If you are unable to successfully complete the form below because

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If you are unable to successfully complete the form below because

    Presenter Proposal Information Sheet

    Important Information for Interested Speakers

    Thank you for your interest in speaking at the EEOC Training Institute‟s (EEOC‟s) 2010 EXCEL Conference.

    In order to be considered as a speaker for the Conference, we need to know about your area(s) of expertise, and your proposal(s) for a presentation. Please complete and return the following

    presenter form (see below).

Some important items to note follow:

    ; Due to the high volume of proposals we receive, we only notify those selected to speak.

    If you are accepted for the EXCEL Conference you will be notified by March 15, 2010.

    ; Please note that EEOC„s 2010 EXCEL Conference provides travel allowance and per

    diem to selected speakers. See the “Travel” section below for additional information.

    ; This form must be completed in full and submitted NLT Monday, February 8, 2010 to be

    considered for the 2010 program.


    Who attends EEOC’s EXCEL Conference?

    Industry Sectors:

    • Federal Government…….…………86%

    • Military .............................….……. 10%

    • Other*……………………………...04%

    Years of Experience:

    • Less than 2 year…....….……………20%

    • 2-6……………….………………....60%

    • 6+……………….………………….20%

    Exhibitors in the EEOC‟s EXCEL Conference are sales and marketing professionals

    representing the Federal government and EEO professionals. Conference exhibitor‟s are

    invited to participate in the conference seminars along with the attendees.

    Presenters can generally expect a seminar audience from 50 to 300 attendees.

    Why should you speak at the EXCEL Conference? Presenting for an EEOC‟s EXCEL

    Conference gives you the chance to speak to a vast audience. It presents a unique marketing

    opportunity for speakers, who often schedule additional engagements with those in the EEO


    Consider speaking for EXCEL Conference to share your experience and expertise, increase

    your professional visibility, and get recognition for your knowledgeable and creative

    contributions to the leading Federal EEO conference.

    Among the many marketing opportunities EEOC provides speakers:

    ; Exposure in marketing materials including direct mail, email, social media, web &

    print advertising.

    ; Exposure to 1000 1500 EEO professional at the conference, your presentation

    available online pre-event for registrants to view, and post-event for those that

    attended to view.

How are speakers chosen?

    Presentations should expand the knowledge base of the attendee, presenting new twists on an old idea/practice, solutions to a new challenge, best practices or new trends. Attendees should leave with knowledge, ideas, tools and know-how that will help them excel in their jobs and bring value to their organizations.

    All submissions will be evaluated with respect to a variety of criteria, including timeliness of topic, originality, and educational value to attendees. Other guidelines include:

    ; Engaging and appropriate title

    ; Clear and accurate description of the proposed content

    ; Realistic and actionable take-aways

    ; Practical, relevant, and/or innovative content that meets the audience‟s needs and


    ; Experience and qualifications of the presenter(s)

    ; Potential to contribute to a well-balanced conference program

    ; Evaluation data from previous EEOC EXCEL conferences

    ; Geographic location of the presenter(s)

    ; Proposals of a commercial nature which promote or market particular products and/or

    services, will not be considered.

    What can you expect as an EXCEL Conference presenter?

    If you are accepted as a presenter, you will be notified by March 15, 2010 . Upon acceptance,

    you will receive a Speaker‟s Agreement and additional details.

For marketing purposes, EEOC‟s 2010 EXCEL Conference reserves the right to edit the title,

    description, and take-aways. All changes will be shared with the presenter for mutual agreement.

    EEOC‟s 2010 EXCEL Conference is a paperless meeting. No handouts will be duplicated or distributed by EEOC onsite. Electronic copies of presentations and/or handouts in PDF and accessible format‟s will be posted on-line in advance of each event and made available to registered attendees, accordingly if your are identified as a presenter we need your presentation submitted no later than TBD before the conference otherwise your presentation will be withdrawn and replaced.

    All meeting rooms at EEOC EXCEL Conference have a standard room set (classroom style) to maximize seating for attendees. There is a lectern and 6‟ table in the front of the room (risers will only be used in the general sessions). All rooms will have: a wired lavaliere microphone, power, laptop computer and LCD projector with screen.

EEOC„s EXCEL Conference is a non-commercial forum. Under no circumstances may a

    presenter promote a product, service, or anything else representing monetary self-interest. Failure to comply will impact future consideration to present at the conference.

What are the common reasons for non-acceptance of proposals?

    ; A large number of strong proposals were received, not all of which could be accepted

    due to timing/space considerations.

    ; Multiple proposals with overlapping content were received.

    ; The facilities at the particular meeting site may not accommodate the technical needs

    of the presentation.

    ; The proposal does not meet the goals of the conference.

    ; The proposal is too narrowly focused or may not have wide appeal.

    ; The proposal was not submitted according to the instructions.

    ; The proposal was vague or did not provide enough information.


    Please note that EEOC Training Institute‟s EXCEL Conference provides a limited travel

    allowance to selected speakers.

    ; At the discretion of conference management, speaker‟s will be authorized one nights

    lodging at the conference hotel and/or limited per diem for authorized expenses will be


    ; Travel arrangements will be made and paid for by the EEOC Training Institute. Contact

    information will be provided if you are selected to be a presenter.

    Proposal Submissions

The preferred method of submission is using the on-line proposal submission form, Click here

    Presenter Proposal Form” for directly access the on-line form.

If you are unable to successfully complete the on-line form, this form is also available in Word.

    Click here Presenter Proposal Form.doc”, to download the Word version of the form.

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