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By Susan Hunt,2014-03-28 02:59
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    Job Description for Business Analyst Full Job Title: Business Analyst Position holder: None

    Department: BIM Based at: Thirsk

    Reports to: BIM Manager Working hours: 09:00 17:30

    Job Summary:

    The Business Analyst will be primarily focused on the analysis and presentation of commercial data, and will provide recommendations for commercial change as well as summaries and insight to decision makers.

    The Business Analyst will use software tools to examine costs from current and

    future telecom suppliers, and will deliver models that commercial managers can use

    to easily assess the effect of these changes, what the company might do about

    them, and the potential impact on revenue and margin of any changes.

    The Business Analyst will be responsible for the maintenance and publication of accurate Price Lists and Rate Cards for the company and its customers to use. The Business Analyst will work with the Billing Team, Product Managers and other stakeholders to achieve this end, and must be able to document their work in a clear, accurate, and accessible manner.

    The Business Analyst must be able to handle their work dynamically in order to respond to new requests and changing priorities. The BIM Manager will provide clear

    guidance in this area, but the Business Analyst must be able to work autonomously and be constantly looking for new ways to deliver valuable information and insight to the business.

    The Business Analyst must be willing to contribute to other work within the Billing

    and Reporting Teams, as required by circumstances, and according to the skills they possess. The Business Analyst must also be keen to learn new skills as well as develop existing ones in order to improve the work and value of the department.

    Key Responsibilities:

    ; Design and develop analytical reports and models that provide commercial insight

    to the appropriate managers.

    ; Propose commercial changes based on the evidence provided by analysis.

    ; Maintain and publish company Price Lists and Rate Cards.

    ; Maintain documentation associated with reports, models, and publication.

    ; Be prepared to work in special, cross-department, projects when asked to do so.

    ; Provide advice for the Company’s Business Intelligence strategy.

    ; Adhere to TeleWare’s Health and Safety Policy.

    ; Pursue personal development of skills and knowledge necessary for the effective performance of the role.

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Personal Skills Required:

    Excellent Analytical Skills.

    Strong Presentation Skills.

    Strong Communication Skills.

    Excellent Data Management Skills.

    Strong SQL Skills.

    Ability to work under pressure.

    Good listening and communication skills (both written and verbally). Ability to learn and apply new skills quickly.

    Qualifications or Relevant Experience:

    Significant experience in commercial analysis and modelling (preferably within

    telecoms industry)

    Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel, including add-ins. Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Reporting Services and Visual Studio. Intermediate knowledge of T-SQL.

    Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Other Requirements:

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