we are what we choose

By Walter Cox,2014-10-11 18:41
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we are what we choose

    We are what we choose

    Good ……. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m HW from international

    education department. And its a great honor for me to be here

    and deliver a speech; the topic of speech today is we are what we choose.

    Someone live, but they have already died; someone pass away, but they will be remembered for good. What kind of people you want to be? Its up to you, because we are what we choose.

    Theres a philosophy saying that: you made you bed, and now you have to sleep on it. We can comprehend like this: its you

    that decided how you are going to carry on it; its you that opted

    the road, as a result, you are sure to accept how it ends. Whereas, theres always no lack of people around us who are blaming their failures on the corruption and unfairness in the world, and never think about what they have done, what they could have done.

    Leaving alone those outward factors, lets take a look at

    these classical examples in history. When there was despair in the dust bowl and depression across the capital land, compared with other countries leaders who let it go, a great American president Roosevelt decided to take immediate actions to curb it. Then we saw a nation conquer fear itself with a New Deal, new

    jobs, a new sense of common purpose, which ends with embraces to a new age. We are what we choose!

    When there was depression in china, where people stand at the edge of poverty and backwardness, we witness a great man with extraordinary courage conquest doubt itself with new policy- reforming and opening, the freshness it brings springs up like mushrooms, leading Chinese people to an amazing world; filled with happiness. We are what we choose.

    So, my dear friends never complain that the life is boring and the world is disappointing, change your attitude towards it, and choose the directionthe road that suits you. And well find

    confidence conquer our limitation and embrace new challenges; and well reach the peak that we are pursuing for. We are we choose!

    Thats all, thanks for listening.

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