Unit 3 It must belong to Carla

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Unit 3 It must belong to Carla

Unit 3 It must belong to Carla

    I.( )1.The blue skirt____be Ann’s . She has a red one .A shouldn’t B can’t C could D would

    ( )2.Where is the old blue bag ?I am not sure,but it____be thrown away.

     It____be somewhere in the house. I saw it yesterday .

    A .mustn’t , must B mustn’t , can C can’t , must D can’t , can

    ( )3.David , is that man your head teacher ?It___ be him . He’s the tallest in our school .

    A mustn’t B can’t C needn’t D won’t

    ( )4.Where is Mr.Smith ? Have you seen him ? He ______ be in his office

     He _____ be in his office , for I left there just now .

    A may , can’t B can , may not C may , mustn’t D can , don’t have to

    ( )5.The books belong to _____ . Must I return them to him right now ?

     No , you ______. A he , mustn’t B him , needn’t C his , didn’t D he’s , don’t

    ( )6.The dictionary isn’t mine . It b_______ to Mary .

    ( )7.If I _____ wings like a bird , I _____ be able to fly in the sky .

    A have , should B had , would C would have , will D had , can ( )8.If I____you . I’d take a long walk before going to bed . A was B am C are D were

    ( )9.What a hot day ! I would rather ____ at home than _____ out in the sun . A stay , to go B to stay , to go C stay , go D to stay , go ( )10._______we move the picture over there ? Do you think it will look better ? A What B What if C If D What about

    ( )11.She___to see me if she is free next Sunday. A.came B.comes C.will come D.come ( )12. Let’s go for a picnic if it___ tomorrow.

    A. rains B. won’t rain C. doesn’t rain D. is raining

    ( )13. Do you know____ jacket is this? A.who B.whom C.whose D.where ( )14. Whose computer_____ it_____? --Sorry, I dont know.

     A. is, belong B. is ,belong to C. does, belong D. does, belong to ( )15. The old man and the girl are ____ new here. I know ______ of them.

     A. both, too B. both, neither C. neither, too D. neither, either ( )16.They had to stay at home____a heavy rain. A. or B. because D.because of ( )17.She never goes to the concert ,______she?A.doesnt B.didnt C.did D.does

    ( )18.You should have our computer___.Something ____wrong with it.

    A. repair,is B. repaired, are C. repaired, were D. repaired, is ( )19.Loud music always makes us ______.

    A.wanting to dance B. to want to danceC.want to dance want to dancing ( )20.Im sorry that Ive kept you ____ me for a long time.

    A. waiting for B. to wait C. waiting D. to wait for

    ( )21. I learn English so well by______ foreigners in English every day. A. to speak B. to speak to C. speaking to D. speaking ( )22.The old man enjoys _______ children _______ kites in the field.

     A. watching, to fly B. to watch, fly C. watching, fly D. to watch, flying ( )23.There are some birds_____in the trees . A. to sing B. sing C. singing D. sang ( )24. Yesterday our headmaster was____by the local newspaper. (interview适当形式)

    II.1.The girl stayed up late yesterday ,so she is s_______in the class today. 2.W______truck is this ? It must be Tom`s.

    3.Tom must have enough e__________to do the work . Don`t worry. 4.This new bike b_______________ to my brother. 5.The caot is purple. It isn`t p______ 6.Don`t make n________He is sleeping.

    7.The boy wants to be a doctor in the future.He likes reading m________books. 8.What `s your p_______? I want to help them.

    9.It can p_________illness and keep people heaithy.

    10.You must look after your v____________things.

    11. We are going to have a p_________in the park next Sunday.


    Many years ago there was a poor man. He had an orange tree 1___ his garden. On the tree there

    were many fine oranges. 2____ he found one 3_____ his oranges was much bigger 4___ the others. It was as 5___ as a football. Nobody had ever seen 6___ orange. The poor man took the

    orange to the king(国王). The king was so happy 7___ he gave the man a lot of money for it.

     When a rich man heard of it, he said to himself,Its only an orange. Why has the king given so much money 8___ it? Ill take my gold(金子)cup to the king. Hell give me 9_____ money.

     The next day when the king received the gold cup, he said to the rich man, What a beautiful

    cupIll show you 10___, please take this great orange.

    ( )1.A.on B. in C. over D. with ( )2. A. One day B.Yeaterday C.When D.This morning

    ( )3. A. for B. in C. of D. among ( ) 4. A. of B. than C. like D. as

    ( )5. A. big B. bigger C. smaller D. smallest

    ( ) big B.such big C.such a big D.such an big ( )7.A.when B.that D.while

    ( )8. A. to B. buy C. get D. for ( )9.A.many B.lots of C.a little D.more

    ( )10.A. the cup B. beautiful thing C. something beautiful D. nice something IV.句子变换1.It tastes terrible.(变感叹句)_______ _________ it ________!

    2.She is a beautiful girl. (同上) _____ _____ _________ _____ she_____!

    3.The girl is very beautiful. (同上) _______ _________ the girl_____!

    4.We are having a good time. (同上) _____ _____ ______ _____ _____ _____ ______!

    5.We are working hard . (同上) _____ _____ ______ _____ _____ !

    6.This restaurant is so small that it cant serve so many people.?同义句?

    7.This restaurant is _______ small _______ ________ so many people. 8.This restaurant is not _______ _______ _______ _______ so many people.. 9.The boy is so young that he can`t go to school.(简单句)10.The boy is___young__go to school.

    11.The boy is not ____ ____ ____go to school.

    12.I cant finish the work in time without your help.?同义句?

    13.I cant finish the work in time ______ _______dont _____ me.

    14.He said that ____ music _____ him ____ ____.他说响亮的音乐令他感觉焦虑。

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