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Chinese traditional clothesChin

    Chinese traditional clothes’ characteristics

    Chinese traditional clothing has two kinds of styles: Chinese style clothing and western-style clothes. Chinese style clothing, western-style clothes by the thousands of years of history to accumulated, take shape the unique style and system. In style,

    appearance, structure, local characteristics, decoration, color, design, aesthetic culture are not the same, has its distinctive national and regional.

    First, style

    Chinese traditional clothes form of subject is open type DaJin before the DuiJin and style. Before the first open garments from China, Formed in yellow emperor era.

    Chinese traditional clothes there are two basic shape, That is the coat and system and

    clothes LianShu system.

     Western dress in style with a evolution process, The ancient Greek

    clothing is a wrap type, Ancient Rome to the middle ages, The style of the clothes in

    the forming of the beatles wrapped type of clothing and the half of open before forming clothing primarily. Since the start of the century from 13, Form type clothing

    occupies an subject position, The basic shape is man under coat pants, women

    LianShu up and down the skirt outfit.

    Second, Shape characteristics

    Chinese traditional clothes emphasis on the appearance of the longitudinal feeling, Natural men appear to present the slender and comely, Women appear gentle and

    graceful. At the same time, a smooth appearance and Chinese clothing the outline of the outline of the face with softer line proportion.

     Western classical clothing appearance emphasize horizontal feeling, The

    appearance of the western dress characteristics and westerners enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained temperament, Obviously the outline of your face and the ups and downs than the Oriental lofty and forceful size adaptation.

    Third, Structure characteristics

    From structural features, The Chinese traditional Chinese style clothing the plane straight cut method, the whole clothes can spread to the ground, simple structure

    stretch. Western clothing by using the three-dimensional cutting method, The three-

    dimensional cutting method for polyhedron at least is depending on The human body tetrahedron, Careful to human body from the top down, once upon a time to all aspects of the protruding sunken after ups and downs relationship.


     From adornment characteristicemphasize plane decoration. Adornment method is

    the traditional Chinese set, inserting, rolling, plate, embroider several big process. Makes Chinese style clothing is modelling concise,But grain appearance colorful,


     Fifth, Colour and design

    From clothing color, traditional clothing color by five-element influence, A green, red, black, white, yellow colored said. Green, red, black, white, yellow, be regarded as

    positive color, Traditional Chinese costume designs riches, have no beast, the four seasons flowers, mountains pavilions, geometric pattern, abstract and concrete, exaggeration, realistic style such as taste, designs not only elegant, and has rich connotation.

    Western dress of the use of colour, design with eastern traditional gap.The ancient greeks love white, ancient Rome dress the most popular color is white and purple, purple noble symbol, white symbolizes purity, integrity. General civilian clothes is wool, linen natural primary colors, very simple.

    Since the Renaissance, with dress costly degree upgrades, bright color welcomed by people, brocade and velvet also woven into a shiny gold and silver silk thread. The French particularly like clove color and rosy, also is obsessed with implicit sky blue and holy white. Spanish people admire the elegance of the rosy and silver-grey stressed. In Britain, the black is considered to be mysterious, noble color, especially black satin and black velvet often is the first choice of a great lady. Charming black against white female white and color of skin, very glaring. Chinese style clothing be fond of using designs that lucky wishes. The Times, from noble silk to folk print, auspicious grain appearance is widely used. Such as dragon ChengXiang, LongFeiFengWu, Kowloon play beads, Chinese dragon make ganoderma lucidum and grain figure, not only the metaphor a totem worship, and expresses the "descendants of the dragon" emotions. Like the crane with spring up, the magpies deer mei, chicken wear peony, long life, the group crane ferro ShouXi successive years, more auspicious time, such as design, reflect the happy life of the people of the hope. In addition, the design value identification function sashes, the Ming and qing dynasties civilian for birds design, attaches for beasts pattern. The emperor's robes and imperial crowns real dragon symbol right, the robes and imperial crowns chapter 12 each grain design with a message: "day, month, star" take its ZhaoLin; "Mountain" take its stable; "China bug" take its WenLi; "Fire" take its light; "Algae" take its clean; "The pink meters" take its nourish; "ZongYi" take its filial piety; "Fu" take its determination; "Fu" take its clarify.

    Sixth, aesthetic culture

    There are many eastern and western dress aesthetic culture differences.From fabric look, the earliest Chinese textiles is the use of GeBu, ramie fabric and big sackcloth. GeBu is GeTeng stem skin fiber processing is made. Is Chinese endemic plants ramie, europeans called it "China grass", marijuana is called "han hemp". China is famous in the world of silk fabric. Sericulture and silk reeling, weaving silk fabric is our ancestors to the world textile development to make the outstanding contribution. Chinese people wear cotton cloth is late, cotton introduced from India, to the yuan and Ming dynasty, cotton cloth to be widely wearing the dress.From clothing color look, in ancient times, black by the Chinese people think is the dominant colour all day emperor, xia, shang and zhou right when the mian take to black. Later, as the development of the feudal authoritarianism, people have the right to worship of god (black) to to the earth (yellow) worship, so formed "yellow for your" traditional concept. Yellow is become of the emperor's special color, the metaphor of the supreme ruler status.

    Western culture originated in Marine civilization, cultural instinct more open, easy to fusion outland clothing culture.

    Chinese culture originated in mainland China civilization, cultural instinct is closed, in the clothing is stubborn "the original body" consciousness, traditional clothing shape for thousands of years position stable, absorb foreign clothing relatively difficult.

    The western culture is good at performance contradiction and conflict in the clothes that a stimulus, extreme form, with proud of outstanding individual character.The culture of China is harmonious culture, emphasize the equilibrium, symmetry, the unification the clothing modelling method, with the rules, stable for the most beautiful.

    The western culture is a simile culture, pay attention to modelling, line, design, color itself the objectivated aesthetic feeling, with visual comfortable for the first.Chinese culture is a kind of metaphor culture, and art lyricism of lay particular stress on, pursue the clothing components of the moral spirit and culture grade.Chinese traditional clothes aesthetic characteristics, reflects the Chinese nation's aesthetic mentality and culture for the appearance. Influenced by Chinese aesthetics thinking of complementary effect, pay great attention to the reasonable combination, Daniel's day feeling, the pursuit of leisure and dull, moderation, pursue the spiritual implication beyond form. Chinese women's strict package human body, make the person is difficult out the detailed, increased the mystery. Men's clothing of Chinese style exemplifies the slender, be permeated with and beauty. The emperor's dress, broad heavy and complicated, brilliant spectacular. The emperor's dress is not only the symbol of power, as well as Chinese aesthetics performance.

    tSeriously in most dynasty for the special society, Noble says. In the folk, positive

    color is people dress match colors like and the pursuit of the color.

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