Izpitne naloge za predmet Metode analize in na?rtovanja IS 1

By Rachel Stevens,2014-03-28 02:10
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Izpitne naloge za predmet Metode analize in na?rtovanja IS 1IN,in,Na,in na

    Izpitne naloge za predmet Metode analize in

    naĨrtovanja IS


    ; What are the main steps followed when solving a problem?

     List the six fundamental technologies an analyst needs to understand. ;

    ; List fout types of tools the analyst needs to use to develop systems ; List five types of techniques used during system development. ; What are some of the types of technology an analyst might encounter? ; Explain why an analyst needs to understand how people think, learn, react to

    change, communicate, and work.

    ; Explain why a strategic information systems planning project must involve people

    outside the information systems department. Why would a consulting firm be

    called in to help organize the project?


    ; What are the five phases of the SDLC?

    ; What is the objective of each phase of the SDLC? Describe each objective briefly. ; How is iteration used across phases?

    ; What is the difference between a model and a tool?

    ; What is the difference between a technique and a methodology? ; What is meant by rapid application development (RAD)?

    ; What are some features of the spiral model approach to development? ; What are some features of Extreme Programming (XP)?

    ; What are some newer terms used to describe CASE tools?


    ; List and explain the activities of the project planning phase. ; List the seven reasons why projects fail.

    ; List the five reasons why projects are successful. ; Define project management.

    ; Describe the types of feasibility used to evaluate a project.

     Explain the difference between tangible and intangible costs and benefits. Which ;

    are ignored in cost/benefit analysis?

    ; What activities in the planning phase are specifically focused on project


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