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     Business plan in business

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    As we all know, before we doing something we should make a plan to finished better,such as before a test we need a review plan to achieve better score. Therefore,,a company need a business plan to organize the company.

Definition of business plan

    Business plan is a formal statement description of how an organization can meet the need of another. It show a targets and give them some explain to how to reaching those goals however, it contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals. The goal of business plan is to persuade the audience to accept the company idea,to solve a problem or to provide services. Because of the reality is always change,so the business plan may also adjustment.

    Business plans may be internally or externally focused. Externally focused plans target goals that are important to financial stakeholders. Like customers and investors,they are may be attain information from business plans to decided cooperated with them or not, to purchase their product or not ,to invest them or not. Internally focused business plans target intermediate goals required to reach the external goals which are workers attention. It included the product development, the management of organization ,a new service.An internal business plan is often developed in conjunction with a balanced scorecard or a list of critical success factors.

    Business plan comprises of several parts for instance strategical plans,operational plans, project plans,provide only general guidance on how they will be met are called strategic plans. Operational plan is show the goals of an internal organization, working group or department. Sometimes known as project frameworks, describe the goals of a particular project that is project plan.

Important of business plan

    Draw up a business plan is a valuable activities when you establish a fine business plan. However , a fine business plan can`t take high profit to company .entrepreneur will have clear objective ,concentrate on solve the problem by make the business plan. Maybe it can help the entrepreneur solve the financing problems.

    Businessman always self-questioning ,the company current situation, the future about the company , the goals of company ,what should we do when we attain the goals, and how to do that. Raise the those question and solve them is the core of the business plan.

    Business plan must raise a detailed target. It include short term targets,and long term targets. It`s can judge the targets whether finished,and also can encourage us to achieve the objective. If the target can`t attain we should adjust it at once,in case make unnecessary finance trouble.

    For business,customers and inventors are gods,they are all source of high profit. To customers, a fine business plan will attract them to buy their goods or select their service,because the business plan will show the value of product,just like customers who buy it will receive high quality product, and enjoy the good after-sale service. People will willing to buy it, then you can get high profit. To investors, if you plan show a good prospect, and investors can attain the high return on investment maybe they will interest in your entrepreneur. Then it`s will benefit to your entrepreneur development.

    Due to the business plan`s specifically, the plan just a promise instrument, that is superior commitment to subordinate, business commitment to customers, to investors. So the business plan must be reality, effective, and feasible. However, the manager should have excellent skill to good use the plan, it will take company more motive power.

How to use business plan

    Business plan provide a way for venture capitals to find promising projects. That focus on qualitative factors such as team. The better the business plan, the better your chances of landing that big initial investment.

    Fundraising is the primary purpose for many business plans, since they are related to the inherent probable success/failure of the company risk. If the business will have more develop,they need more capital,and one person just have limited force to contribution of capital, business need attracting funds by various ways. But whatever any way, investors are sure to ask for some information which by way of analysis business plan is a good method.

    Manager can use the business plan manage their personnel as well. Business plan will have goals, manager could encourage them to achieve it as well as possible. Then you could establish a motivation system lead them as well as you can. Personnel would now what they are in company, how they do and what they would achieve in work. They can use the business plan remind themselves high quality product or good service is our responsibility what we promise to customers.

    Strategic planning is a part of business plan, this is a company`s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy, including its capital and people. Leader use the plan know the

    company ,for example analysis the company externalities,the strength or weakness of the company,what is the chance of the company in the future. Only the lead know company more the company will have more develop.

    Business plan is a basis of company, it would appear the goals of company, the direction of company development ,the objective of operation,the state of business. Business plan not just a virtual plan it just become a reality in the future, so not only manager but also personnel are all sure to struggle for the common goals. Nevertheless,the real life is always change ,our plan should keep pace with the changes.adjust plan appropriately what is benefit to company. In a word, put the plan into reality.

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