Planning phase

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Planning phase

Webinar Case Study Part 1

    Prosci’s Business Process Improvement Plan

    Level 1 and Level 2 project activities 1. Start-up phase

    1.1. Define project objectives and scope with project


    1.2. Determine high-level timeline and key milestones

    1.3. Prepare initial project budget

    1.4. Select project team

    1.5. Select outside consultants if required

    1.6. Conduct team building and train project team

    1.7. Identify senior stakeholders and members of project

    steering committee

    1.8. Define communication protocols within project team 2. Planning phase

    2.1. Prepare draft of project plan

    2.2. Review project plan with primary sponsor

    2.3. Finalize project plan

    2.4. Schedule first steering committee meeting

    2.5. Prepare executive-level presentation of project plan to

    steering committee

    2.6. Review presentation with primary project sponsor

    1 Prosci 2006.

    2.7. Present project plan to steering committee for approval

    3. Research and data gathering phase

    3.1. Define research and data gathering requirements 3.2. Assign research responsibilities to project team 3.3. Conduct current state “AS-IS” process analysis (high

    level only)

    3.4. Conduct employee focus groups and manager


    3.5. Conduct customer focus groups and surveys 3.6. Benchmark competitors and similar non-competitors 3.7. Prepare research and data gathering reports 3.8. Prepare executive-level presentation for steering


    3.9. Review presentation with primary project sponsor 3.10. Present research and data gathering report to steering


    4. Solution design phase

    4.1. Conduct a detailed review of all research findings with

    project team

    4.2. Define the guiding principles and concepts for the future


    4.3. Develop the future state “TO-BE” business processes

    and workflows (Level 1 and Level 2)

    4.4. Create a functional needs document for systems and


    2 Prosci 2006.

    4.5. Create technology requirements document for IT or for

    use in RFP’s (request for proposals)

    4.6. Define required organization changes

    4.7. Define new job roles and responsibilities 4.8. Prepare a draft of the solution design document 4.9. Review the solution design with the primary project


    4.10. Finalize solution design document

    4.11. Prepare an executive-level presentation for the steering


    4.12. Present the solution to the steering committee

    5. Business case and gap analysis phase

    5.1. Conduct a gap analysis between the “AS-IS” processes

    and “TO-BE” processes

    5.2. Determine estimated cost savings and revenue growth

    from new solution

    5.3. Acquire bids and develop estimates for systems and


    5.4. Estimate all implementation costs for project


    5.5. Prepare a business case for the new design 5.6. Compare business case results with initial project

    objectives to ensure alignment

    5.7. Review the financial calculations with accounting or

    finance group

    5.8. Review the business case results and financial

    assumptions with the primary project sponsor

    3 Prosci 2006.

    5.9. Send the business case document to all steering

    committee members for review

    5.10. Prepare an executive-level presentation of the business


    5.11. Present the final business case to the steering

    committee for funding approval

    6. Solution development phase

    6.1. Complete all process designs and work flows (Level 1 -

    Level 3)

    6.2. Develop or purchase required systems and technology 6.3. Conduct trials of each solution component 6.4. Collect feedback from trial users and integrate into the


    6.5. Create detailed job descriptions

    6.6. Review job descriptions with HR and Legal department 6.7. Develop a transition plan for the new solution 6.8. Define training requirements

    6.9. Develop training curriculum and courseware 6.10. Develop job aides for employees

    6.11. Define facility requirements and changes 6.12. Develop facilities transition plan

    6.13. Prepare executive-level presentation of transition plan 6.14. Present transition plan to steering committee for


    7. Solution implementation phase

    4 Prosci 2006.

    7.1. Develop an issue tracking and control process 7.2. Train employees on new processes, systems and tools 7.3. Begin phased implementation of solution

    7.4. Collect employee and manager feedback

    7.5. Modify the solution design and transition plans based

    on feedback

    7.6. Track and resolve issues during implementation 7.7. Prepare implementation progress report for steering


    7.8. Measure process and system performance

    7.9. Measure business outcomes and compare with project


    7.10. Make adjustments to the implementation to achieve

    desire business results

    7.11. Prepare executive-level presentation of process, system

    and business results

    7.12. Present final business results to steering committee 7.13. Begin phased process of dissolving the project team 7.14. Turn over control of new process and systems to line


    5 Prosci 2006.

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