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     Starmania/Tycoon 1993/4


    Complete English version

    Mogador 1993/4


     Starmania/Tycoon 1993/4

    ACT 1


THIS IS OUR CITY (Monopolis)

    MJ Well we finally won, took the barricades down No more East-West divide, no more African pain And the whole world is wiser now And our place in the sun is a typical town Where we’re all on one side, where no conflicts remain

    And the whole world is Western now We are all we hope to be

    We’re wealthy, sheltered, equal, free

    Immune to any culture shock,

    Round the clock

    And round the world the same ideas The same designs and hopes and fears We are all we hope to be

    This is our future

    It’s all we need, it’s all we know

    Beyond our life, another glow

    Where further millions come and go We flicker gently to and fro

    Safe, here in the heart of our city

SOMETHING’S GOING ON….. (Il se passse quelque chose a Monopolis)

    La foule There’s something going on in Monopolis

    An infiltration by degree

    There's taste of sweat in the conditioned air And tiny glitch in the neon glare There’s something going on in Monopolis

    This model town, this perfect town Which is built to last and built to serve The highest point of the learning curve The canonisation of the norm

    The triumph of the uniform

    There’s something going on in Monopolis

    Let spirits fly ~~~~

    That seeps into our ordered calm The ignorance, ingratitude

    We cannot have perfection screwed There’s something going on in Monopolis

    There’s something going on in Monopolis

    ZJ We cannot have perfection screwed A LITTLE DAMAGE DONE (Quand on arrive en ville)

    S Oh yeah


     Starmania/Tycoon 1993/4

    You'd think we'd got no cause

    To kick against the pricks

    To mess with politics

    To tear this sucker down

    No need to settle scores

    When we are not deprived

    When we have all survived

    This bloody perfect town

    But no…

    We're cocky on the boulevards

    A little damage done

JR A little damage done

    A little harm to do

    Before the night is through

    Before this battle's won

    And when we hit the street

    Made up with shining hate

    The narrow and the straight

    Are skipping to our beat

    Oh yeah

    Striking on the boulevards

    A little damage done JR/S Hey!

     Since we're the stuff of life

    We've had enough of life

    Nagging us, dragging us, flagging us down


    Don't want to wait for life

    Degenerate for life

    Screwing us, chewing us, spewing us out

    JR A little damage done

     A gesture from the guys

    The ones who realize

    The ending has begun

    A knife that goes astray

    A minor scuffle here

    A small explosion there

    A tiny price to pay

    For life!

    We're shaking up the Boulevards

    A little damage done

    S We are the ones who care

    The ones who mean to win

    The ones who don't give in

    To comfort or despair JR And please remember this


     Starmania/Tycoon 1993/4

    In case of accident

    That we did not invent

    This dead metropolis

    Not us!

    We did not build the boulevards

    The damage has been done!


    S So get the stretchers out

    The boys are moving in

    And anxious to begin

    The evening's roustabout

    JR/S It's gonna be a night

    To stay behind locked doors

    Or else embrace the cause

    We know you know we're right!

    And so

    Be careful on the boulevards

    Your precious metal boulevards

    We’re tearing up the boulevards

    A little damage done.


    A little damage done

    Be careful on the boulevards

    We’re tearing up the boulevards

    A little damage done

    NEWS (Scene 1)

    RR From Tele-Capital in downtown Monopolis, this is Roger Roger.

    With a résumé of all the news that’s fit to use.

    First over to the sweetheart of Tele-Capital, Cristal.

C Ladies and gentlemen, good evening.

    Yet again the violent anarchist Étoiles Noires have added to their list of

    pointless crimes against the state.

    RR The gang, armed to the teeth, to date have wrecked the subway cooling


    You want to use the trains? - You can’t.

    Another word coming from the sweetheart of Tele-Capital. C And as election looms, of course

    The state must stamp out force with force RR So we are very glad to report that the authorities have reacted speedily to

    tackle this highly unsatisfactory p-p-p-position

    More details in our 7 o’clock transmission

    MJ From time to time I kill the sound, let the pictures flicker on

    To the noise of the bar till the last drinker’s gone

    The things that I’ve heard, the things that I’ve seen


     Starmania/Tycoon 1993/4

    Are stranger and truer than life on the screen

    RR At an unexpected press conference which has had a devastating

     p-p-p-political impact, the tycoon Zéro Janvier, best known for the

     construction of the tallest building in the world, has officially

     announced he will run as a candidate in the presidential election.

    Over to Cristal.

C As the undisputed leader of the Peoples Patriotic Party of Progress,

    Zéro Janvier is concerned principally with re-establishing government

    authority in the cities.

    Here is a short extract from his speech: ZJ We have achieved the perfect world we craved

    Where nature itself is under our control.

    A planet bent on self-destruction has been saved.

    We must not relax we still have a goal. C And that is?

    ZJ And that is to remain masters of our fate

    For hard though it is to believe there are still

    Those not content with the art of the state.

    The must be contained, and I promise they will!

RR Another announcement has just been made

    C Credited to the Étoiles Noires

    RR Who are officially claiming responsibility for last night’s outrage.

    C A certain Johnny Rockfort has emerged as the front-man of these Étoiles


    MJ Ah Les Étoiles Noires I know just who they are

    They are here every night in my anonymous bar

    It’s here that they plan every move every blow

    And led in their main by a woman they know

    A radical child, an ex-daddy’s girl

    A cold blinkered view of the earth

    And you’d never guess, by manner or dress

    Her golden privileged birth

    Here she comes

    Look at her, Sadia


S When I'm coming out to play

    When I'm walking down the street

    When I'm moving to the beat

    I give nothing away

    When I'm slipping into bed

    When I'm throwing back the sheets

    When I'm handing out the treats


     Starmania/Tycoon 1993/4

    I leave plenty unsaid

    I might be naked, wined and dined I might fulfil your wildest dream But you might just as well be blind I'm not the easy touch I seem You'd sell your very soul to keep What you think you’ve got

    But you make out then fall asleep Brothers, I do not! I do not - I stay

    In control

    Keep my nerve

    As for you why you -

    You get what you deserve Courtesan, mistress, nun Virgin, angel or a whore I can be anyone

    Any two three or for

    Hooker, schoolgirl or saint Any number of rides

    But the boss man you ain't I'm the one who decides

    I'm the one who decides

    You deserve a girl like me You deserve a little luck You deserve a bit for free You deserve a nip and tuck You deserve your fine romance You deserve your Juliet

    You won't get a second chance You deserve everything you get I don't agree with modern views That only women bleed

    If we just flatter, stroke and use We get what we need, what we need We stay

    In control

    Keep our nerve

    As for you - you fools!

    You get what you deserve Mother, sister or tramp

    Debauchée, libertine

    Primadonna or vamp

    Baby doll or teenage queen Undefiled or a slut

    Perfect lady or bitch

    All laid out for you but I'm the one who says which


     Starmania/Tycoon 1993/4

    You deserve a girl like me

    You deserve a little luck

    You deserve a bit for free

    You deserve a nip and tuck

    You deserve your fine romance

    You deserve your Juliet

    You won't get a second chance

    You deserve everything you get!

    You deserve everything you get!

    You deserve what you get

    You deserve a girl like me

    You deserve everything you get

    You deserve your fine romance

    You deserve what you get

    You deserve a little luck

    You deserve everything you get!


MJ The very first time she walked in to this little place of mine

    Everybody stopped and looked and Johnny’s goose was neatly cooked

    She eased up to him slid all over him

    But I knew in advance the poor guy had no chance


    S Are you a bitter twisted youth who gave up thinking long ago?

    Well if you are not know the truth

    As to why you’ve sunk so low

    JR What do you mean I’ve sunk so low?

    S I can see discontent in your face

    How you resent those who achieve

    Holding your grudges like grenades

    Wearing your envy on your sleeve JR What do you mean we’ve sunk so low?

    S Show me I’m wrong you’ve got some spunk

    Show me you’ve even half a brain

    Show me philosopher not funk

    Make me want to come here again

    Make you want to come here again JR I can make you come whenever you want! S I want you to tell the world what you feel and what you do

    I can give you a few

    I want you to tell the world what we feel and what we do

    We’re going to have a voice

MJ So Les Étoiles Noires were born, dedicated to destroying Zéro and his


    But how do you destroy something whose success is its lifelessness?


     Starmania/Tycoon 1993/4

    How do you kill something already dead? But all the same, I wish them well There is a passion to be found And while I’m waiting I’ll serve another round

WORKING GIRL (La complainte de la serveuse automate)

    MJ I never planned my daily round I've never loved the common task I don't rebel, I don't accept I've often laughed, I've often wept An ordinary working girl

    There was a man until he found The things that I began to ask Involved him a little more

    Than what he came to see me for Oh so naive the working girl One day I'll show him

    And all the others too

    Outgrow him

    I’ll have all that I'm due

    Very soon

    Where do I go until then?

    What do I do meantime?

    Back to the bar, I'm working late Over and over again

    I tell myself that I'm

    Happy to stay here - I can wait. There are those who tell you Never let them tell you

    This is all there is, forever I do not believe them

    I shall have my moment

    Any moment now - or never

    The working girl is that and more She ticks away behind the mask She wouldn't let her spirit die That does not mean she will not cry When all her dreams fly at the door An ordinary working girl

    We never plan our daily round We never love the common task But we don't find survival odd Some call it luck, some call it God I call it both feet on the ground An ordinary working girl

    One day I'll show them

    And they'll all let me through


     Starmania/Tycoon 1993/4

    Outgrow them

    I'll have all that I'm due

    Very soon

    Where do I go until then?

    What do I do meantime?

    Back to the bar, I'm working late

    Over and over again

    I tell myself that I'm

    Happy to stay here - I can wait.

    I know I'll have my extraordinary day

    I will never hear those words again

    Working girl


    Working girl

    STARMANIA (Scene 3)

RR And now the program that is number one with the young of all ages

    Top of all the ratings

    Starmania presented by Cristal, the sweetheart of Tele-Capital

    Her surprise guest today is Stella Spotlight, just in from Paris

    But first Zéro Janvier, the leader of the Peoples Patriotic Party of Progress, the


    Cristal spoke to him in his offices in the Golden Tower

    Where he has given us an exclusive, impassioned and fascinating interview

    Here are some highlights:


C Zéro Janvier, you’re the man at the top

    You drive ever onwards when others have stopped

    What are the rules for such stunning success? ZJ Believe in yourself, nothing more, nothing less C But I still get letters from kids most days

    They believe in themselves but need help on the way ZJ Relying on others is the worst thing you can do

    For nobody helps you but you

    C But is that really what you feel?

    Does not your heart or pulse conceal a little sympathy or grace?

    For just a moment drop your guard

    I know it’s strange I know it’s hard

    You’re so frightened to lose face

    But if you can for once forget

    That you are not like us and let

    A little warmth into the place




     Starmania/Tycoon 1993/4

    ZJ I've been on course since seventeen It's who you know and where you've been Until it's you they want to know I’ve learned the rule there are no rules

    Except that gentlemen are fools I order principles to go

    There is no secret to success As long as others want it less It is not substance it is style There is no deal that can't be done Retaliation can be fun

    I never walk that extra mile I have acquired the winner’s touch

    Of seeming happy with so much I can be honest if required I have succeeded and that's all But then as far as I recall That's really all that I desired Oh I would love to change the world It's many failings one by one To be the artist poet priest Who feels the battle can be won Oh I would love to fall in love To lose my heart, to lose control To break away, set rolling free The darkest secrets of my soul The darkest secrets of my soul Oh I would love to fall in love To feel my moment's just begun To steal a march, to play for keeps To break the mould, to jump the gun As no-one else has ever done Oh I would love to fall in love And give you all of me and more I long to say that I believe In words I've never used before In words no lover used before Oh I would love to change the world Ooo

    At least the world's not changing me.


    RR Starmania will back in 3 minutes


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