7-8grammar practice

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7-8grammar practice

    Lesson 7 Are you a teacher?

    A. Complete the sentences with am, is or are.

    1. I ______ a new student. My name ______ Alice.

2. ______ you a new student, too?

    Yes, I ______ .

3. ______ Hans German?

    Yes, he ________ .

4. ______ Sophie German, too?

    No, she _____ not. She ______ French.

5. I ______ an English teacher. My sister ______ an English teacher, too.

    6. You ______ my friend. She ______ my friend, too.

7. _______ you Italian?

    No, I ______ not. I ________ Swedish.

8. What ______ your job?

    I _______ a keyboard operator.

9. What ______ his job?

     He _______ an engineer.

    10.______ his brother an engineer, too?

    No, he ______ not. He ________ a teacher.

    B. Answer the questions, using Yes, I am. Or No, Im not. Im …” according to the example

1. a. Are you a boy?

     Yes, I am. / No, Im not. Im a girl.

     b. Are you a girl?

     c. Are you a student?

     d. Are you a man?

     e. Are you a woman?

     f. Are you an engineer?

     g. Are you a keyboard operator?

     h. Are you a nurse?

2. a. Are you Mary? (Jane)

     No, Im not. Im Jane.

     b. Are you a keyboard operator? (teacher)

     c. Are you Chinese? (Korean)

     d. Are you a postman? (milkman)

     e. Are you a hairdresser? (taxi dirver)

     f. Are you a mechanic? (policeman)

     g. Are you a housewife? (air hostess)

     h. Are you a policewoman? (nurse)

    C. Answer the questions, using the cues given according to the examples.

1. Are you a teacher? (yes)

    Yes, I am.

    2. What nationality are you? (English)

    Im English.

3. Whats your job? (nurse)

    Im a nurse.

    4. Are you French or German? (French)

    Im not German. Im French.

    5. Are you an engineer? (no/mechanic)

6. Whats your job? (air hostess)

    7. What nationality is he? (Swedish)

    8. Is he a doctor or a nurse? (doctor)

9. Whats your job? (policeman)

    10. Is she Korean or Japanese? (Japanese)

    11. Are you a milkman? (no/hairdresser)

    12. What nationality are you? (Chinese)

    13. Is it an English car? (no/German)

    14. Is he a German student? (no/Italian)

    15. Are you a keyboard operator? (yes)

16. Is she a keyboard operator, too? (no/housewife)

    Lesson 8 Whats your job?

    A. Complete the sentences with a or an.

1. My name is Thomas. I am ____ Italian student. My father is ____ engineer. My mother is

    ____ teacher.

    2. Heres ____ new book. Its _____ English book.

3. Whats your job?

    Im _____ hairdresser.

4. Are you _____ policewoman?

    No, Im not _____ policewoman. Im _____ airhostess.

    5. This is _____ umbrella. Its ______ old umbrella.

    6. Is he _____ mechanic or ______ taxi driver?

    Hes ______ taxi driver.

7. Whats her job?

    Shes ______ keyboard operator.

8. This is _____ English car. Its _____ Mini.

9. Are you ______ German student or _______ Italian student?

    10. What make is it?

    Its _______ Ford.

    B. Ask and answer questions, using the cues given according to the example.

1. your/milkman

    Whats your job? Im a milkman.

2. your/engineer

3. her/nurse

4. his/teacher

5. his/mechanic

6. your/postman

    7. your/hairdresser

8. his/taxi driver

    9. her/keyboard operator

10. her/air hostess

    11. your/policewoman

12. her/housewife

    C. Answer the questions, using the cues given according to the example.

1. Is he an engineer or a mechanic? (engineer)

    He isnt a mechanic. Hes an engineer.

    2. Are you a taxi driver or a mechanic? (taxi driver)

3. Is she a nurse or a doctor? (doctor)

4. Is he a postman or a milkman? (milkman)

    5. Are you a French teacher or an English teacher? (English teacher)

    6. Is your sister a nurse or an air hostess? (air hostess)

7. Is your teacher German or Swedish? (German)

    8. Are you a keyboard operator or a nurse? (keyboard operator)

    9. Are you a policeman or a hairdresser? (hairdresser)

     10. Are you a teacher or a student? (student)

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