Damage Charges 2010-2011

By Laurie Martin,2014-02-10 01:22
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Damage Charges 2010-2011

Damage Charges 2010-2011 Revised 06 07 2011

    Please note - All charges listed are subject

    to VAT and 10% administration fee (except where highlighted yellow)

     Cost Comments

    Cleaning Kitchens

    Following failure of termly flat

    inspection Kitchen Clean Cost plus


     Left dirty and in a mess (left in an unacceptable condition) ?25.00 Room move clean ?25.00 Room deep clean (inter semester) ?30.00 Heavy duty carpet clean ?50.00 Pillow ?2.87 Duvet ?13.75 Wardrobe Mirror ?25.00 Bathroom

     Cleaning Cost plus

     Bodily Fluids ?25.00

    Corridor, hallways, miscellaneous cleaning Removal of Rubbish (per black bag) ?5.00

    Any items damaged or missing will be charged at the follow rates: Household items and Repairs Glass Panels - Main Building Doors Cost Plus Kitchen Chairs ?32.00 Dining Table-Circular (TH) 1400mm 735mm height 187.20 Dining Table-Square (Swale)1400mmx1400mm 735mm height ?145.80 Dining Table-Rectangular (TH) 2000mmx800mm 735mm

    height ?125.10 Kitchen Door ?85.00 Plus 1 Hours Labour

    Coffee Table Rectangular 700mmx500mm 460 height ?65.00 Coffee Table Round 900mm 460mm height ?98.00 Coffee Table 500mm x700mm ?65.00 Recycling Boxes (each) ?16.00 Bathroom Door ?66.00 Bedroom Door ?90.00 Mattress (Single) ?78.00 Mattress (Double) ?105.00 Bed base Cost Plus Study Chair ?43.00 Study Desk and/or Keyboard shelf Cost plus Wardrobe ?111.40 Book Shelf (2 shelf) ?50.00 Velux Blind ?104.00

    Venetian Blinds Cost plus Cord Kit ?42.50 Kitchen ?150.00 Bedroom ?75.00 Additional Slats (each) ?9.00 Bedside Cabinet ?65.00 Drawer for Cabinet ?15.00 Standard size cupboard ?52.75 White Goods Vacuum Cleaner ?49.24 Ironing Board ?13.50 Iron ?8.50 Iron Board Cover ?4.13 Kitchen Bin ?8.10 Bucket ?4.20 Mop ?3.20 Dust Pan and Brush ?1.80 Wastepaper Bin ?4.60 Sweeping Brush ?3.60 Washing up bowl ?2.30 Dish drainer ?3.40 Cutlery Tray ?3.20 Electrical

    Washer/Dryer ?319.00 Kettle or Flex ?7.50 Grill Pan ?29.89 Grill Pan Handle ?9.09 Gril Pan Pan ?20.80 Indesit Electric Stainless Steel Hob ?104.00 Indesit Single Electric Fan Oven ?209.00 Cooker at Carnegie Village ?271.00 Zanussi Electric Hob with Front Controls ?82.71 Zanussi Single Eletric Oven with Side Opening Door ?352.00 Microwave ?47.14 Microwave turntable ?15.00 Fridge - Undercounter with freezer compartment ?114.19 Undercounter Freezer ?124.67 Indesit Fridge Freezer 288.10 Removal and Disposal Fridge/Freezer Cost plus Circular Light ?60.00 ?60 standard/?110 emergency fittings

    Square Light ?60.00 ?60 standard/?110 emergency fittings

    Intercom ?16.71 Remote Control ?19.40 HDMI Cable ?5.00 Communal Television Carnegie Village Cost Plus Approx ?700.00 Fridge or Freezer parts: Salad Tray/Ice tray ?7.07 Fridge Front ?5.90 Fridge shelf ?27.00 Fridge Drawer - Large ?10.30 Fridge Drawer - Small ?7.07

     Sink Strainer ?8.00 Access and Security Door Key Cost plus Key Fob ?15.00 Window Key Cost plus Post Box Key ?10.00 Replace restrictor ?20.00 Refit restrictor ?10.00 Window Handles - Per Handle Cost plus Full Replacement Door Lock Cost plus Peep Hole Flat Front Door ?5.00


    Sink Unit/wall tiles Cost plus Vanity Mirror ?18.00 Toilet seats and Cover ?11.62 Toilet Cost plus Towel Rail ?3.50 Toilet Roll Holder Cost plus Toilet Brush & Holder ?1.60 Shower Curtain Cost plus Notice board damaged/ missing ?40.00 Standard Kitchen Cupboard Doors ?52.75

    Health and Safety Refil Fire Extinguisher ?30.00 Replace Fire Extinguishers ?70.00 Replace Fire Blanket ?25.00 Retag fire extinguisher ?5.00 Replacement break glass ?10.00

    Misc Cleaning and Damage Plaster Damage to walls Cost plus Carpets Cost plus Damage to kitchen Worktop Cost plus Painting of Full bedroom ?168.73 Painting of corridor ?203.88 Painting of wall ?33.74 Marks on Doors Cost plus Removal of Poster/Adhesive and Fixings ?10.00 Damage to Electric Sockets Cost plus Call out due to vandalism/student damage ?50.00 Re-hanging Curtains ?10.00

Please note - All charges listed are subject to VAT and 10% administration fee,

    except where highlighted yellow.

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