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By Sylvia Davis,2014-09-04 21:32
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Student WorksheetStud

    How much is too much salt?

    Read the article “Salt-rich diet gets a lashing”.

1. What do you see, think, wonder?

    2. Find the 3 reported values of Australian salt intake in the article.

    i. estimated actual grams of salt consumed each day: __________

    ii. recommended grams of salt to be consumed each day: _______

    iii. maximum recommended grams of salt to be consumed each day: _____

    3. Label the bars in the figure below with the appropriate descriptions of salt


    4. If 4 grams per day (the recommended amount of salt) is 100%, what is the

    maximum recommended intake and what is the estimated actual Australian

    intake in terms of percents? Label these percents in the figure above.

    5. How many grams of salt are in each of the fast food meals mentioned in the

    article? Fill in the table. Include some of your favourite foods and find out

    how much salt content they have (use the internet or look on labels).

Meal Percent of Grams of salt

    recommended daily


    Subway spicy Italian sub

Red Rooster Classic half chicken


KFC Zinger Double BBQ Bacon and

    Cheese with large chips

Hungry Jacks Whopper double beef

    and cheese burger plus onion rings

    and large chocolate shake

    6. If you wanted to keep your salt intake within the recommended daily intake

    levels in what ways would you have to change your eating habits?

    7. Write a newspaper article for teenagers about the issue of salt and fast food.

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