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Week One_People&Humanities_Art&Lit_People Who Changed ...

    Time Travelers: Teaching American History in the Northwest, 2007 Regional Learning Project, University of Montana

    Our Top Suggested Reading and Film Picks Week Two

Emmons, David. “The Orange and Green in Montana: A Reconsideration of

    the Clark-Daly Feud” in Montana Legacy: Essays on History, People, and

    Place. Helena, MT: Montana Historical Society Press, 2002.

    An insightful revisionist essay which persuasively argues that the root of the Clark-Daly feud is ethnic in nature. David Emmons examines the religious and ethnic origins of the Clark-Daly feud.

Glasscock, Carl B. The War of the Copper Kings: Greed, Power, and

    Politics; The Billion-dollar Battle for Butte, Montana, The Richest Hill On Earth. Helena: Riverbend Publishing, 2002.

    Originally published in the 1930s under the title The Wars of the Copper Kings:

    Builders of Butte and Wolves of Wall Street, this is a reissue of Glasscock’s

    classic work with the addition of illustrations and an index. A muckraker’s version of the events in Butte, highlighting the greed and corruption that marred Montana history during the Wars of the Copper Kings

    Malone, Michael. The battle for Butte: Mining and Politics on the Northern Frontier, 1864-1906. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1981.

    One of the most authoritative and detailed works done on the War of the Copper Kings.

Mangam, William D. The Clarks: An American Phenomena. New York:

    Silverbow Press, 1941.

    A biography of William Clark that emphasizes his political career and philanthropic endeavors.

McNelis, Sarah. Copper King at War: The Biography of F. Augustus Heinze.

    Missoula, MT: University of Montana Press, 1968.

    A colorful biography of the often overlooked Copper King.

Shoebotham, H. Minar. Anaconda: Life of Marcus Daly, Copper King.

    Harrisburg, PA: Stackpole Co., 1956.

    A biography of Marcus Daly which emphasizes his role in the development of Montana’s economy.

Toole, K. Ross. Montana: An Uncommon Land. Norman: University of

    Oklahoma Press, 1959. pp.173-210.

    Toole recounts, in extensive detail, the economic and political origins of the Wars of the Copper Kings.

Documentary Films

    Empires of Industry: War of the Copper Kings. New York: A & E Video, 2001.

    50 min.

    Time Travelers: Teaching American History in the Northwest, 2007 Regional Learning Project, University of Montana

    Part of a series on powerful business leaders that provides a concise, yet entertaining summary of the feud between Daly and Clark. VHS.

    King Copper. Bozeman, MT: The Center For Montana Studies at Montana State University, 1984. 29 min. VHS.

    A short documentary detailing the rise of the copper industry due to the proliferation of electrical lighting and the telephone and the battle fought between Clark and Daly to control the copper supply.

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