A Job Worth Doing

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A Job Worth DoingA Jo

Book V

    Module 2 A Job Worth Doing

    Section 1 introduction, reading and vocabulary 编写人:

     : 2 课时

    Learning aims: To learn the words and phrases and master their usage

     To grasp the main idea of the passage and learn about

    British and American English

    Learning methods: To learn by the students themselves

     To summarize and conclude and practice 预习案

    Step1 New Words

    Intellecture(adj) -----

    Apply (vi) -----

    Temporary(adj) ------

    Require (vt)-------

    Sign (vt)---------

    Post (n)---------





    Step 2 Phrases

1. 平均------------

    2. 以为---理所当然------------

    3. ---产生影响--------------

    4. 申请-------------

    5. 理论上---------------------

    6. 注意到--------------

    7. 作为对----的回应---------------

    8. 实际上;在实践中-----------------

    .9. 尤其;特别-----------

    10. 一方面----另一方面 ---------

    Step 3 Practice

    Choose the correct meaning

    1. A manual job is one where---------

     (a) you use your hands a lot (b) you spend most of the time in

    an office

    2. An agency is a place where ----------

     (a) you can go to look for a job (b) you can go to buy a bicycle

    3. Frequent means something that happens-------

     (a) not very often (b) very often

    4. The staff in a shop are the people----------

    (a) who come into the shop and buy thing

    (b) who work there

    5. The conditions of a job means---------

    (a) the hours, the pay and the holidays

    (b) the type of building where you will work 探究案

    Reading comprehension

    Complete the sentences with the correct words or phrases 1. Desks and chairs in mountainous areas are---- poor conditions good conditions poor condition conditions 2. It is reported that more and more people die of diseases------all kinds of


     A.relating with related to

     C.related to related with 3. He made a quick------to my invitation.

     A.responsible B.responsive

     C. responsiblility D.response 4. His fathers advice helps him to decide which job to-------

     A.take off B.take up C.take over D.take in 5. ---------she grew older,she became more pessimistic.

     A.With B.If C.Because DAs

    6.The new plant cant------the cold weather,so the researcher are trying to deal with it.

     A.suffre for B.suffer C. long for D.suffer of 7.It is required in the regulation that you------ out the information about the contract.

     A.will not let B.not let

     C.cannot let D.dont

    8.Mistakes dont just happen; they occur for a reason. Find out the reason, then making the mistake becomes-------

     A.favourable B.precious C.essential D.worthwhile 9.Who do you think is------to win the game?

     A.possible B.likely C.probable D.available 10.They have------us$120,000 for the house,shall we take it?

     A.provided B.supplied C.shown D.offered



    1. Sometimes drivers give him a tip, -------he has just enough money to

    live on. if that that D.only if 2. After the earthquake, he --------to join the medical group to help the

local people.

    A.volunteerd Bconsidered C.suggested D.imagined 3. This area is so remote that TV-------cant be picked up.

    A.signs B. marks C.signals D.websites 4. After graduation,Tom was-------a job in a travel agency, but he didn

    take it, for he doesnt like to get around.

    A.provided B. supplied C.offered D. accepted 5. If you------faults but you still want the bicycle, ask the shop assistant to

    reduce the price.

    A. come across B. care about

    C.look for D. focus upon

    6.---What do you like to eat?

     ---Oh, nothing-------

     A. after all B. by chance

     C. on purpose D. in particular

    7. Form his------voice on the phone I knew everything went on well.

     A.satisfying B.satisfactory C. satisfied D.satisfaction 8. He is not able to go home with so much work------

     A. doing do C.done have done

    9. Dont take------for granted ------everyone should respect you.

     A.that; what B.that; which;what ;that 10.We were about to set off on our way------it suddently began to rain

     A.when B. while C. after D.since

    11.When Alice came to, she did not know how long she------there.

     A. had been lying B.has been lying

     C.was lying D.has lain

    12.We arrived at work in the morning and found that somebody-----into the office during the night.

     A.broke B.had broken

     C.has broken D.was breaking

    13.If you dont like the drink you-----,just leave it and try a different one

     A.ordered B.are ordering

     C.will order D.had ordered

    14.---That must have been a long trip.

     ---Yeah,it-----us a whole week to get there.

     A.takes B.has taken C.took D.was taking

    15.Experiments of this kind-----in both the U.S. and Europe well before the Second World War

     A. have conducted B.have been conducted

    C.had conducted D.had been conducted

    16.When I got on the bus, I-----I had left my wallet at home.

     A. was realizing B.realized

     B.have realized D.would realize

    17.She was surprised to find the fridge empty; the children----everything!

     A.had been eating B.had eaten

     C.have eaten D.have been eating 18.They became friends again that day. Uneil then,they------to each other

    for nearly two years.

     A.didnt speak B.hadnt spoken

     C.havent spoken D.haven;t been speaking 19.---Ouch!You hurt me!

     ---I am sorry. But I------any harm. I------to drive a rat out.

     A.didn;t mean; tried B.dont mean; am trying

     C.havent meant; tried D.didnt mean; was trying

    20.Is there anything wrong,Bob? You look sad.

     ---Oh, nothing much. In fact, I----- of my friends.

     A.have just thought B.was just thinking

     C.would just think D.will just be thinking

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