By Marion Barnes,2014-02-10 00:15
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Damage Control


     A DUTCH journalist asked me last Wednesday to try and

    Searchdivine the thoughts of Binyamin Netanyahu on his way to Washington.

     It seems that she was satisfied with the results, because she

     asked me to divine the thoughts of Mahmoud Abbas, too.

    She must have liked that as well, because then she asked me to do the same for Barack Obama.

     Here, then, is what I told her:

    NETANYAHU’S THOUGHTS on the way to Washington:

    The main thing is to minimize the damage.

Just now, someone asked me how I see our situation in four

    years time. Four years! I am thinking about what is going to

    happen in four weeks, when the settlement freeze is due to

     come to an end!

    I feel like an officer on the bridge of the Titanic, who sees the

    awful iceberg looming up.

     These settlers (yes, yes, I know I should call them “inhabitants of Judea and Samaria”) cannot be trifled with. Impossible to reason with them and convince them to keep

    silent while we look for ways to get around the freeze. Uri Avnery's Column