3-4grammar practice

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3-4grammar practice

Grammar Practice

Lesson 3 Sorry, Sir.

A. Rewrite the sentences with short forms according to the example.

    1. It is a school. Its a school.

    2. It is my book.

    3. Here is my watch.

    4. It is not my pen.

    5. Here is your ticket.

    6. This is not my suit.

    7. It is your umbrella.

    8. This is not my teacher.

    9. It is my house.

    10. It is not my shirt.

B. Change the sentences into negative forms, and then rewrite them in short forms according to

    the example.

    1. This is my teacher.

    This is not my teacher. / This isnt my teacher.

    2. this is my umbrella.

    3. It is your ticket.

    4. This is your suit.

    5. It is my handbag.

    6. It is your car.

    7. This is my son.

    8. This is my daughter.

    9. It is my school.

    10. It is your dress.

C. Give short answers to the questions with Yes, it is. Then write a complete statement

    according to the examples.

    1. Is this your handbag? Yes, it is. Its my handbag. 2. Is this my ticket? Yes, it is. Its your ticket. 3. Is this my shirt? 4. Is this your house? 5. Is this your suit? 6. Is this my watch? 7. Is this your pen? 8. Is this my dress? 9. Is this your class? 10. Is this my chair? 11. Is this your pencil? 12. Is this my book?

    D. Give short answers to the questions with No, it isnt.” Then make statements according to the


    1. Is this your umbrella?

    No, it isnt. It isnt my umbrella. Its your umbrella. 2. Is this my skirt?

    No, it isnt. It isnt your skirt. Its my skirt.

    3. Is this your ticket?

4. Is this my suit?

    5. Is this my pencil?

6. Is this my book?

    7. Is this your handbag?

    8. Is this your coat?

    9. Is this your watch?

10. Is this my pen?

    11. Is this my dress?

    12. Is this your house?

    Lesson 4 Is this you?

    A. Complete the short answers to the questions according to the example.

1. Is this your book? Yes, it is.

     Is this my book? No, it isnt.

    2. Is this your pencil? Yes,

     Is this my pencil? No,

    3. Is this your ticket? No,

     Is this my ticket? Yes,

    4. Is this your suit? Yes,

     Is this my suit? No,

    5. Is this your handbag? Yes,

     Is this my handbag? No,

    6. Is this your picture? No,

     Is this my picture? Yes,

    7. Is this your umbrella? Yes,

     Is this my umbrella? No,

    8. Is this your house? Yes,

     Is this my house? No,

    9. Is this your coat? No,

     Is this my coat? Yes,

    10.Is this your classroom? Yes,

     Is this my classroom? No,

    B. Answer the questions, using the cues given according to the examples.

    1. Is this my umbrella or your umbrella? (your umbrella)

    It isnt my umbrella. Its your umbrella.

    2. Is this my classroom or your classroom? (my classroom)

    It isnt your classroom. Its my classroom.

    3. Is this my suit or your suit? (my suit)

    4. Is this my watch or your watch? (your watch)

    5. Is this my ticket or your ticket? (my ticket)

    6. Is this my handbag or your handbag? (my handbag)

    7. Is this my coat or your coat? (your coat)

    8. Is this my book or your book? (my book)

    9. Is this my pen or your pen? (your pen)

    10. Is this my pencil or your pencil? (your pencil)

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