my new teachersB3

By Brittany Cox,2014-09-22 20:41
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my new teachersB3

Who is your teacher? Mrs Heart. Is she kind? Yes! And she is smart. Who is your teacher? Mr

Rice. Is she strict? Yes! But he is nice.

Let’s chant


Jim: I have a new math teacher. Her class is so much fun. John: Really? What’s she like? Jim:

    She’s young and pretty. She’s a university student. John: Is she quiet? Jim: No, she isn’t. She’s very active. John: Is she strict ? Jim: Yes, she is. But she's very kind. John: Cool !

Read and tick and cross:

    × 1. John has a new math teacher. Jim

fun (有趣的) × 2. Her class is so boring(无聊的).

old × 3. She’s young and pretty.

    × 4. She is quiet. active ? 5. Shes is strict and kind.

1 Is she quiet? active No, she isnt. Shes very _________. 2) Is she strict? kind Yes, she is. But

hes very ________.

Let’s guess

She/He is our teacher.

Is she/he …

Yes, she/ he is. No, she/ he isn’t.

She/He is…

young old tall short strong thin funny kind strict smart active

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