Practical Conversation for Going Abroad

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Practical Conversation for Going Abroad

Practical Conversation for Going Abroad

    Unit 1 Change my seat

    Practical Conversation

    A: Excuse me, sir. You are not supposed to smoke here. B: I beg your pardon?

    A: Your seat is in the non-smoking section. So, please refrain from smoking.

    B: Oh, I see. Since I'm a heavy smoker, may I change my seat? A: Then, I'll try to find a seat in the smoking section. One moment, please.

    A: Thank you for waiting. I found a seat in the smoking section for you. B: Oh, did you? Thanks a lot.

    Unit 2 Bottoms up

ractical Conversation P

    A: Excuse me. Would you like a drink before your meal? B: Pardon me?

    A: Would you like a drink?

    B: Oh, I see. I'll have beer, please.

    A: OK. Here you are.

    B: Thank you. How much is it?

    A: Well, all the drinks including beer are free of charge. B: Are you sure? Then, I will have more beer, please.

    A: Don't worry. We will be back again a little later. A: Are you finished?

    B: Yes. May I have some more beer?

    A: Oh, sure. I'll be back in a minute.

    B: Thank you for waiting. Here it is. Did you enjoy your meal? A: Yes, the meal was very delicious and I enjoyed very much. I'm full. A: Is that so? I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Unit 3 Where is the toilet

Practical Conversation

B: By the way, Miss. Where is the toilet?

    A: Toilets are in the rear. I'm afraid all the toilets are fully occupied at the moment.

    A: What?

    A: Oh, what a relief! Thank you very much for your help, Miss. B: You're welcome.

Unit 4 I don't feel well

Practical Conversation

A: Excuse me, Miss. My friend is sick.

    B: Is he? Yes, he looks pale. Is there anything I can do for him? A: Yes. Please give him some water.

    B: Certainly.

    A: And do you have any medicine for airsickness? B: Well, yes. I'll give him the medicine, too. A: I appreciate your help.

Unit 5 I might miss the connecting flight

     Practical Conversation

A: Ladies and gentlemen, our flight will be delayed for one hour due to

    the congestion of the airport.

    B: Excuse me, Miss. What did the announcement say? A: We'll be delayed for one hour, because the airport is very crowded.

    B: No kidding! We'll miss the connecting flight. A: Oh, will you? That's too bad. We're very sorry to cause you a lot of


    B: I really have to get to Paris by this evening. Would you please try

    to find any other available flight?

Unit 6 Where is immigration

Practical Conversation

A: May I see your passport?

    B: Here it is.

    A: How long are you going to stay?

    B: For one week.

    A: What's the purpose of your visit?

    B: For Sightseeing.

    A: Where are you going to stay?

    B: At the Hilton Hotel.

    A: Do you have anything to declare?

B: No, nothing.

    A: How much money do you have with you? B: I have ten hundred dollars in Japanese yen. A: My baggage is missing!

    B: Do you have air ticket and claim tag? A: Here they are.

    A: Well, then, would you fill out this PIR form? And also we need your

    signature here.

    B: How soon would you deliver my baggage? A: Hopefully by tomorrow evening. Which hotel are you going to stay?

    B: At the down town Hilton Hotel.

    A: When is the expected date of your departure? B: I'm going to return next week.

    Unit 7 I couldn't pass the baggage check

Practical Conversation

A: Open you suitcase, please.

    B: OK. Here you are.

    A: Do you have anything to declare?

    B: No, I don't.

    A: Any cigarette, liquor?

    B: Yes, I have two cartons of cigarettes, one bottle of whisky.

    A: What's this white powder? Are they drugs? B: No, this is the medicine for the stomach. A: May I open one of these? Let me taste it. B: Yes, sir. Go ahead. Here you are.

    Unit 8 We can not find our reserved car

     Practical Conversation

A: Hello, is this the ABC Company?

    B: Yes. May I help you?

    A: We have just arrived from Tokyo and we're been looking for our reserved

    car of your company all over, but we cannot find it B: What is your reservation number?

    A: Our reservation number is J-221.

    B: Let me see. Oh, yes. We have your reservation

A: You mean you haven't arranged any car.

    B: I'm sorry to say "No."

    A: Here, I'll take a taxi instead. How do you refund us?

Unit 9 We cannot find your name

Practical Conversation

A: Do you have a reservation?

    B: Yes, here's our confirmation slip.

    A: I'm afraid we have no reservation by this name. B: No reservation? Well, then, do you have any rooms available? A: I'm afraid all the rooms are fully booked.

    B: You mean we can't stay in this hotel tonight? A: You're right. We have no more rooms available for tonight. B: Then, would you recommend any other nearby hotel? A: OK, I'll call ahead.

Unit 10 The room hasn't been cleaned up yet

Practical Conversation

A: Hello, is this housekeeper?

    B: Yes ma'am may I help you?

    A: This is room eleven-seven and we have just checked in. B: Yes?

    A: Our room hasn't been cleaned up yet.So would you send one of your housekeepers to clean up our room?

    B: Oh, yes, ma'am. We'll come right away then. Your room number and your name, please.

    A: Our room number is eleven-seven and my name is Terry Chen. B: Thank you. Would you hang up and wait?

Unit 11 I don't like my room

Practical Conversation

    A: I have a reservation for a single with a bath.

    B: We're sorry, but single rooms have been occupied. A: What's the room rate?

    A: It's little expensive for me.Do you have any other rooms? B: Then, how about this room with just a shower?

    A: May I see the room? I'll take this room.

    A: Is the rate for a room only?

    B: No, sir. The tax is included.

Unit 12 My suitcase hasn't been delivered yet

     Practical Conversation

    A: Well, we've been waiting for our luggage for about one hour. B: What kind of bag is it?

    A: It's blue, Samsonite bag.

    B: What is your room number and your name, please? A: This is room eleven-seven and my name is Terry Chen. B: Well, let me check. We delivered four bags to room 1106, you friend's room about an hour ago.

    A: My friend's room? Oh, I see. Thanks a lot.

    B: You're quite welcome.

Unit 13 I've left my key in my room

Practical Conversation

    A: I can't get into my room.I mean I left my room key inside. B: I see, sir.Those two ladies in front of your room did the same thing twenty minutes ago.

    A: Oh, did they? Well, would you give us an extra key to the room? B: I'm afraid we have no extra key. So I'll send somebody to your room. A: By the way. what should I do with the key when I go out? B: Please drop it at front desk when you leave the hotel.

    Unit 14 The red lamp on the phone is going on and off

Practical Conversation

    A: Hello. This is room 1205.Our message lamp is flashing. B: Hold on a minute, please.

    A: Thank you.

    B: I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. Mr. Jones needs a telephone call from you.

    A: Would you bring the message to my room?

    B: I'm afraid we have nobody available at the moment. A: Then I'll come down and pick up the message immediately. B: OK. We wait for you.

    r how I should take a bath Unit 15 I wonde

Practical Conversation

    A: Hello. I'm now trying to take a bath, but there are too many buttons. Would you tell me how to use them?

    B: I see, we have explanation leaflet on the table. If you follow the directions it is quite simple.

    A: I read it, but I couldn't understand it. Would you come to my room and tell me how to use them?

    B: Oh, certainly.

    A: And also tell me how to use other switches.

Unit 16 Hot water overflowed from the bathtub

Practical Conversation

    A: Hello. Hot water overflowed from the bathtub. Will you help me?B: Would you turn off the tap?

    A: I did it.

    B: Then will you put the towels under the bathroom door? A: OK. I will.

    B: I'll have our housekeeper come right away.

    A: I'm sorry I was too tired to fall asleep.

    B: When you woke up, the water was coming out of the tub. A: Right. Can I compensate for the damage with the travel accident insurance?

Unit 17 There is too much noise in the next room

Practical Conversation

    A: I am sorry to trouble you, but there's a lot of noise in the next room. B: Oh, is there? Which room is it?

    A: It's... I think, neighbours on the right.

    B: You mean the room thirteen-thirteen?

    A: I'm not sure, but I think so.I'm very exhausted, but I can't sleep. B: All right, ma'am. I'll check and tell them to be quiet. A: If next room is still noisy, could you give me a different room, please?

Unit 18 What happened to the room service

Practical Conversation

A: Hello. Is this room service?

    B: Yes. May I help you?

    A: This is room 1425. We asked for the room service an hour ago. B: We're very sorry to cause you a lot inconvenience. A: What's the matter?

    B: We're rather busy right now. It will take another 15 minutes. A: Is it really going to take that long? Will you rush the order? B: I'm afraid it would take 15 minutes at most.

    A: Ah, well, we have no choice.

Unit 19 My laundry is not ready yet

Practical Conversation

    A: Hello. I sent out my laundry yesterday. Aren't they ready? B: They'll be ready by this afternoon.

    A: Oh, no! I'm leaving for Japan at 11 this morning.

    B: Is that right? We're very sorry.

    A: I thought it was "the same day" service. Anyway, please do hurry. B: I'm afraid we can't return it by 11 o'clock.

    A: Well, then, would you send it to Japan, please?

    B: Yes, we'll do so.

Unit 20 Where's the key to the safety box

Practical Conversation

    A: I am sorry to say this, but I seem to have lost the key to the safe. B: Where do you think you lost it? Outside the hotel? A: Yes, I believe so. How should I compensate for this? B: I'm afraid, ma'am, you have to pay U.S.$100 since you lost the key. A: What! One hundred U. S. dollars. Is it covered by the insurance? B: I'm afraid no. It is not covered by this insurance.

Unit 21 Something's wrong with my bill

    A: Well, we didn't ask for this room service. It must be somebody else's, I'm sure.

    B: Oh, is it? Let me check.

    A: Yes, please.

    B: I'm sorry to say that this room service charge is yours. A: We paid for the room service already in our room. B: Do you have any evidence?

    A: No, we got no receipt, but we paid on the spot.

Unit 22 Could you keep my bag until I leave

Practical Conversation

A: Can I help you, ma'am?

    B: Yes, will you keep our bags until 6 p.m.?

    A: Are you all our guests?

    B: Yes, we checked out just now.

    A: Please fill in this form

    B: Is this all right?

    A: So you are leaving this evening. We keep your bags until 6 p.m. Here's your tag.

    B: Thanks a lot.

Unit 23 I'm completely lost

Practical Conversation

    A: Excuse me.Could you tell me how to return to the Hilton Hotel? I am afraid I lost my way.

    B: Do you have a hotel card or something?

    A: Let's see.Yes, I have the address and telephone number here. B: Oh, you're staying at the downtown Hilton. Then, you go down two blocks this way and turn left. You'll find it on the right.

    A: Well, I don't understand it very well. Will you draw me a map?

     Unit 24 Where is the rest room

Practical Conversation

A: Excuse me. Is there any rest room around here?

    B: I'm sorry, but I don't know. I'm a stranger here myself. A: Oh, I see.

    B: Why don't you go to a coffee shop or somewhere else and order a cup of coffee? There you'll find nice and clean rest rooms B: Good afternoon. What can I do for you?

    A: I'll have a cup of coffee, please. Where's the men's room? B: It's over there near the door.

Unit 25 No photographing in the museum

Practical Conversation

    A: Excuse me. In this museum, you are not supposed to take pictures. B: Is that right? I didn't know it.

    A: Will you give me your camera? We have to confiscate your film. B: Will you forgive me? Could you return my camera?

    A: We keep it and return it later.

    B: Oh, I see. Then can I buy slides and picture postcards somewhere? A: You can buy them at a souvenir shop near the exit.

Unit 26 Is it that expensive

Practical Conversation

A: Take me to this address, please.

    B: Yes, ma'am... Here we are.

    A: How much do I owe you, sir?

    B: 30 dollars, ma'am.

    A: Are you kidding? The meter says 15 dollars, doesn't it? B: Yes, but we need some extra charge and some tip, too. A: I don't get it. I'll go and have that doorman talk to you then. B: OK, ma'am. Calm down, 15 dollars will do.

Unit 27 Oh, my! It's broken

Practical Conversation

    A: Hello, I bought the pendant in your shop just before. B: Yes.Thank you very much.

    A: Now I come back to the hotel and try to show it to my friend, the pendant

    is broken, I'm afraid.

    B: Oh, is it?

    A: Would you change it to a new one?

    B: Yes, certainly. You have the receipt?

    A: Yes, I do.

    B: Then would you kindly come to our shop with the receipt by 10 o'clock?

    We will replace it.

    A: Thank you so much.

Unit 28 This is not what I bought

Practical Conversation

    A: Hello. I bought a china dress in your shop this morning. B: Yes?

    A: I bought it one size up by mistake.

    B: Oh, did you?

    A: I wonder if you can change it to one size down B: Yes, of course. Will you come with the receipt? A: Then I'll come to your place later in the evening and how late is your

    shop open?

    B: Until 8 o'clock, ma'am. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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