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wider and the data in the columns will be correct. You then can save this ILP QUICK START TEACHER/ADMIN LOGIN GUIDE

spreadsheet to your desktop for a quick reference of your ILP students. To login go to Username Kentuckyilp Password - BLUE BUTTONS ON THE LEFT Advisor Password - 1. The menu to the left, the BLUE buttons. Clicking the “Advisor Homepage” 1. Once you have logged in, it will ask for you to accept the confidentially, rules, this will always take you back to the very beginning when you first logged in. etc. Click I Accept. 2. “Search For Students” clicking this allows you to search for any student using 2. You are now on your Advisors Homepage; on the left you will see several blue various criteria to locate them. buttons and the logout button. In the center of your screen you will see “All students”, “Your Students” “Manage Advisor Assignments & Advisor 3. “ILP Parents Manage Accounts” You may view parent comments after Admin” reviewing their Childs ILP. Parents also have the option of commenting to you as the advisor of their child. Parent logins are also located here and these logins 3. Click under “Your Students” View Student List….you will see the list of can be mass printed on grade cards, etc for parental access. Parents may only students that have been assigned to you and their current status. You will see view their child’s ILP. *Unless they have been invited by other students. your student’s login & password to their ILP & View & Action. NOTICE..The status bar to the far right it must be at 100%. 4. “ILP Options” This will give a complete definition to the different components of the ILP. This allows you check or uncheck anything that you want or may 4. Click under the “View & Action column and you will see a host of information not want to your students to be able to do. on your students that will assist you to advise them in regards to their career path. Click VIEW ILP, this gives you a snapshot of the interest of your ILP 5. “Assessment Options” You can view all the assessment options and check the students. ones that will be required by your school for grades 9-12. The Admin will need to check the necessary assessment data that your school is going to use, so that 5. Click the COMPLETION STATUS and this will list what parts of the these items will show up in the student ILP. *Very important..because you want Student ILP has been completed and what has not been completed. this data to be recorded for future reference for the student. Click the back button (once) and under view/ actions, you may send an individual message to any of your students by clicking send message. 6. “Graduation Requirements” Click “Add Diploma Option” You will assign You also can send every student the same message from your advisors the diploma names and credits. Remember to SAVE, always save what you Homepage; under your students… will see SEND MESSAGE. have completed. Admin will need to map out the course codes and assign your To the left you will see a link that will allow you to manage/delete schools schedule such as term 1 or fall & spring sessions. This is critical messages. thbecause 8 middle school students are required to complete the Education Plan. **SIGN OFF STUDENT To reach 100% completion, once the student has 7. “ILP Completion Reports” This gives several options for you to see how completed their Annual Review, the advisor will log on and view “Your many of our students have or have not completed their ILP’S. For ex. If you Students”, find the student and Click “View & Action” Click “Annual click on the incomplete number, it will list the students by name that have not Review”. As an advisor you want to comment to your assigned student based completed.**this button is a really good snapshot of your school. upon the data that you have reviewed on your respective student. “SAVE” That 8. “ILP Reports” ** This is an excellent one, it will tell you how many of our student will must log out and then back on and their “Annual Student Survey” students are interested in what and you can use this as a tool for future will be located in their “quick links” once they have submitted their survey, the classroom presentations or guest speakers. It also gives us feedback on what bar will be 100% in completion of their ILP. students have said about their school year. Check out all the many different things that you can view and utilize. 6. Manage Advisor Assignments & Advisor Admin Admin will add advisors 9. “Mass Print Options” Using criteria you can print out all of your student’s and assign students. You can Unassign students to advisors etc. resumes to get a better understanding of their interest. 10. “View Usage Stats” gives total of how many ILP logins 7. While you are in the student list you can print out a list of your students with 11. “Helpful Documents” WHEN IN DOUBT GO HERE…IT GIVES their logins\passwords. At the top CLICK under export data file EXCEL EXPLANATIONS TO EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ILP SPREADSHEET, click export and click open, it will open a spreadsheet with 12. “Career Cruising” This is the actual website that is used extensively in Tech your students. If the data looks odd which it most likely will, make the columns class for students to use and complete classroom activities. Cruise the website

to see what the students are able to see and use.

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