Infinite Mathematics Project

By Grace Ferguson,2014-04-15 15:20
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Infinite Mathematics Project

    Project RENEW

    Backward-Design Template for

    School Reform in Mathematics

    Team Name(s) __________________________________________________



    Stage 1 Desired Results


    What is our vision for mathematics? What do we want to accomplish as a result

    of this initiative?

    Understanding(s): Essential Question(s):

    What understandings and attitudes do What essential questions about teachers, administrators, parents, teaching, learning, results, and change policy-makers, and others need for should guide our improvement actions?

    these goals to be met?

    Knowledge: Skills:

    What knowledge and skills will teachers, administrators, policymakers, parents, and students need for this vision to become a reality?

    Stage 2 Assessment Evidence

Direct Evidence: Indirect Evidence:

    What will count as evidence of What other data (e.g., achievement success? gaps; instructional gaps, staff

     understandings, attitudes and What are the key observable indicators practices; organizational capacity) of short- and long-term progress? should be collected?

    Stage 3 Action Plan

What short- and long-term actions will we take to achieve our goals (in

    curriculum, assessment, instruction, professional development, policy, resource

    allocation, and job appraisal)?

What strategies will help us achieve the desired results?

Who will be responsible? What resources will be needed?

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