at Bear Creek Lutheran active discussions. Isaiah is a perfect book of the Bible to study in Advent, for it includes many visions of promise, including the first Here is a list of various funds that are available to use for prophecy of the virgin birth (Isaiah 7:14). Come at 9:00 on Sundays

    memorials or gifts to Bear Creek Lutheran. for the coffee, the treats, the fellowship and the fun. Until November thScholarship Organ 30 (the first Sunday in Advent), we will continue with our study of

    Moses. Camping Parking

     Music Carpet (WELCA Fund)

    Food Shelf Needs Stocking For the Holidays The Grand Meadow Area Food shelf needs supplies for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Put food in the cardboard box just inside Budget for 2008 $87,385.00 Per Month $7,282.08 the front door of the church to the right (back of Narthex). Food shelves are seeing more need this year than last because of the January $4,943.00 February $7,606.50 March $6,722.83 economic turmoil. Please give generously! April $6,111.50 May $6,220.72 June $4,383.05 July $5,052.00 August $5,661.36 Sept. $5,196.45 October $5,397.00 Budget: $72,820.80 Total income to date: $57,293.41 rdNovember 23 Youth Group Breakfast rd November 23 from 8:00 AM until just before church there

    will be a breakfast to benefit the Luther League trip to New Orleans in New Members Welcomed: July 2009. The Mens Club will be helping. Come early to church with New members who were welcomed into our congregation on Sunday, a healthy appetite! Also to benefit the Youth Group trip, on November thNov. 9 with a pot luck dinner were: Jill Roberts, Larry & Angela Felt, 28 there will be a youth group sponsored babysitting service for those Tom & Shelly Kreatsch, Gayla Stone, Margaret Breitbarth and Tom who want to shop Black Friday. Stejskal. Remember in your prayers: The Vintage Bear Creek Video is on sale for Roger Temanson having heart surgery Nov. 24, Pat Hegge, Kathy $10. Lots of old Christmas program Voight, the flood victims, Gretchen (Overkamp) Larson, Colleen

    Losey, our Habitat for Humanity; our Community Food Shelf; the A.A. pictures are in this video. This will make a

    Group; leaders of our country/world, the men and women who serve great Christmas gift. our country: Adam Wright, Bruce Williams, Luke Leichtnam, Hans

     Burtt, and those we mention in the silence of our hearts. If you are Congratulations: To Brett Wilson and Richard Bain on their hospitalized please notify the church office 754-5914, Pastor Glen at thconfirmation October 26. We are proud of you and welcome you as his cell #269-9079 or e-mail at (please note this is

    adults in our congregation! a new e-mail address; the old address is no longer accessible) or

Bear Creek WELCA

     The Bear Creek Boy’s new CD will be available

    shortly…. In time for Christmas…. Happy Thanksgiving!

    The month of November is also Thank

    offering month. Women of the

    Lutheran Church have been gathering

    for Thank offering services since the

    early 1900’s. It is tradition, grounded in our celebration of community,

    in which we meet together as faithful women joyfully giving thanks

    and praise for what God has given us. There will be a basket in the At this time of year the food shelf is in more need of food than thentryway on Sunday, Nov. 23 and 30 to collect the Thank offering ever. Please remember to bring what you can share and boxes that are in your mailboxes. The money is used to support place your donation in the box in the entry of the church. women’s programs locally, nationally and world wide. ~ All donations placed will be forwarded to

     the Grand Meadow Food Shelf. As Christmas approaches, it is time to pack treats for the shut-ins and Thank you.

    the Health Care Center. December 10th , we will be meeting for our

    monthly meeting and to pack the boxes,. Your donation of cookies is

    greatly appreciated.

Watch the church bulletin for the dates in January for the quilt making Bear Creek’s Men’s Club is cookin!!! project. We try to make at least 12-15 quilts for LWR, two quilt auctions, Ronald McDonald House and we have three graduates in The men have been cookin! They prepared biscuits and gravy, as well 2009. WE NEED YOUR HELP! If your schedule does not allow you as helped serve the benefit breakfast for the Harmon family. to help on the planned days, let us know so we can schedule a day on which you can help. We are flexible. Sewers are also needed to sew Sunday the men will be helping the Youth Group serve breakfast at home to put together the tops. Join us for quilting, but also the before worship here at church. So come on in and promote your fellowship that takes place on those days. We usually start at 9 a.m. in youth, and don’t cook at home. Enjoy the food, fellowship and the morning and finish up early afternoon. You can come for the support something important. They will begin serving at 8 a.m. The whole day or for a few hours, whatever fits your schedule. thmenu is: Pancakes, eggs & sausage. At our meeting Nov. 12, we decided the amounts of money to be sent to various organizations. I will have a listing in the next newsletter on Attention: A visitor will come to you the amounts and places we sent funds to.

     this holiday

    Thank you for your support and help at all of our fund raisers and season!

    events that we do throughout the year. The men will be out in full force collecting for the “Tree

     Fund” which is given to the Sunday School to help with their

     yearly expenses.

     Bear Creek Sunday School Schedule

We are heading into the busiest time of the year for

    our Sunday School and would like to remind you all

    of some very important dates.

Our November/December schedule looks like this:

November 23: Luther League Breakfast in Social Hall 8 10 AM

     Sunday School Sings at service November 30: No Sunday School

    December 7: Sunday School Resumes/Program Practice every

     Sunday School session 8:45 AM December 13: Program Practice SATURDAY AM

     8AM: Nativity Practice (Holy Family, shepherds,

     angels, wise men, narrator(s), Herod)

     9:30AM: Full Sunday School Practice

     We hope to be done by 11AM December 14: Sunday School program practice during Sunday

     School 8:45 AM

     Luther League Supper in Social Hall 5:30-7 PM

     Advent Concert 7PM (Sunday School sings) December 21: Sunday School program practice during Sunday

     School 8:45 AM

    December 23: Sunday School Christmas Program 7PM

     Sunday School Students in Social Hall at 6:30 PM

     (please be prompt but not early) December 28- January 11: No Sunday School

    January 18: Sunday School resumes 8:45 AM

    As you can see this is a very busy time of year for us. Please, have your child at Sunday School every Sunday no later than 8:45 AM so we can make the most of the time available to us. Please, post this somewhere in your home to be sure to not miss a practice or event.

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